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Top & Best 4 burner stove Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

4 burner stove: What is the best model for your kitchen in 2022?

Equipping the home the way a person likes it is one of the most pleasant things when someone is about to move to a new home. Since the kitchen is one of the most used environments in the house, choosing a good 4-burner stove is a task that requires knowledge. That’s why we created this guide! We want to help you in this mission.

In this Buying Guide you will learn everything about the best 4-burner stove options, whatever the model you are looking for. Read on and make a conscious choice.

First, the most important

  • The 4-burner stove is suitable for small or medium families, as it is not possible to cook several foods at the same time.
  • There are different models of 4-burner stove. Today we will bring the differences between the floor, built-in and cooktop, so that you can make the best choice.
  • The price will depend on the brand, model and features. There are stoves from R $ 300 to R $ 3,000, you will find a great model for your needs and budget.

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The best 4-burner stoves: A model for every type of kitchen

Are you sure you want a 4-burner stove but have not yet been able to decide the model and brand? We want to help you with this task. See the different models we have listed below and decide which is the most ideal for your kitchen:

  • A 4-burner stove very well rated
  • Built-in model with 4 mouths
  • The 4-burner cooktop with easy control


Buying Guide

The stove is one of the most used appliances in the house. And even if you don’t make your own food, or eat in restaurants during the week, counting on a modern, equipped stove for your kitchen is essential. It gives all the decoration touch and for those who love cooking and risking meals can be a great companion.

If you are interested in buying a 4 burner stove you are in the right place. Be it the first model for a new house or the replacement of an older stove, we have a complete Buying Guide to help you in this mission.

What are the advantages of investing in a 4-burner stove?

The 4-burner stove is a compact model that fits in any corner of the kitchen. So it is suitable for small and medium families. Whether on a bench or on the floor, it won’t occupy all of your space.

For those who live in an apartment or house with a small kitchen it is without a doubt the best investment. A 4-burner stove may not be able to handle several pans at the same time, but it has enough space for you to prepare a complete meal, especially if you still have an oven.

Therefore, its great advantages are practicality and space saving. And of course it doesn’t end there. They are among the cheapest, since the models of 5 and 6 mouths have very high prices.

This does not mean that a 4-burner stove is simple, quite the contrary, nowadays there are very modern options, be it floor, built-in or bench. You will surely find a model compatible with your kitchen, needs and pocket.

As a disadvantage, we have to alert only to this limitation. Anyone who likes to receive many guests or make recipes that require many different preparations may find it a little difficult on a daily basis.

Stove 4 burners, built-in or cooktop?

The big question of who is about to buy a 4 burner stove is which model to choose. The most common are floor, built-in and cooktop. First of all, you need to analyze the type of kitchen you have, if you have a counter to place a cooktop, if you have the furniture made to measure and prefer a built-in one, or it is simply easier to count a floor stove, totally independent of the mobile.

Each model has different characteristics and has advantages and disadvantages. Get to know each one of them to choose the best one for your home:

    • Floor: This is the most independent model. It does not need to fit into the furniture and so it ends up being a very versatile option. There are models of all prices and technologies, and its great advantage is that you can buy it last, without worrying too much about kitchen planning. It has its own oven and that’s why I have a great cost-benefit ratio. You can also drag it for complete cleaning or even change places;
    • Built-in: It is very similar to the floor stove, a whole piece with an oven, but does not have the feet. It was made to fit a custom made furniture and therefore must have the exact measurements to fit in the space. It cannot be moved;
    • Cooktop: Also known as a bench or table stove, this model is made to fit on a bench. It is a piece without an oven and must have the exact dimensions of the furniture. The big advantage is that it takes up little space, in fact, it reuses the surface of a bench that serves as a cabinet to store other items. It can be induction, gas or electric.


Want to know exactly which 4-burner stove model is right for your kitchen? Check the table below to reach a conclusion:


What is the difference between the 4 burner gas, electric or induction cooker?

If you have decided on a 4-burner or built-in stove, you will most likely end up using a gas stove, as this is the most common model.

However, when it comes to a cooktop, research still shows the electric or induction cooker. And that can be another source of doubt in your choice. If you want to know more about their differences, read this section carefully.


