Top & Best Hanger Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Hanger: How to choose the best of 2022?

Welcome to mypricesaving.com to find out all the best information that teaches you how to choose a hanger. Do you want to buy the product to better organize your wardrobe or store? Then you’re in the right place!

From a distance it looks like the hangers are all the same. However, there are many differences between the different versions. Once you know some features of the best models, it is easier to make a perfect purchase.

What are the main types of hanger? What to pay attention to before buying? How to compare the best offers on the market? All this and much more you can read in the hanger shopping guide.

First, the most important

  • Common plastic or wooden hangers are for use in wardrobes, just hang without needing to install anything.
  • Hanger with hanging hooks requires the use of screws to install in different parts of the office or home.
  • There are certain versions in which you can hang up to 5 clothes on just one hanger unit.

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Ranking: The 5 best hanger models

Each person has their own criteria when analyzing the quality of hangers in stores. But, on the market there are the most sold and praised productions by the general public. Want to know what they are? See the list:

Buying Guide

No more crumpled clothes in the store due to the lack of decent hangers, right? Or even a disorganized wardrobe! We will now know the information that will help you have less costs and more benefits when purchasing the product.

Follow us in this Buying Guide and learn how to make the best choices when buying new hangers.

What is the hanger?

Also known by other names such as jamb or crosspiece, the hanger is an indispensable accessory for hanging clothes of different weights. Its use is popular in homes, offices and stores that sell clothing.

The product consists of a part that serves to hang on wardrobes or walls and another part with the objective of placing folded clothes.

There are two traditional formats: internal hanger for wardrobes or stores and external hanger with multiple hooks.

What is a hanger for?

The use of the hanger is essential for clean clothes not to be wrinkled. However, this accessory is even more important in the case of clothing stores.

In stores, traders can place several sample clothes hanging on hangers that are attached to the rack. Thanks to this accessory hundreds of clothes are organized in small spaces.

In a way the hanger helps even consumers. For example, when holding the hanger, customers analyze the clothes or take them to the fitting rooms. Many stores personalize hangers with branded emblems to strengthen the decor.

There are several shades of hangers: woody, transparent, black, white, yellow, green, orange, among others. The hanger in addition to a support also serves as a complement for the decoration of interior environments.

In residential use hangers are used in cabinets, closets or walls more as an object to avoid dents in the pieces. The sleeves of a long T-shirt are also not wrinkled because of the hanger.

How to use the hanger?

The use of hangers is mainly related to the type of piece that must be kept. For example, in the case of jeans it is recommended to fold and then hang on a hanger that has a short stem, ensuring the use of less space in the wardrobes.

In the case of a skirt, it is worth joining 5 or more pieces with similar colors in just 1 hanger. This way it is easier to find the color you want to use, day or night.

Considering the shorts , in addition to separating by colors, it is recommended to use a maximum of 5 units together on a hanger. They must be of the same type of fabric.

To hang your collection of t – shirts or shirts it is worth buying kits of hangers that have 10 units. Each of these clothes needs to be hung on only one hanger.

In the case of hanging sets, suits and suits it is recommended to use a hanger that has a more solid composition. You can even put the cover over the hanger that has heavy clothing.

And to store jackets or coats it is worth buying versions of hangers with shoulder protectors, also known as anatomical hangers. Some anatomical plastic products have removable shoulder pads.

It is even possible to store several belts wrapped around a hanger. In the case of hanging a tie, it is better to use the hangers that have 2 cm side rods to ensure the absence of dents.

What are the advantages of the hanger?

Do not think that you just buy any hanger to just have advantages in using the product. There are some negative aspects that consumers need to know more closely.

When you start to describe the positive side, you can easily notice that hangers of the most diverse types cost low prices. This means that spending little money you can keep your clothes organized and without wrinkles.

The different hanger versions serve different audiences. For example, hangers with 1 hook at the top serve to hang in the wardrobe, while versions that have several hooks are great for installing on walls and taking up less space.

Coat hanger is a light and compact product, simple to take to different locations. This accessory has so many colors and materials available that even decorators take the opportunity to use it in the compositions of different decorative proposals.

Now, let’s talk about some disadvantages. There is low resistance, so when you hang a lot of clothes in just one unit you end up breaking or extending the hanger.

Wall-mounted hangers require the use of screws and somewhat complicated installation. Versions with fasteners, widely used in stores, cost higher prices.

There are several chrome productions, but with little use they become faded and less shiny. It is also necessary to clean the hanger constantly because it accumulates dust easily.


What are the different types of hanger?

There are different types of materials for the composition of the hangers. When buying, you should choose one of the three most popular editions for residential or commercial use: plastic, wooden and chrome hangers.

