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Top & Best Window protection net Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Window protection net: Which are the best of 2022?

Those who live in townhouses or vertical condominiums know that height can pose a risk to children and pets. As a result, the window protection net, a widely used security item, emerged.

Essential to prevent accidents with windows and balconies, this product is very simple, has easy installation and guarantees a little more tranquility for those who live in high places.

If so, your reality has come to the right place. In this review, we will present you with all the information about the window protection net, its costs, variations, and much more. Come on?

First, the most important

  • The window protection net is a safety product, therefore, it must have high impact resistance and be produced in quality material.
  • More important than the network itself is its installation, which must be carried out in the correct way so that the product is well fixed and does not come loose.
  • The polyethylene models are stronger and have great resistance to climate variations.

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Ranking: The 4 best window protection nets

Did you just move into a townhouse or apartment on higher floors and are your hair standing on end thinking about the insecurity that the windows represent? Don’t worry, the window protection net is just that and in this ranking you can check the best models available on the market.

Buying Guide

The cat owner who never caught her pussy walking by the window, or the father of a small child who never saw her trying to climb the wall to look outside is really lucky.

These are the beings that put themselves most at risk in windows and precisely for this reason the safety net is a fundamental product. If you are interested in one of these, know that in this Shopping Guide you will discover everything most important about this item, just keep reading.


What is the window protection net and what are its advantages?

The window protection net is a product that was created to increase the safety of those who live in townhouses and apartments. They are applied to windows and balconies to prevent free access to the outside of the property, preventing falls and accidents.

This product is especially important for those who have children and pets at home, since they are the ones who take the most risks and are most likely to get hurt.

However, it is necessary to highlight that the safety net prevents accidents, but is not able to prevent them from happening if they are badly installed or with malfunctions.

What are the different types of window protection net?

Visually speaking, safety nets have very similar formats and what most varies between them in this regard is the color. It is possible to find this product more easily in white, beige and black, but there are also other shade options such as wine, blue, green and etc.

Talking about their composition, it is worth knowing that they can be produced in two materials, polyamide, which is also called nylon, and polyethylene, which resembles plastic.

Another variation of this product is the size, making it easy to find nets with the most diverse measures, both in height and width. Thus, it is possible to apply them to all types of windows and balconies.

Protection net for window or mosquito net?

Some houses have a safety net while in others it is possible to see the mosquito net on the windows. Even if they are used in the same place, there is a big difference between these products, so don’t confuse them.

As the name implies, the window protection net acts as a safety device. It is important that it supports a certain weight load and prevents access outside the windows to be free.

In the case of the mosquito net, it was created to prevent insects from entering the house, and are not indicated to prevent falls from windows.

Therefore, under no circumstances acquire a mosquito net trying to increase the security of your home. They do not have great impact resistance and can easily come loose.

What are the main necessary precautions with window protection nets?

The window and balcony protection net is really an effective product when performing its function, however some care is needed so that it can be 100% safe.

At the time of choice, it is necessary to check whether the product follows the ABNT / NBR 16046 standard. This is the way to prove that the protection network has undergone fire resistance tests, UV anti-rot and anti-rot treatments, in addition to other safety criteria. .

The main recommendation with regard to safety nets is that they are replaced every three years, but it is possible to find manufacturers that have a greater warranty, which can reach up to five years.

Regardless of how long the net is applied to the window, you should always check its appearance. Check if there are loose parts, if there are tears, if at some point it is disintegrating, if it is connected to all hooks and still if there is any gap between the net and them.

Another way to ensure its integrity is to force it with your hands to perceive its resistance. With regard to the hooks themselves, it is necessary to note whether they are securely attached to the wall and whether there is a sign of corrosion or rusting.

Another point of attention is that the nets need to have a maximum of five centimeters between the nodes, as this guarantees less possibility of opening.

Thinking about cleaning, you should not use chemicals that can damage the wires, and the ideal is just to wipe with a damp cloth to remove dust.

Can I install the window protection net on my own?

The way the network is installed is as important as its material. It is always indicated that a qualified professional does the job.

Even though it is simple, there are companies that do this installation quickly and safely. If you do not have the right tools or are not used to step by step, they are the best option to guarantee 100% network efficiency.

Now, if you are in the business and really are able to install the window protection net, you can save money by installing it.

How much?

The amount you will pay to purchase a window protection net will vary depending on how you buy the product and its size.

In the case of kits, for example, it is possible to buy a model with a 1-meter net for around R $ 17, with a 5.20-meter model costing an average of R $ 120. Thinking of the loose modality, the meter of the protection costs about R $ 12.

Where to buy?

You can find protection nets in construction material stores. In them, there are complete kits containing the network and the materials for installation or those available to buy by the meter.

On the internet, kits and rolls predominate, which are more aimed at those who will resell the product. The sites where this item is easily found are:

    • Amazon

Another option, if you liked any product that is in our Ranking, is by clicking on it to be directed to the website where it is for sale.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing window protection nets

If you are looking for a window protection net it is because you want to increase the security of your home, so it is essential to choose the best product for this.

In order to help you in this task, we have separated below the main points that you must analyze before completing your purchase, they are:

  • Material
  • Measure
  • Impact resistance
  • Color

Now, check in detail each of the points mentioned to understand their importance.


There are basically protection nets made of polyethylene and polyamide on the market.

  • Polyethylene : It has a plastic aspect and you have certainly seen it around. This plastic appearance exists because it undergoes a waterproofing process that makes it resistant to weather conditions such as sun and rain and wear. In addition, this material has the same tensile strength as steel and is extremely light.
  • Polyamide : It is also well known as nylon, which is very similar to fabrics. As a result, it is more susceptible to wear and tear caused by the actions of the climate and is not waterproof, which shortens its useful life.


Measure your window before choosing the right protection net for it. It is very important that it is the exact measure.

You find this type of network in the most varied measures and making mistakes in the footage compromises its safety. Read the description carefully to make sure you are getting the right size for the window you need.

Impact resistance

It is very unlikely that anyone will be playing against the safety net to test its resistance, but this factor is very important since it is directly related to the network’s ability to guarantee security.

Always check what the manufacturer says and buy the one with the highest capacity in this regard.


Did you know that experts recommend that the safety net be installed as soon as the baby starts to crawl and be used until the child is about twelve years old?



Precisely because they exist in some color variations, it is necessary to think before buying the network. For those who live in condominiums, the ideal is to check if there is already a pre-established standard.

If not, check the color of the window frame, curtain and other surfaces that will be in opposition to the net. Then choose the color that has less contrast with them.


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