Top & Best Access control Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Access control: How to choose the best security equipment in 2022

An access control system makes it possible to identify and control the entry and exit of people from a residential or business environment. Among the options of access control system, you can find from numeric password to biometric reading.

But how to choose the best access control device? With so many models available, this decision can be complex. With that in mind, we prepared an article with all the information on the subject. Good reading!

First, the most important

  • An access control device restricts unauthorized persons or vehicles from entering residential or commercial property, ensuring the safety of people and material goods.
  • Access control can be physical or digital. The first option requires the help of a professional responsible for the ordinance and surveillance. The second option is made by an electronic device.
  • The access control system integrates several devices such as presence sensors, intercom and security cameras.

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The best access control devices: Our recommendations

To ensure the safety of material and immaterial assets in commercial or residential property, you need to invest in an access control system. Find out the best devices for this purpose in the list below:

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Buying Guide

Technological advances in the area of ​​property security really impress. Among the various security solutions, one of the most innovative is the access control system.

Several devices can be used to control access to residential or commercial property. With that in mind, we have prepared a Buying Guide with the features, advantages and disadvantages of the main security devices.

What is an access control system?

With the rise in crime, investment in property security has increased dramatically. The occurrence of invasions and thefts of commercial or residential properties reveals the importance of ensuring greater control over the movement of people and vehicles. Control systems serve to protect material or immaterial assets. To protect your material or immaterial assets, it is necessary to invest in an access control system, which allows you to know who is the individual or vehicle entering your residence or company, their personal data, and reasons for the visit.

When we talk about material goods, we refer to equipment, machines, products in stock, documents and everything that can be diverted, stolen, or stolen. Immaterial goods, on the other hand, refer to residents, employees, collaborators, and customers.

How does an access control system work?

The access control system works as follows: When arriving at a residential property or commercial establishment, the visitor must have his access released through an access control device, released by password, access card or biometrics.

To perform the unlock, the person must have prior registration – it is necessary to inform full name, document and register a photo. Then the access gate is unlocked and the person can enter the place.

In what contexts should the access control system be used?

An access control system can be used in a residential condominium and connected to gates, garage gates and other means of access. It guarantees enormous ease in registering and managing residents.

The access control system for companies centralizes the entry and exit of employees, collaborators and visitors with greater speed and agility.

What are the advantages of the access control system in a company?

You must be wondering, how can a security device help in the daily life of a company, right? In summary, we can highlight a higher level of employee security, data privacy, ease of access and reduced costs with hiring employees responsible for asset security.

We can also mention electricity savings and greater control because of the issuing of reports with information on the entry and exit of people and vehicles.

What are the advantages of the access control system in residential condominiums?

The advantages of investing in an access control system for your home are numerous. We list the main factors below:

    • Decreases the risk of theft and invasion : One of the main concerns in urban centers is the growing number of invasions and thefts of real estate, mainly residential condominiums. In this case, an access control system is used to limit the entry and movement of people in the environment, making it difficult for the bandits to act and making residents safer.
  • Control of the movement of people : During the week, it is common for a residential condominium to be visited by electricians, gardeners, painters, pool cleaners, among other professionals. During the weekends, visitors are relatives of residents and invited to events. In both cases, it is important to maintain access control and to know exactly who entered or left the property during a certain period.
  • Assists in locating visitors : The access control system makes it possible to locate and track visitors. It is possible to monitor people’s behavior, to know visiting hours and length of stay in the place.
  • Cost reduction : With an access control system, it is not necessary to hire a doorman, security or acquire a remote concierge system. It is also important to mention the low cost of maintaining the system.
  • Security against property damage : Cases of vandalism and other property damage can happen within a residential condominium and an access control system can help to identify the possible perpetrator (s) of the crime.

We have prepared a list with some more advantages – and disadvantages – of investing in an access control system. Know:

Purchase criteria: Find the best access control system

Security is a key aspect, whether in a home or business. By installing an access control system, you will be able to allow, control and analyze the entry or exit of people and vehicles with ease.

But how to choose the best access control system for your residential or commercial property? Just follow the purchase criteria listed below:

  • Access control systems
  • Access control device
  • Functionalities
  • Brand

We will detail each topic over the course of this week. Don’t forget to rate and comment on this content.

Access control systems

There are two access control systems, physical and digital. In order to know which form of identification will work best for the commercial establishment or residential condominium, it is necessary to know the potential of each system.

Physical access control depends on a porter at the entrance to the property who will be responsible for visitor identification, communication with the visitor and access control.

Access can be controlled by mechanical means such as gates or gates, or electronic means such as turnstiles and electronic locks. Support is provided by telephone, intercom or PABX.

The digital access control is diversified, secure and contributes to cost reduction, as it does not demand the action of an employee in the management of the device (s). Among the options are password, RFID, facial recognition, biometric reading and access ID.

Access control device

A digital access control device can be released using a password, access card, biometrics or facial recognition. Know the positive and negative aspects of each of the options below:


Access control can be released using a numeric password, eliminating the need for keys. The device can be installed in different points of the company or condominium, each with a certain level of access.

The level of security provided by this device is high, as it is necessary to perform a prior registration in which the user informs his personal data.

Access card

It is a magnetic card that stores personal information about the user and allows its entry and exit with the approach of this card.

This device offers important advantages, such as the possibility of storing data of the registered persons, the entry and exit records of each one of these individuals and even the possibility of blocking the person’s entry.


A very efficient means of access control is biometric control, which works by recognizing one of the visitor’s personal characteristics, such as fingerprint, voice recognition, iris readings or facial recognition.

The level of security is quite high, as it prevents various types of fraud and eliminates the possibility of counterfeiting.

Facial recognition

It is one of the most modern alternatives when it comes to access control. With a facial recognition system, the person’s entry is automatically released when they look directly at the camera, whether in short or long distance.

The device analyzes the composition of the person’s facial characteristics and crosses it with information registered in the system. You cannot circumvent the system with photos or videos.


When choosing an access control system, analyze the functionalities of this equipment, the main ones are listed below:

  • Possibility of complete registration of all residents, employees, collaborators, visitors, service providers and even domestic animals. Some models allow the registration of up to 30 thousand profiles.
  • Control of the time spent in the condominium or company;
  • Individual access block ;
  • Registration of multiple sectors of the company or condominium units;
  • Detailed movement reports , with information regarding the entry and exit times of each individual.
  • Quick retrieval of information for later access.
  • Possibility to register specific permissions for specific people and places at specific times.


In addition to finding the access control device most appropriate to the needs of the company or condominium, it is necessary to evaluate the manufacturers that provide these security solutions.

Try to check the reputation of the company and its reliability in the market. Look for reviews on the Reclame Aqui website, talk to other customers and contact the company’s customer service department to answer all your questions.



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