Top & Best Electronic lock Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Electronic lock: How to choose the best one in 2022

Today is the day to talk about a device that brings convenience and security to you and your home: the electronic lock. Before found only in hotels and companies, today, these locks are taking the place of traditional locks also in homes.

This is because the electronic lock eliminates the use of keys and also reinforces security against break-ins. In the midst of so many models with different technologies and functionality, we will show you in this article how to choose the ideal electronic lock for your home.

First, the most important

  • The electronic lock has already surpassed environments such as hotels and large companies and now reaches homes and apartments.
  • By dispensing with the use of keys and ensuring greater security with the use of technology, this device has evolved and today there are several models.
  • In this article we will show you what you need to consider to ensure that you are buying the most appropriate digital lock for your daily life. Operating system, installation mode and additional functions are criteria to be observed.

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The best electronic locks: Our recommendations

As violence increases, we need to protect ourselves even at home. Knowing this, the manufacturers of digital locks have invested in technological products for you to reinforce security in your home. Therefore, we are going to introduce you to the best electronic lock models available on the market today.

  • Users’ favorite
  • Electronic lock for up to 20 cards
  • Great value for money
  • With interactive menu with voice
  • Biometric lock without handle
  • Electronic lock with temporary door lock

Buying Guide

For you to choose the digital lock that guarantees practicality and security, it is necessary to go beyond the brand and the price of the device. There are factors in addition to the device that interfere with its functionality.

Therefore, we created this Buying Guide. Here we will show you everything you need to know about the electronic lock for you to buy the ideal one.


What is an electronic lock?

The electronic lock is a device that, fixed on the door, allows access by technological means. In general, this type of lock can work by means of proximity keyring, card, passwords, digital and even with the help of mobile applications.

Common in hotels and condominium and business entrances, this device is arriving at the door of homes, replacing traditional locks. And the reason is simple: more security and practicality.

Since the electronic lock does not require the use of keys, now there is no longer the worry of forgetting the keys or the open door.

The fact is that most models of digital lock have automatic door locking system. And this is just one of the features that enhance security. The great benefit of the electronic lock is that it has advanced systems that make it very difficult to break in.

Not to mention that this type of equipment also serves to control the access of visitors, whether at home or at their place of work.

With the increase in violence, this device became popular and manufacturers have invested more and more in different models with different types of operation.

What is the difference between electronic and traditional lock?

Although the digital lock has become popular, it is still common to find the traditional lock in homes. But the fact is that the traditional ones are very easy to open and unlock, even without the keys, due to their mechanism of operation.

Unfortunately, there are even videos online that show how simple the breaking of traditional locks is. Even with the reinforcement of the tetra key, the security of this type of lock is still not guaranteed.

Although the tetra key is four times more secure than the regular key, it can also be easily tampered with, as well as locking easily.

For this reason, the traditional lock is indicated only for the internal doors of the house, such as those of the bedrooms, which do not need a strong security system as much.

For the entrance doors and access to the house and apartment, the electronic lock is the most recommended. This is because this equipment has additional security items that prevent tampering, in addition to being more practical as it does not need keys.

Among the functions of the digital lock that reinforce security are: burglar alert, password protected, reinforced fixation to prevent it from being broken and etc.

According to experts, even with a micha key it would not be possible to open a door that has a digital lock.

Check out the main differences between the traditional lock and the electronics below:

What is the difference between electronic and electric lock?

If you have decided to exchange the traditional lock for the digital lock, you must not confuse between two devices available on the market, which look similar, but have important differences.

We are dealing here with electronic and electric locks. In fact, both devices have the function of keeping the door locked more safely. However, they differ in terms of the mode of operation and its functionality.

The electric lock works by means of a control, with a single button that triggers the opening of the door or gate. In general, the opening is activated remotely.

This type of lock is widely used in condominiums and buildings, which require you to identify yourself before the entrance is released. Because it has a simpler functional system, the electric lock is usually cheaper.

The electronic lock , as we have seen, uses more advanced operating systems, whether through passwords, cards or fingerprints.

