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Top & Best Computer desk Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Computer desk: Which is the best in 2022?

In this article, you will find out which are the best computer table models that are available on the market. But first, reflect: How important are you to your computer desk?

Many people end up not caring about it and buy the first table that appears, or else, simply choose the cheapest one. This could end up causing losses there in the future. And you will understand why throughout this guide.

We will explain what are the differences between the main models and what you should pay attention to when making the purchase. So, read on to find out which model fits your needs.

First, the most important

  • See if the size of the furniture is suitable for the space you have available indoors. An ideal computer table needs to meet ergonomics and comfort requirements. With this, you prevent health problems from arising.
  • For those who need to store office supplies, the ideal is that the furniture has drawers and cabinets. We will help you to analyze which is the ideal table for your reality.
  • Prices can vary widely. The models in this purchase guide vary between R $ 150 and R $ 500.

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Ranking: The 5 best computer desks

In addition to offering more comfort, a computer table also brings style to the environment. Whether for a home office, bedroom or even an office, it is a functional and essential piece for those who use the computer a lot.

We have selected the best models on the market so that you have excellent options to choose from.

Buying Guide

A suitable computer desk can help organize your home or office. Nobody likes to work or study in a messy environment. In addition, the model that is right for you may be good for your health.

The computer table can help you stand in front of the desktop. With the right care, that back pain can even go away. Keep up with us to learn how to buy the right table for you.

What is a computer table and what are its advantages?

The use of computers  has grown for many years. Much research and collected data substantiate this claim.

According to a survey by the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV), there are 174 million computers in use here in the country. The number refers to the year 2018 and includes both desktops and notebooks.

This means that there are 5 computers for every 6 inhabitants. These values ​​are not only higher because of the financial crisis of recent years. Even so, in 2017 alone, 12 million new devices were sold.

With so many people using computers, not everyone pays proper attention to where we put these machines.

Especially in the case of portable computers, it is common for people to use in unsuitable environments, such as on their laps or even in bed. Computer desks are mobile that can allow a more comfortable and practical use of the PC.

Among the advantages of having a computer table, is that it can make your environment even more organized. With a few drawers, shelves and cabinets, your study or work moments can yield more.

Some people use the notebook on their laps when they are at home, and in addition to being uncomfortable, it is harmful to health. Therefore, a table offers much more comfortable and helps to maintain the ideal posture.

It is even difficult to highlight a disadvantage, but regardless of the model you choose, any piece of furniture occupies a certain space in your environment.

Why does a computer table preserve health?

It may seem like an exaggeration, but it is not. A computer table can help even your health. Both men and women can benefit if they choose the right table to place at home. That is why it is important to buy suitable furniture.

Spending too many hours in front of a computer can cause back pain, stress and lower productivity.

The correct table can help with your positioning. According to experts, the monitor should be at the same height as the eyes. In this way, the head does not bow and the effort is less.

A correct table helps with ergonomics during many periods in front of the computer.

In addition, elbows should not be projected either forward or backward, just as the forearms must be at an approximate angle of 100º to the keyboard.

To achieve this, the computer table you buy must allow both the correct location of the monitor and the proper positioning of the arms. In addition to ergonomics, another health aspect in which the use of a computer table can be beneficial is related to the notebook.

Doctors say it is not recommended to use the notebook on your lap. One reason is the increase in the temperature of these devices. With use, the notebook gets hot and can exceed 45 degrees. Thus, the user is at risk of having skin lesions caused by burns.

For men, in addition to the burn problem, there may also be a reduction in reproductive capacity. Warming can, according to scientists, hinder the development of sperm.

The way to avoid both problems is to always use the notebook with the support of a table. So, when choosing a new table for your computer, think about these details and buy one that meets your needs.

How much?

To buy a computer table, it is worthwhile to do great research. As the competition is very strong, you can find models of different prices.

The values ​​will vary depending on the material from which the table is made. Another point that influences the price is the size of the furniture and whether it has extra compartments, such as shelves and drawers. You will find computer desks with prices between R $ 200 and R $ 600.

Where to buy?

The computer table is an item that can be found in several types of stores, especially furniture and decoration, . In retail and electronics stores, you can find tables from popular manufacturers. This is the case of Casas Bahia, for example.

And on the internet, some options are Amazon In these places, it is possible to find variety and competitive prices. In addition, you do not have to worry about transport and receive the product at the door.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing desktop computer models

To buy a product, it is important to analyze all the details. Buying what is not useful or what you do not need means wasting money, which is not legal. When choosing which computer table to take home, consider the following points:

  • Size
  • Material
  • Comfort
  • Compartments

Below, we will talk a little about each one of them in sequence.


First of all, measure the space where you intend to set up your computer table.

What is the width, height and depth that the chosen environment is? Do not forget that the table must fit in this space and still cannot block access to other objects.

Also take into account what is your height and what other furniture will compose the place where all this will be installed. If everything is too high, you will have difficulty using it, just as if everything is too low. Choosing a suitable chair helps in this regard.

Larger tables with more extra space, such as drawers and shelves, are more expensive.

Some tables are larger because they have some extra parts, such as drawers and shelves. If you are going to do the assembly in an office that already has a cabinet, you may not need these spaces.

Many people like or need 2 monitors. If this is your case, the table needs to have a larger top for the 2 screens to fit.



It is important to choose a computer table that is made of good quality material and that supports all the equipment that you will put on it. In general, the most sold tables are made of MDF or MDP type wood:

  • MDF : This means Medium Density Fiberboard , in Portuguese, and is made from the agglutination of wood fibers. Because of this type of composition, it is more malleable and resistant to knocks and other friction. Because they are more resistant, they are more suitable for humid environments.
  • MDP : Means Medium Density Particleboard . It consists of 3 layers of wood particles. In the middle, a thicker particle is placed. The thin ones go on the surface. It is lighter and bears more weight than MDF. Thus, if you intend to place more objects on top of your new table, those produced with MDP are more recommended.


A computer table must be the right size and, above all, functional. The extra compartment helps organize the workspace. In this way, materials and objects are not accumulated on the desk and can be used at the right time.

Check how much space you need to avoid the mess. Eventually, only one drawer may be sufficient. In other cases, a larger cabinet with shelves and partitions will be necessary.

The more space available, the higher the price of the furniture, so observe this equation when buying.


For many people, the day passes in front of a computer table. Thus, the furniture has to provide comfort for those who are using it. In the case of the table, comfort occurs when the dimensions are suitable for your body. As we have already said, in addition to discomfort, incorrect use can cause pain and other health problems.

So, to be comfortable, the table must have an adequate height so that the head, arms and legs are well accommodated.

According to professionals who study this subject, the ideal is that the table is 54 to 74 cm high. This allows your legs to be seated underneath and you don’t have to strain your spine.


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