The gas stove accepts any type of pan.

The gas stove, as we said, is the most traditional. There are cooktops that use gas in cylinders or piped, in the case of apartments. To light it, a flame is used that is activated by a button, and the temperature control is related to the volume of gas released by that button. It is a stove with external burners and grills. It is quite versatile, as it accepts any type of pot.

Perhaps this is already your old acquaintance, and the biggest doubt is between the induction and electric. Both are very similar, have a smooth surface that heats pans and food using electricity.

The big advantage is the economy, since gas is more expensive and also easy to clean. As a negative point, he needs specific pans that conduct heat.

The main difference is that the induction cooker works by means of an electromagnetic field and the heat is only activated if induced, that is, when the pan is positioned in the mouth. As soon as you remove the pan, it cools, preventing burns. It is also even more economical, as it does not waste energy.

What are the best brands of 4-burner stove?

Choosing the best brands can be a big challenge, because some people prefer certain brands and equip their entire kitchen with appliances from the same company.

Each brand has its advantages and disadvantages, but the three most recognized home appliance manufacturers are Brastemp, Electrolux and Consul.

All of them manufacture different types of 4-burner stove, either floor, built-in or cooktop, they can offer quality options for your kitchen.

    • Brastemp: This brand was founded in 1954 and currently belongs to the Whirlpool Latin America group. They have technical assistance spread throughout the country and you can consult the one closest to you on the brand’s website;
    • Electrolux: The brand was born in Sweden in 1919 and today it is present in 150 countries. It arrived in 1926. On the brand’s website, you have a very complete service channel and are able to seek technical assistance closer to you;
    • Consul: Another  brand that belongs to the Whirlpool Latin America group, Consul was founded in 1950 in Santa Catarina. With a very complete call center, Consul even has online chat on its website. You can still seek assistance closer or schedule a technical visit.


Choosing between these three major brands means betting on quality and assistance in case of need. Each of them has its own technologies, so research among the 4-burner stove models to decide the best option for your home.

What precautions should I take with my 4-burner stove to prolong its life?

The first and main care you should take is to read the instruction manual and follow the manufacturer’s general instructions. Each 4-burner stove model has its own characteristics and technologies that need to be considered.

Many people ignore this step and end up using the model improperly, from installation to cleaning, causing damage and shortening the life of the part.

But, in addition to this tip, we want to bring other points that can be put into practice with any stove. Do you want your piece to last for long years? Just follow the precautions below:

  1. Avoid excess water. Spilling water on the stove frequently and in large quantities can cause two damages, in the burners (burners) and even oxidize some parts. Whether cooking or cleaning, be careful with this excess.
  2. Forget abrasive products. Whether cleaning products or utensils like steel sponges, avoid using them on your stove. They can scratch your entire stove, leaving the piece looking old and reducing its useful life. Fat can accumulate in these grooves, making cleaning difficult;
  3. Clean daily. Even if laziness takes over or the rush is part of your routine, cleaning should be daily. It doesn’t have to be very deep, but a cloth moistened with a neutral detergent to remove excess dirt and grease is essential;
  4. Deep clean frequently. If you don’t have time to clean your stove thoroughly every day, do a thorough cleaning at least once a week. Clean the surface, grates, buttons and mouths well so that the dirt does not accumulate, leaving the new part;
  5. The oven also deserves care. Weekly, along with deep cleaning the stove, include the oven compartment. If every week gets difficult, do the cleaning at least monthly.

Taking this care, your 4-burner stove will remain brand new for many years. It is worth making the effort!

How to clean the stove accessories well

We have already talked about the importance of cleaning for the durability of your 4-burner stove, but in practice we know that the burners end up accumulating more dirt and are the most difficult parts to clean.

It is common to have a clean stove and mouths stained with that dirt that gives the most trouble to get out. If you do not want your stove to arrive in this situation, it is important to hold on to clean the lighters properly.

The big trick is to clean deeply every week, as we mentioned. Otherwise dirt will stick and stains will occur.

Remember the tip of not using abrasive products? To clean the parts of the lighters well, especially the base, a steel sponge or using the green part of the common sponge may be necessary. But do not use it on other parts of the stove.