Thus, opening the door requires proximity, unlike the electric lock that does it at a distance. In addition, through additional protection functions, the digital lock does more than just open and close the door.

We will talk in detail about the extra functions of electronic locks in Purchase Criteria.

Here are the differences between the electronic lock and the electric lock:

What types of electronic locks are available on the market?

The electronic lock can be installed on doors in any environment, be it home, apartment, hotel or office.

But what you need to note is the type of door on which the lock will be installed, mainly the material of manufacture and the thickness. That’s because the digital lock needs a larger area to be installed.

Nowadays, there are several types of lock, which differ by the type of door and also by the way of opening. Are they:

    • Digital lock with opening via application  (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth);
    • Digital lock with opening via biometrics  (fingerprint or facial);
    • Digital lock with card opening (RFID or MIFARE Systems);
    • Digital lock with simple password opening;
    • Sliding door lock;
    • Lock for glass door.


In each of these options, there are models to overlap or to embed. It is important to note that the overlap locks sold in Brazil are not made for the wooden doors used here. Due to its low cost, even so, this type of lock is sold, but remember: This type of lock is manufactured to be used in glass doors.


Did you know that in Asia, doors open outwards?

Unlike Europe and America, the doors on the Asian continent tend to open outwards. This makes the door frame itself an obstacle against vandalism and, for this reason, overlap locks are more used in this continent.

There are also metal doors, which can offer greater difficulty for the installation of the digital lock. This is because this type of door is hardly deep enough to accommodate the locking mechanism.

What are the advantages of the digital lock?

As we have seen, the electronic lock is the most advanced in terms of security. And, in addition, it is a practical system as it frees you from using keys. In addition to surveillance cameras , it is the perfect addition to a safer home.

Who has never forgotten or lost the keys right in that hour of greatest haste? With the electronic lock this problem disappears.

Another advantage of the digital lock is that it automatically locks the door as soon as it is closed. That is, you no longer have to worry about whether or not you locked the door when you left the house.

Among other functions of this equipment, present in most models, is the burglar alarm. After a number of unsuccessful attempts to open the door, an alarm is triggered.

Check out the benefits through this report published on the TV Claret channe

Another advantage is that with the digital lock you can control the access of people. In companies, for example, it is even possible to release access passwords with certain time, so that employees use them only during their working hours.

In addition, the lock works with long-lasting batteries, which can last up to a year.

Not to mention that, nowadays, the digital lock has become an accessory that makes up the decoration. Most of this equipment comes with a modern and bold design.

But as with everything, there are also disadvantages. The installation of the electronic lock, for example, requires specialized labor and the appropriate type of door.

Another negative point is that this is a high-cost device. The more functions to reinforce security, the more expensive the lock will be.

Below, check out the main advantages and disadvantages of the digital lock:

How much does an electronic lock cost?

The price of the electronic lock will depend on the manufacturer brand, the operating system and the extra security functions. But, in general, it is possible to find this device costing between R $ 200 and R $ 4 thousand.

For homes there is no need to purchase a very expensive lock. In general, those with higher value are indicated for large companies and buildings.

Where to buy a digital lock?

It is possible to find digital locks for sale in specialized stores, department stores, and hypermarkets.

However, we recommend that you make your purchase at online stores such as Amazon. This way, you guarantee a greater variety of options, in addition to more affordable prices. Not to mention that you buy the lock from home comfort.

Purchase Criteria: Factors to consider before purchasing the digital lock

As we have seen, to choose the most suitable electronic lock you need to take into account the type of door you have. But, in the midst of so many models with different technologies, how do you know which is the safest and most functional for your needs?

To assist you in your choice, we have listed below the main factors that must be observed before purchasing the digital lock:

  • Operational system
  • Installation
  • Additional functions
  • Design

In the following, we will detail each of these factors so that you can choose the electronic lock that is right for you.

Operational system

Currently, there are different models of electronic lock, with different operating systems. The choice of this factor is important because it will reflect on your daily life.

In general, there are five operating systems that can even be combined in a lockable table:

  • Card
  • Locksmith
  • password
  • Biometric
  • Apps

The digital lock with the Card system is one in which the door is opened when a card that was previously configured is approached.

