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Top & Best TV Panel Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

TV Panel: How to choose the best for your home in 2022

In this article you will know a little more about TV panel. More than a simple item of decoration in the house, when chosen well, the furniture can enlarge the environment and bring coziness to the room.

It is also an excellent option to hide those ugly cables that are usually exposed and fallen by the wall, both from the television itself, as well as from other electronic devices that are normally attached to it.

Sitting on the couch and watching that program you like will be much more attractive and interesting if your television is well positioned on a panel. Know a little more about each model available to know which is the best for your room.

First, the most important

  • In addition to fulfilling the function of support for the TV, the panel can also be a decoration item and used to hide imperfections in the wall and those hanging wires, both from the television and other electronic devices.
  • The TV panel must be installed on a prominent wall in the room, or any other room in the house, that does not receive direct light. It is good to avoid the walls opposite the window. This measure avoids that annoying reflection on the screen.
  • The furniture needs to be chosen according to the inches of the television you have at home. It is important that the panel is the ideal size, otherwise it will not support the weight of your TV.

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The best TV panels: Our options

Choosing a new home furniture always raises doubts. There are so many details, such as color, size, among others. Therefore, we decided to bring together the best models in this ranking. That way you can choose what suits you best and fits in your room.

  • For those who like a rustic style
  • An elegant and minimalist option
  • A very functional option
  • For those who want to optimize the environment
  • A classic option


Buying Guide

The TV panel, besides making your TV safe, makes the environment more beautiful. Some models have niches for you to place decoration, or even drawers and doors to store your belongings.

In this Buying Guide we will bring you all the information you need to buy the ideal panel for your living room or bedroom.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the TV panel?

In addition to being a support for television, the panel can be a decorative item and also used to hide imperfections in the wall and those wires that hang from both the TV and other electronic devices.

Keeping plugged sockets and electronic device wires hidden is an important safety tip, especially in homes with young children. This measure prevents accidents.

When well chosen, the TV panel provides a feeling of spaciousness in the room in which it is installed. The light-colored panels very well fulfill the function of illuminating the environment and are ideal for smaller rooms.

The models with shelves, niches or drawers help to make better use of the space and are great for accommodating the electronic devices that are attached to the television, in addition to being also used to place books, frames and other decorative items.

In general, TV panels are very versatile and bring more personality to your home. There are models for all tastes and pockets, made with different materials and finishes.

Among its negative points is its installation. To place the TV panel on the wall, some holes are needed. The heavier models, made of wood, for example, cannot be installed on Dry Wall walls.

If this is your case, opt for the lighter panels. Those made of MDF or MDP are ideal.

The maintenance of the TV panel is very smooth. To ensure the durability of your furniture, the ideal is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Most models only need a dry or damp cloth to stay clean and beautiful for longer.

What to pay attention to before buying the TV panel?

As we already talked about here, the TV panel is a very practical and usual alternative to leave the wiring of electronic devices and wall outlets very hidden.


The TV panel is a great way to hide the TV wiring and leave the environment clean.

However, for this, it is important to pay close attention to how to install it.

The first step is to think that the TV panel should be installed on a prominent wall in the room, or any other room in the house, that does not receive direct light. It is good to avoid walls opposite the window. This measure avoids that annoying reflection on the TV screen.

Another point is that the TV panel needs to be chosen according to the inches of your device. It needs to be the ideal size, otherwise it will not fulfill its main function, which is that of support.

It is important to remember here that the larger the television, the greater the distance between it and the sofa.

Check the table below for the ideal minimum and maximum distance between the sofa and the television:

One last detail concerns the cleaning of the panel. When done properly, it helps to contribute to a longer lifetime of the furniture.

Each panel model has its specifications in relation to this, but for the most part, the ideal is to clean with a clean flannel, which can be dry or wet.

Depending on the material in which the furniture is made, it is important to avoid the use of alcohol and other abrasive products when cleaning.

What is the ideal furniture for my TV?

In addition to these factors, it is also good to take into account the usefulness of the TV panel. To help you, we compare the panel with the rack and the shelf, which also fulfill the role of accommodating the TV set. See below:


If you live in a rented house or apartment, the rack may be the best alternative for the room. It is practical and can be easily transported if you move.

In addition, the rack is also ideal for those who like to relocate from time to time. It is a small piece of furniture, with some compartments that can have doors or not, it will accommodate your television in a practical way and can be used in combination with the panel.


The bookcase is a good option for those who have a large room and want to use the space to store different decorative objects, leaving them on display. Outside it is a piece of furniture that is easy to install.

Because it is wide and wide, the bookcase accommodates books, dvd’s and cd’s, among other items, very well. And also, of course, the TV and other electronic devices.

TV panel

The TV panel is usually the best alternative for those who have a smaller room or for those who want a more minimalist decor, with touches of practicality.

The panel comes out ahead in terms of organization. It is great to hide the wires of the devices, since the shelf and rack may not be able to perform this function very well.

Another advantage is that the panel takes up little space. It is installed directly on the wall and it can have shelves or niches, strategically designed, further optimizing it. The downside is that the panel is fixed and requires holes in the wall.

