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Best USB C Adapter Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best USB C Adapter: How to choose the best option in 2022?


the site that brings the most complete shopping guides on the internet! Today we are going to talk about the USB C adapter, which is a very small accessory, but that makes a big difference in your day to day!

USB-C, still found in few products in, is an evolution of USB 3.0, which stands for Universal Serial Bus and does not belong to any manufacturer, being a universal standard used in the most diverse devices, such as cameras, cell phones, computers, chargers and more.

But, as the type C connector is not found on all peripherals, an adapter is required to fit the standard input to it. Looking for an adapter to use in any electronics with this configuration? Check out in this article some options, prices, where to find and the main features.


First, the most important

  • Type C USB is nothing more than the evolution of conventional USB, 3.0. Some devices are already coming with this model and the tendency is that it will be more and more adopted, but, while it is not unanimous, the adapters do the function of connecting one accessory with the other.
  • This type of connector offers advantages over its predecessor, such as greater speed for both transfers and charging devices, among others.
  • Be aware of the brand, as, as with any electronic or technological device, a poor quality accessory can damage your device.
  • Although not an extremely expensive product, the more robust and higher quality options have a higher price. In this guide we list good options that cost between R $ 8 and R $ 120.

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Ranking: Discover 4 of the best USB C adapter models

If you need to connect any peripherals to a type C input, you will need an adapter for this. Below are some options for USB C adapters for this configuration.

Buying Guide

With so many technological devices emerging and with technology advancing more and more, some configurations end up evolving and undergoing modifications.

One is the USB port. Some devices have input only for version 3.1, type C, and not every accessory is compatible with it. To solve this problem, a USB C adapter is enough. Here are some characteristics of this product.


USB adapter C: What is it for?

Technology evolves every day and we are almost unable to keep up with the news that emerge on a daily basis. One of them, which is still not so present in the country, is USB type C, have you heard?Present in Macbooks of the new generations and in other devices, such as iPhones, iPads, Chromebook, some Lenovo notebooks, among others, this entry is smaller than the conventional USB.

But, since the vast majority of cables are still made with old USB ports, how do you use an accessory in a receiver with this new port? One solution is adapters.

Created to make this connection between devices, they serve both to transfer files and to charge devices. They also exist in different formats, offering different functions, such as: HDMI, VGA, micro USB, among others.

The video below, with over 50 thousand views, briefly explains what type C USB is. Check it out!

USB C adapter: What are its advantages and disadvantages?

If you made it this far, you should have understood that one of the main advantages of having a USB Type-C adapter is precisely being able to use devices on devices that have only this input.This accessory also allows more than one function, such as transferring files, photos and videos and also charging devices.

Another positive point is that there are different types of adapters, which can serve to transmit files via HDMI, VGA or provide compatibility with micro USB type connectors.

The disadvantage may be due to the fact that there are many options for sale, but not all of them are original, thus losing some of their quality.

Did you like to know a little about the positive and negative points? So, see them comparatively in the table below.

Differences between common USB and USB type C

The USB C adapter was created to connect devices with USB 3.0 output to devices with the new input, USB 3.1. But why are there these two types of USB and what are their main differences?With the advancement of technology, new configurations are emerging and one of them that caused great changes in people’s usage habits was precisely this connector.

USB 3.1, type C, is nothing more than an evolution of 3.0, the famous “lightning”. It is more compact than the traditional one, measuring just 2.5mm high and approximately 8.3mm wide.

Another difference is that it ended up becoming reversible, being able to be plugged in from any side and fitting easily, since it is symmetrical, having the same measures on the sides.

The new standard also has a significant performance boost, making it faster to load devices and transfer data. It transfers data at up to 10Gbps and has the power to transfer up to 100 W for charging.

In addition, this new USB format was created to handle up to 10,000 connections, and can last for many, even many years.

How much?

The USB C adapter usually has interesting prices. But, depending on the brand – whether it is original or replica, for example -, it may have higher values, as they will be directly related to quality. In our Ranking, the options listed cost at least R $ 8 and at most R $ 120.

Where to buy?

The USB Type-C adapter is easily found on the internet on several websites. Amazon,  among others, sell this product. You can also find it in a physical store, Walmart, or any other computer store.

Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing different USB type C adapters

Although they all have the same function – making a device that is traditional USB compatible with a USB C input compatible – the USB C adapter can be found in different options.

For you to choose the one that best meets your needs, check out the list below with the main purchase criteria that differentiate one model from another.

  • Occupation
  • Size
  • Brand
  • Price

Next, we will explain a little more about each feature that must be taken into account when buying the ideal USB Type-C adapter.


As already mentioned here, there are different adapters for sale on the market and each one has a specific function.

Like transmitting files from a laptop to the TV. The adapter will need to have an HDMI input. Or a VGA to be connected to PC monitors.

There are also micro USB ports that are not compatible with USB C. For these models you will need an adapter so that the two devices can “talk”.

The choice of adapter will therefore depend largely on the purpose of use when looking for the accessory.


Size also ends up being a buying criterion. There are some accessories with shorter cables and others with a longer wire.

There are also those that are a small pen drive, but that perform the same function. If you are in need of a USB on the go model, these smaller ones are the best options.

But if you need space to connect a device to the adapter, the ones with long cables are more interesting, as they end up giving you more mobility.


As with almost any type of product, adapters can also be found from replica or even pirate brands.

This is why the brand can influence your purchase. An adapter from a renowned manufacturer on the market will have higher quality and durability, but it will be more expensive.

But if you are looking for a simple product, to use once or twice, a cheap one can serve you. Just be aware of the quality of each adapter and the possibility that it may damage your computer or device.


In addition to the brand, price also ends up being a decision factor. More expensive products have higher quality, durability and less risk of causing damage.

The cheaper ones are susceptible to damage your device, as well as they can break easily and last very little.

If you are in need of a durable adapter that will be used a lot, it is worth investing in a more expensive part. But if it is for a quick and simple use, a cheaper one can do the job.



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