The proximity keyring system, also known as RFID keyring, is very similar to the card. You just have to put the key ring in the reader of the lock and the door is unlocked.

These two systems are usually the cheapest, but they are also the least practical for homes.

This is because both the card and the keyring act as the key. In other words, there is a risk of losing or forgetting them, which will make access difficult. However, it is necessary to consider the number of people who will use the electronic lock.

If access to the door is high, as in hotel chains and companies, for example, we recommend RFID card locks or key chains. This facilitates the registration of many people who will have access to the door.

It is important to consider the number of people who will have access and the number of times the door will be unlocked to choose the best type of digital lock.

On the other hand, if traffic is less, password, biometric and app systems are more practical. Nowadays, the digital password lock is one of the most popular and most affordable.

Thus, this type is more common in homes and smaller buildings. Depending on the model, the password lock can record up to 3000 different passwords.

For homes, you can choose a simpler password lock with less access.

The disadvantage of the password lock, however, is that the system can be hacked by a hacker. But, as we will see soon, today there are some models with extra functions to reinforce security against hackers.

In addition, with the electronic password lock, if you forget the numerical combination, you will need help, either from another resident or technical assistance.

The electronic lock with biometric system works through its fingerprint. It is one of the most advanced and secure technologies and, therefore, it is one of the most expensive.

In general, this type of lock is used in large companies and condominiums, which require increased security due to the number of people entering and leaving.

In addition to the high security power, this system is practical since, in addition to dispensing keys, cards or key chains, you don’t even have to remember passwords. Just put your finger and you’re done.

Depending on the model, with the biometric lock it is possible to register up to 100 different fingerprints.

And finally, there is the system that unlocks the door with the help of the mobile application. This is still a new system in Brazil and little used. This type of system requires support for NFC connections on the phone and an app that simulates RFID key functions.

It is worth remembering that, today, it is very common to find electronic lock models that have one or more available operating systems, such as access with a card and combined passwords, or passwords and biometrics.


After choosing which operating system will be most beneficial for your routine, you need to take into account the type of installation of the device. Currently, there are two options: the electronic overlay and the built-in lock.

The overlapping models are installed overlapping the door, using a backrest latch fixed on the door frame. For this reason, the overlapping electronic lock can be installed at any height of the door and without having to remove your traditional lock.

However, this type of digital lock is indicated to be installed on doors with thickness that can vary between 25 to 50 mm.

The built-in electronic lock is installed inside the door, with the closing inside the door frame. For this reason, this type of digital lock can only be installed on doors with greater thickness, such as wood and steel.

That way, if you choose a built-in lock you need to have a door with a thickness ranging between 35 and 50 mm.

In addition, with the built-in models you will have to replace the current handle with the electronic lock. Some models come with a reversible handle, in which case the door needs to be 40 to 60 mm thick.

In addition, some brands already offer an electronic lock for glass doors up to 10 mm thick.


Tip: Although all locks come with an installation manual, we recommend that you use specialized labor for the service. This will guarantee the perfect functioning of the device.


Additional functions

In addition to automatically unlocking and locking the door, the electronic lock offers additional functions to further increase security. These functions vary depending on the model and brand.

So it is worth checking if the electronic lock you have chosen has the extra functions that you think are important. Among the functions of the digital lock the most common are:

  • Protected password : Function that prevents your fingerprints from being marked on the keyboard and, therefore, used by another person.
  • Smoke or internal heat sensor : With this function the door opens automatically in the event of a fire.
  • Do not disturb : This function allows you to disable the lock opening from the outside.
  • Voice command : Some models have a menu that uses the voice to change the settings and access of people.
  • Visual and audible signaling : This function alerts you when attempts are made to break in and when the battery is near the end.


Last but not least, it’s not just about security that you should be concerned with, design matters.

n general, electronic locks have a technological design. But, some are more cleans, others more robust. You can find models in different colors, black, silver and white being the most common colors. There are even mirrored locks.

Try to match the lock to your door style. This is a personal choice that is worth considering.


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