Top & Best Video intercom Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Video intercom: Know how to choose the best in 2022

Today we’re going to talk about access control equipment that can take your home or business security to the next level: Video entry! With it, you will always have full control of who can pass through the gate and enter your domains!

Since the appearance of the intercoms, access control mechanisms have continued to evolve. Video entry is a modern, technological and safe option. Stay with us to discover everything you need to buy the best model possible and become a much more peaceful person!

First, the most important

  • Video entry is the evolution of the simple intercom: It allows access control after analyzing not only the visitor’s voice, but also the image.
  • A quality device is capable of supporting multiple cameras, connecting to more than one lock and still reproducing images with high definition.
  • It is necessary to choose a video intercom that guarantees security 24 hours a day and that has components resistant to the actions of the weather such as rain and sun.

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The best video door entry models: Our recommendations

With the growth in demand for good video intercoms, more companies specializing in security and surveillance are investing in the product. We have selected some of the best models available to present you:

  • A complete video intercom
  • A great entry model
  • The elegant and efficient video intercom

Buying Guide

But, after all, is it worth having a video intercom? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this product? What differentiates the models from each other?

Stay with us in our buying guide to learn all about this valuable equipment!

What is a video intercom and what is it for?

A video intercom is very similar to an intercom: A device that allows those inside a certain location to allow or not allow other people to have access to it. Whoever makes this control can open doors or gates with just the push of a button.

However, in the case of video entry, there is an additional tool: the camera. Thus, identification is not only done by voice, but also by image. The device is no longer just a form of access control, but also becomes surveillance equipment.

The better the video door phone, the more features it can offer: Large number of cameras, control of more locks, better image quality, audible warnings and much more. Thus, it consolidates itself as the most efficient in technology for home or business access control.



Did you know that access control devices with identification are relatively recent? Intercoms with voice use have existed since the 1950s, and with images since the 1980s. This is still a technological niche with much to be explored!

What are the advantages of a video intercom?

As much as a common intercom is considered safe, there are people who know how to circumvent it. With current technology, it is possible to fake voices, take pieces out of context to be used and deceive more naive people.


Video entry is an advanced access control system.

Video entry is an improvement in this access control system: With it, not only can you hear the voice, but you can also see the image of who is at the door. Deceiving those inside is practically impossible.

This equipment offers a lot of security and easy access control. With the push of a button, two or three doors are released. This is after having a complete visual overview of who is really trying to enter the residence or company and even the surroundings.

Good models of video entry still offer cameras with night vision and excellent image definition, which can be useful during the day and night.

The only disadvantage of a video intercom is the value: Perhaps with an intercom and a simple monitoring camera, you can create the same effect as with it, although the efficiency of the system is not the same.

Check out the main advantages and disadvantages of video entry systems below:

Is the video intercom the best security option for my home?

If you want to install a simple access control system in your home, the video intercom is undoubtedly a great option. It is more efficient and less susceptible to failure than a simple intercom or common camera monitoring.

To really invest in security, we recommend that the video intercom is not alone, but that it can be combined with some other device that is able to alert when something is wrong: A central alarm would be ideal.

But when we talk only about access control, the video intercom should not be the choice if the budget is limited and you prefer to assemble the system with separate parts, such as an intercom, a bullet camera and a small old TV.

It doesn’t matter if your house is small or large, the video door will fall very well: Just choose the model that offers a compatible number of cameras and connection with the number of locks that need to be opened for the visitor to reach the final destination.

In the table below, we set up a comparison between the video intercom and the improvised system (intercom, camera and viewing equipment separately):

What features are indispensable in a video entry system?

A quality video intercom is not just made up of a device similar to an intercom and a camera. There are some characteristics that are indispensable for its proper functioning.

    • Night vision: If the video camera does not have good quality night vision, it will be useless at night. Clear images must be produced regardless of the time.
    • Connection with locks: The best models of video entry can be interconnected with more than one lock. Thus, the device can control access to various environments in the home or company.
    • Call transfer: If you cannot be there all the time and eventually need to approve access from a distance, it is possible to register a cell phone number and make the control through this device. Thus, your life is much easier!


All these features are very important for your video entry model to be among the highest quality on the market!

How to install a video intercom?

Some video entry models are easier to install, while others have many complicated details. In one way or another, if you don’t have a lot of experience in the subject, it is better to hire someone specialized.

In case you want to try, we selected a video from the official channel of Intelbrás, one of the main video door manufacturers, teaching how to do the installation. For other brands, the process is similar. Check out:

How much does it cost and where to buy a video intercom?

We found considerable variation in the price of video intercoms. The number of features, the brand and the size of the display are among the main causes of this. The cheapest models cost around R $ 350, but they already have quality, and the most expensive, approximately R $ 1,000.

Security companies can be good options for buying a video intercom, as well as general stores. We recommend that you make the purchase over the internet, giving priority to  Amazon. Also, review Amazon internationally.


Purchasing criteria: What to consider when choosing a video entry phone

There are still some important issues that we need to mention about video gatekeepers. We have selected four criteria that should influence your choice of the ideal model:

  • Number of cameras
  • Display
  • food
  • Durability

Below, we go into more detail about each of them.

Number of cameras

How extensive is the front external area of ​​your home or business? What kind of surveillance do you intend to do? Do you want to make it reach other places as well, like gardens or patios?

A variation on video entry phones is the number of connectable cameras. The simplest models can have only one, which is in the area where the external module is installed, while others can reach up to four, five or six.

So, think about the external panorama you want to see in your video door before completing the acquisition! The variation in the number of cameras offers different levels of surveillance.


Another issue is the image quality on the display, that is, the part of the video intercom where you see what the cameras show. There are variations in size (in inches), resolution and even coloring.

It is possible to choose a very simple model, with a small screen, which allows only to identify the face of the person who wants to enter. However, there are much greater variations and in high definition, recommended for when there is a much greater need for security and attention to all details.


When choosing a video entry model that has some parts running on electricity, you may be left without surveillance and access control in the event of a power outage. Therefore, if it is necessary to have the device available 24 hours a day, this may not be the best option.

A battery-operated video intercom requires more maintenance, but works continuously.

The other possibility is that each component of the device has its own battery. You will need to know when you need to change them, but you will rarely be without the video intercom for a long period of time. Thus, security is increased.

There is also the option of primarily electric models, but with backup batteries. Although a little more expensive, they can solve problems related to food.


Some parts of a video intercom are outdoors: Most of the time, surveillance cameras and intercom module. They constantly suffer from nature’s actions like rain and intense sun.

Therefore, it is necessary to opt for a video intercom model that guarantees strength and durability. Only then will you have the peace of mind that you won’t need to replace components quickly.


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