How much does a TV panel cost?

The prices of TV panels vary widely and vary according to their size, material and details, such as shelves, drawers or niches, for example.

There is a wide variety of models on the market. A simpler TV panel can be found starting at R $ 60, on average. Those that are more sophisticated and modern reach more than R $ 2,000.

However, it is possible to find a middle ground and buy a good TV panel, ideal for your living room, with compartments for electronic and decorative objects, starting at R $ 200.



Where to buy a TV panel?

There is a great diversity of models easily found in online stores, such as Amazon, in addition to places like Lojas Americanas, Submarino, Extra, Walmart, Magazine Luiza, Casas Bahia and Ponto Frio.

Large chains that sell home appliances and decoration products like Etna and Tok & Stok, for example, also have TV panels displayed in their physical stores.

If you want something more personalized, you also have the option of ordering a TV panel with the carpenter you trust.


Purchasing criteria: Features to evaluate on a TV panel

We have already seen that there are several advantages to having a TV panel at home. However, when choosing the ideal model for your living room or bedroom, it is important to be aware of some characteristics, such as:

  • Material
  • Television size
  • Color
  • Space

Next, let’s talk a little about each of these important items so that you can make a really good investment.


Keeping in mind what you want in your home decor, knowing the space available and the size of your TV, is a detail that makes it much easier when choosing the ideal material for the TV panel. Know a little about each of the options:

MDF panel

MDF is short for Medium Density Fiberboard, which means: medium density fiber board. It is a material that comes from reforested wood. It is produced with wood fibers and synthetic resins.

Much used in the market lately, in the manufacture of cabinets, chairs, tables, shelves and panels for TV, MDF makes it possible to acquire beautiful furniture at a much more affordable price than those made of wood, for example.

Because it is malleable and versatile in terms of finish, you can find MDF panels of the ideal size and exact thickness, according to what you are looking for for your home.

The piece has yet another advantage: the possibility of receiving anti-humidity and anti-fungal layers, which help to preserve the furniture even more.

MDP Panel

Widely used in the manufacture of TV panels, the acronym stands for Medium Density Particleboard. Although it looks like MDF, the material is different.

Both are derived from the same species of wood, pine and eucalyptus, and are manufactured using the same processes and technologies. The big difference between the materials is that MDF has fibers, whereas MDP has wood particles.

Because it has three layers, one thicker on the crumb and two thin on the surfaces, the material, in addition to being light, is very resistant to warping.

It is perfect in the manufacture of TV panels, which are usually designed in a straight line. In addition, the MDP allows easier application of screws.

Glass panel

It seems unlikely, but it is possible to have a TV panel made of glass. The material is easy to clean and gives a modern and innovative touch to the home decor. Because it is transparent, the environment is cleaner, with an air of lightness.

The television is built into the panel and appears to be levitating. The glass model is great to give that feeling of spaciousness to the space.

Coatings panel

There are TV panels made with the wall covering itself. This is a much more lasting and permanent option than MDF and MDP, for example.

In these cases, you can create the combination you want using colors, textures and finishes, and change when you want, too. The result is very practical and sophisticated.


Following the same line as the panel made with wall cladding, the plaster TV panel expands the possibilities of combinations, since it is possible to use together materials such as MDF, MDP and wood. This brings a relaxed touch to the environment.

Plaster has become quite popular as it is a more affordable and advantageous material. The plaster panel leaves the room bright and light.


The TV panel must necessarily match the size of the device you have at home.

Before closing your purchase, pay close attention in this regard, as it is useless to invest in a piece of furniture that will not support the weight of your television. There are panel models for different TV sizes.

For this it is important that you check in the description how many inches the support panel. And of course, respect that information. Pay attention to this detail.

Another detail about the size is the wall on which it will be placed. Measure your wall before buying. A panel too small for a large wall may not match the environment.


As important as the material and size of the TV panel, the color brings personality to the environment and, when chosen well, it manages to do the magic of expanding the space, in addition to bringing a very welcoming atmosphere.

The lighter shades are perfect for lighting up the living room or bedroom. Off white woods look beautiful, both in detail and in one piece. They frame the TV giving a perfect contrast.

The white panels match perfectly with small and narrower environments, in addition to combining with different types of decoration. It gives a clean and elegant touch.

The prints can also be used, if you like this option. The vertical stripes on a TV panel give the feeling of stretching the wall.

If your room is very light and spacious, TV panels in darker tones are usually a good choice. However, try to avoid this option if the environment is small.


The big thing is knowing how to make good use of the space in which the TV panel will be installed. It is important that the furniture brings harmony and leaves the atmosphere cozy. After all, nothing is more enjoyable than getting home, playing on the couch and turning on the TV.



The TV panel can have drawers, doors and niches. How would you like it to be yours? What do you want to leave exposed and what would you like to hide? By answering these questions you will know what you need. How many drawers will be needed, how many doors and what you want to show in the niches.

If you question this before buying, you will not be frustrated by not having the space you would like on your panel.


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