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Top & Best Motorola Charger Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Motorola Charger: How to choose the best model in 2022

A smartphone is an important tool for communication, work, study and leisure. For this reason, it is important that the battery lasts for a long time away from the outlet and that it spends as little time as possible charging. For those who use a smartphone of the brand, it is worth investing in a Motorola charger.

Although the Motorola charger comes with the smartphone, you must have a spare model to carry in your purse or backpack to work, college, gym or boyfriend’s home. Stay with us and find out which is the best Motorola charger at the moment.


First, the most important

  • The Motorola charger features Turbo Power technology, meaning it offers fast charging and energy efficiency. But the phone needs to be compatible with this technology – in the smartphone’s technical file you can find the indication Quick Charge .
  • Always use the Motorola charger that comes with your smartphone, but invest in a spare model that contains similar technical specifications.
  • While on the road on the way to work or college, you can leave your smartphone plugged into the Motorola car charger. The equipment can be connected to the car’s USB port or to the lighter.

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The best Motorola charger models: Our recommendations

Lost the charger that came with your smartphone? Need an additional charger to leave at work? Or do you need a more efficient charger? Regardless of the reason, invest in one of the Motorola chargers listed below:

  • The best Motorola charger
  • The traditional Motorola charger
  • A Motorola charger with USB Type-C input
  • The best Motorola car charger

Buying Guide

Have you noticed that the smartphone takes more or less time to charge depending on the charger used? Anyone who needs efficiency in this task should invest in Motorola’s Turbo Power charger.

Although the Motorola charger is compatible with any branded smartphone, the device is even more efficient on models with Quick Charger technology. Learn more about it in this Buying Guide.

Why buy a Motorola Turbo Power charger?

Realizing that the battery of the smartphone is almost zero when we are leaving the house is discouraging, isn’t it? But you don’t have to worry about that anymore, as the Motorola charger has Turbo Power technology.

The Motorola Turbo Power charger is not just a fast charger. The gadget works in conjunction with the battery and the smartphone and both are prepared to optimize charging and ensure energy efficiency.

In addition to the optimized battery, inside the smartphone there is a microprocessor and in the charger there is a controller, both identify the maximum charge supported by the battery without causing damage to the electrical components of the cell phone.

Thus, instead of delivering fixed voltage and electric current, as a standard charger does, the Turbo Power charger supplies a large amount of energy to the battery at the beginning of recharging. As the smartphone is charging, the charger decreases the electrical current released until it interrupts the power supply.

With the Motorola Turbo Power charger, your smartphone’s battery reaches about 75% capacity in just 30 minutes. Another positive point is that this charger offers superior energy efficiency. Learn more about the equipment’s advantages in the table below:

What are the differences between the common Motorola charger and Turbo Power?

In short, the difference between the standard cell phone charger and the Motorola Turbo Power charger is the amount of energy that the quick charge charger can deliver.

The technical specifications are also different. While a common charger has 5 volts of voltage, current of 0.5 and 1 ampere and power of 5 or 10W, the turbo charger is able to generate 20V of voltage, current of up to 5 amps and of 15 to 25W of power. Compare the models in the table below.

Is the Motorola charger compatible with any branded smartphone?

It is a myth that the Motorola charger is only compatible with some models of the brand. Although Turbo Power technology is present only in the most modern models – equipped with Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 technology – the charger works on any device.

But stay connected with the USB input of the charger, as some devices are compatible with USB Type-C input and others have micro USB input – this information is present in the product’s technical sheet.

Is it true that the Motorola Turbo Power charger heats the smartphone?

Everyone knows that when the cell phone charger releases enough energy in a short time, it can overheat the phone and cause damage to the device. But with the Motorola Turbo Power charger you won’t have this problem.


The Turbo Power charger does not damage the battery.

The Turbo Power charger performs thermal control during charging to avoid damage to the smartphone. Therefore, this charger does not damage the battery, on the contrary, when charging faster, it extends its useful life.

Find Motorola car charger?

The car charger provides practicality when recharging your smartphone while you are driving or stopped in traffic. You find three models of Motorola car charger.

To choose the best model, you need to know the specifications of each and choose a charger compatible with the specifications of your smartphone – learn more about it in the Purchase Criteria section.

What is the risk of using a parallel Motorola charger?

Although it is more expensive, the original Motorola charger is still the best option. We have listed four reasons that prove why buying a parallel – counterfeit Motorola charger is a bad idea:

    • Offers slow charging ;
    • Cause possible damage to internal components and the battery;
    • It can cause serious accidents .


To find out if the Motorola charger is original, make sure that the device has a quality seal that can be on the plastic part of the device, the cable or the product box.

Anatel’s seal certifies that the charger is safe.

The presence of the Anatel seal certifies that the charger has met all safety requirements. In order for a company to approve a cell phone charger, it needs to subject the product to numerous tests.

Encounter Motorola portable charger?

Yes. The Moto Power Pack must be connected to your smartphone to extend battery life or recharge the smartphone. The device has 2200mAh and provides up to 16 hours of battery life.

The device charges the smartphone with a power of 4 to 6W depends on the battery level of the cell phone. The Moto Power Pack has an ultra-thin design and is available in white and black.

Purchasing criteria: Find the best Motorola charger

To get it right when buying a Motorola charger, check out some tips on what features to take into account when analyzing and comparing the different models:

  • Amperage and voltage
  • Quick Charge
  • USB port
  • Cable length

We will detail these criteria throughout the section. If you like the tips on choosing the best Motorola charger for your smartphone, leave a comment below.

Amperage and voltage

Every cell phone charger comes with a label indicating the electrical current in amperes (A) and the electrical voltage in volts (V), fundamental criteria for choosing the charger.

The amperage indicates the amount of electricity that flows between the charger and the smartphone and the voltage indicates the strength of the electrical current.

The voltage can be from 5 to 20V, the ideal is to buy a charger with a higher capacity than the smartphone. The electric current can be from 2 to 5A, the higher, the less time the charger will take to complete the smartphone’s charge.

Currently, all devices have current control, that is, there is no risk of choosing a current greater than the ideal. Regarding power, you can find the Motorola Turbo Power charger in versions with 15 and 25W.


Tip: To confirm that the information shown on the charger’s label is true, plug it into an outlet and your smartphone and run the Charging Report application tests.

The closer the specification numbers mentioned in the product’s technical sheet, the safer you will be to find quality and original equipment.


Quick Charge

As mentioned earlier, the Motorola Turbo Power charger works in conjunction with the battery and the smartphone, so the phone must be equipped with Quick Charge technology in one of the following versions:

  • Quick Charge 1.0 Promises 40% faster charging
  • Quick Charge 2.0 Promises 75% faster charging
  • Quick Charge 3.0 Promises to charge the battery by about 80% in just 35 minutes

USB port

Another important tip is to observe if the connector of your Motorola smartphone is USB Type-C or Micro USB, since they are completely different from each other.

  • USB-C is powerful, as it transfers a large amount of data and charges the smartphone quickly.
  • Micro USB is versatile as it is compatible with numerous electronic devices.

Cable length

You can find Motorola charger models with cable in different lengths, the most common being 1.5 and 2m. The choice is related to a personal preference, but the longer, the more versatile the cable.



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