To clean the burners thoroughly, you can put the pieces to a boil with three tablespoons of vinegar. Then let it cool slightly and with the piece still warm – be careful not to burn yourself – rub the mouths with the green part of the sponge.

If dirt still persists, use bar soap or crystal paste to scrub the parts.

To clean the grills, simply use an oven clean product that removes grease easily

Tip: To unclog the hob there is a specific needle that must be used for this purpose. When you notice that the mouths are performing less than expected, remove the parts and insert the needle into the holes, rotating to ensure total unblocking.



Purchase Criteria: Learn how to choose the best 4-burner stove for your home

Are you about to finalize your choice? Calm down, before we still want to give you the final tips, criteria that you should use to decide which 4-burner stove is perfect for your kitchen, need and pocket.

  • Material
  • Mouths
  • Grid
  • Type of ignition
  • Oven
  • Measures
  • Design
  • Available budget

Check out each topic in detail and make the right choice for your home and family.


The material of the stove is related to the model you choose. Floor or built-in stoves are usually made of aluminum or stainless steel. You can also find the glass surface. The cooktop, on the other hand, is commonly made of glass, but this is not a rule.

The glass is more fragile, but easier to clean. Stainless steel is highly durable. Also analyze what material the grates and mouths are made of, the paint finishes and their quality. This all dictates the durability of your 4-burner stove.


The mouths, also known as lighters, can have different sizes and powers.

The bigger the stove is, the more powerful it will be.

The size of the mouth is generally related to its potency, the bigger, the more powerful it will be. It is common for stoves to have at least one of the four largest mouths. Some lighters can be triple flame, which release more fire to speed up cooking.

The position of the lighters also matters. In the 4-burner stove, they are usually placed in pairs, side by side forming a perfect square. However, in some cases this placement may vary, placing some diagonally.

Check if there is the space you need between one pan and another, some can be very close and hinder the use of larger pots.


The cooker grid can be of different shapes. In the past it was more common that there were two rectangular grids for two mouths. Nowadays it is quite common for each lighter to have its own individual grid.

This detail does not alter its functioning, it changes more in the aesthetic aspect. What you should really notice are the following points: size, stability to support the pans, material and finish like paint.

The individual grids end up facilitating the handling for cleaning, as they are smaller, it is even easier to soak if necessary.

Type of ignition

Modern stoves have already said goodbye to the matchstick. The vast majority have automatic or super automatic lighting.

In automatic ignition you need to turn the knob and press a second to release the gas. In the super automatic, you light the flame with a single button, which must be turned, pressing it down.

Both types of ignition need electricity to function.


If you have chosen a stove with an oven, there are a few issues to keep in mind.

  • Capacity: See the size of the dish it supports, some can even bake two dishes at the same time;
  • Grade: Notice if it is sliding and can be adjusted in height;
  • Internal finish: This aspect is especially important for cleaning, some paintings really facilitate the complete cleaning of the oven;
  • Temperature regulation: Some ovens have a very limited temperature, making it more time consuming or even impracticable to prepare some foods;
  • Lighting: See if it is manual, automatic or super automatic, for convenience, prefer the last option.


What space is available for your 4-burner stove in your kitchen? Do not forget to analyze this criterion. Measurements can vary widely, especially for floor and built-in stoves.

Some can be very compact, which generally reduces the capacity of the oven. Other models, even with 4 mouths, can be quite robust. Measure the width, height and depth and see if it is compatible with the planned space.

If it is built-in or bench, this measurement is essential, since the furniture must have the exact dimensions for the perfect fit of the piece.


First check the style of your kitchen. Many people have bet on the most modern or industrial design, but some prefer the classic style for their furniture and even retro, which reflects on appliances.

The 4-burner stove is another component to harmonize with the environment. It can be stainless steel, white, black, etc. Differentiated options abound to make your kitchen even more beautiful and cozy.

Available budget

Last but not least. If you have a budget limit, do your search by filtering the maximum amount you are willing to pay. A stove can vary from R $ 300 to R $ 3,000. By making the filter you eliminate options that do not fit in your pocket.

But if you have a maximum budget of R $ 600, for example, don’t worry, it is possible to get great options even with that amount. Also analyze the payment terms and whether the company adds interest on the installments, which can make the part very expensive.



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