Want to know which of the hanger types you should choose? Then see the definitions of each below:

Plastic coat hanger

This hanger is widely used to hang light clothing such as shorts or T-shirts, although it also serves in heavy garments. It has a low resistance, as any naughty child can easily bend and break the product.

Plastic hanger versions are popular for their low prices and for being sold in kits with 10 or more units. It is a flexible product, so you can take the model to different locations without any problems.


Wooden coat rack

Wooden hangers are best suited for hanging heavy clothing like suits, for example. Many people use these versions to put on various skirts or shorts.

One of the problems with the use of the wooden hanger is that if it is not sanitized with some frequency it can attract termites. This generates terrible results if the wardrobe also has a wood composition.

As with plastic versions, it is possible to place fasteners on wooden hangers to facilitate the storage of pieces on store or wardrobe supports.

Another similarity with the production of plastic is in the presence of a hook to hang in the wardrobes. There are also external versions, to install outside the wardrobe, which have 4 or more hooks.

Chrome coat rack

Known for being more resistant, chrome hangers are available in two versions. One has the similar shape and advantages of plastic or wooden wardrobe hangers.

The other version is to be fixed to the wall with screws or adhesive glue (known as an external hanger), very popular in offices or small apartments without space to install large wardrobes.

Considering the chrome version installable outside the wardrobes, the hanger can have from 1 to up to 7 hooks to hang different pieces. These productions do not accept clothespins like hangers that are used in wardrobes.

Because the hanger has a metal frame, it is likely to get rusty if not cleaned frequently. Installable structures on the wall cannot be taken to other locations as in the case of wardrobe versions.

To better understand the differences of popular hangers, review the table below:

How much?

In general terms, hangers can cost from R $ 1 to up to R $ 200. Chromed structures to hang on the wall are more expensive, as well as plastic versions that have rounded and personalized edges.

When considering the most popular versions we can say that the champion of low prices is in the production composed by wire. Structures that have plastic with no special finish sometimes cost little.

In the average pricing are the wooden hangers. They are more expensive as the wood is of noble logs and resistant to fungi. Velvet coated products are valuable.

Where to buy?


On the other hand, regardless of the material of the hangers, you find a wide range of choices when shopping online. Amazon is a sales point on the internet.

Hangers are products that accumulate dust easily. It is recommended to clean the accessory at least once a month. Use only a little water and a clean cloth to clean.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors to Compare Hanger Offers

To make the best choice, you should consider the factors below to compare hanger offers in the market:

  • Type
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Material
  • Kits
  • Colors
  • Fasteners

Learn a little more about these criteria in the reading below.


Don’t forget that there are two types of hanger shapes and you should choose according to your needs: internal hangers or external hangers.

The internal hangers are used to put in the wardrobes, but some stores also have hangers of this type on supports for dozens of light or heavy clothes.

The external hanger is the product to always use outside the wardrobe, when hanging on a wall in the house or in the office. In general these versions are chromed and have up to 7 hooks to hang light things while taking up little space.


The weight of the hanger can range from 20 grams to 100 grams or slightly more per unit. The wooden versions are heavy, although they are resistant to store several clothes at the same time.

Structures that are too light can easily widen if they have excessively heavy clothing. In the case of external hangers, the structure may even fall off the wall due to excess weight, requiring a new installation.


Have you ever stopped to measure the size of the wardrobe or wall before buying your hanger? Know that sometimes we buy a very large version and end up having problems in the end.

Clothing size should also be considered. Large garments require larger hangers, while smaller sets look better on small hangers.

There are different sizes of hangers and you should pay attention when choosing a production that has the right dimensions.


Don’t forget the important material rule when buying hangers! To purchase hangers for the purpose of hanging heavy fabrics, it is recommended to use the wooden model or the plastic version with rounded ends.

In order to hang light clothes it is worth buying the chrome external hangers, the ones we install with screws behind the doors.


Use the numbers to your advantage. If you need to buy several hangers, take advantage of kits that have from 10 to up to 100 units or more. When you buy these packages you will pay much cheaper than if you purchase each of the separate parts.

Plastic hangers are popular in kits as they have the flexibility to be used in different parts. It is also possible to find promotions of the type for the purchase of several external chrome hangers at once.


Plastic versions take more advantage in colors. They also enable shopkeepers to put the store’s emblem on to personalize the decor. There are many different shades for hangers and you can decorate your store or wardrobe with the color you prefer.

In the case of internal and chrome hangers, the cover on the various hooks can be colored in different shades, since it is composed of plastic.


To be more secure and prevent accidental clothing fall you can pay higher prices when buying hangers with fasteners. The hanger with fastener becomes more practical and versatile, since it is used for the most varied pieces of clothing.

You can even buy the hanger first and then the fasteners separately. Only it comes out cheaper at the end of the day to get the promotions that come with both items together.

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