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Top & Best Flatware holder Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Flatware holder: How to choose the best model in 2022

Cutlery is used from meal preparation to serving dishes. We use simple cutlery in everyday life and a complete cutlery for special moments. But regardless of the occasion, it is important to have a cutlery holder to store, organize and preserve forks, knives and spoons.

Whether inside the drawer, cupboard or on the table, you’ll find a perfect flatware holder for your kitchen. Discover everything you need to know about the different flatware door models with the information from mypricesaving.com.

First, the most important

  • You find three models of cutlery holder. The drawer cutlery holder is ideal for storing cutlery, the cabinet cutlery holder is very versatile and the table cutlery holder is the ideal model to decorate the table for meals.
  • The cutlery holder can be made of plastic, acrylic, wicker, wood, steel, among other materials. Some models have a lid that helps keep cutlery protected from dirt and damage.
  • For individual use, we recommend a flatware holder in fabric. You can find a model with small compartments that fit the cutlery or the model in “bag” style that has a small elastic or loop at the end that serves to open and close your cutlery holder.

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The best cutlery door models: Our buying suggestions

In household goods stores, you will find a wide variety of cutlery holders available, so that each person will find the perfect model for their kitchen. We have prepared some purchase suggestions below, find out:

  • The best wooden flatware door
  • A wicker option
  • The most sophisticated cutlery holder
  • The best cutlery holder for drawer

Buying Guide

When the kitchen is equipped with the right tools, there is a gain in speed in carrying out daily tasks, optimization and organization of space and conservation of utensils.

With that in mind, we have prepared a Shopping Guide with information on the cutlery holder, a tool used to store, organize and preserve the knives, forks and spoons used in everyday life or on special occasions.

What is a silverware holder and what are the advantages of this kitchen utensil?

The cutlery holder is nothing more than a cutlery organizer that allows you to separate the cutlery by model – table knife and dessert knife, soup spoon and teaspoon, table fork and dessert fork – facilitating access to each cutlery .

This accessory can be used both to separate table cutlery, as utensils used in the preparation of meals or tableware, such as skimmer, ladle, rice spoon, salad catcher, knives, among others.

You will find different models of cutlery holder, each model for a purpose of use and storage location – cutlery holder, cabinet, countertop or table.

It is also possible to find multipurpose pieces, which can accommodate different cutlery models, in different sizes and quantities.

Thus, before purchasing a cutlery holder, analyze your needs, space needed in the drawer, cupboard or table and whether the piece will be used on everyday occasions or special moments.

Before buying a cutlery holder, know the advantages and some disadvantages of the piece in the table below:

What are the types of cutlery holder?

There are three types of cutlery holder. We will analyze the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each model throughout this section.

Countertop or sink cutlery

The sink cutlery holder is used to place the cutlery after washing, where it will be dried until stored. To resist contact with water, the piece is made of plastic, aluminum or steel and has small holes to drain the water.

You can choose a flatware sink, dish rack, or a dish rack with cutlery holder. But remember, the piece is small and accommodates only spoons, forks and knives.

The bench cutlery holder can be used to keep cutlery used in preparing meals, tableware or for food.

Cutlery drawer door

After washing and drying the knives, forks and spoons, it is important to store them in a cutlery drawer holder, to keep them preserved and organized. You can choose a flatware holder in any size, shape or material, as long as it fits in the drawer.

This model has dividers for table cutlery and dessert cutlery. Some models also have a cover that serves to protect the parts from contact with dirt.

If you prefer, it is possible to buy a kitchen unit with a planned drawer that has a built-in cutlery holder. You can choose a model with dividers for larger cutlery, used for cooking or serving food.

Table cutlery holder

The table cutlery holder has a greater aesthetic appeal. You can find models in different formats, sizes and materials, which combine with kitchens in the most varied styles of decoration.

Whoever has a kitchen with rustic decor, can choose a wooden or wicker cutlery holder to add a touch of originality to the environment. For a fun kitchen, bet on colorful or printed models.

If you prefer to place the cutlery holder on the dining table, choose a more formal model, made of stainless steel, acrylic or wood. To load the cutlery in the thermal bag, bet on a cloth or plastic cutlery holder with a lid.

Is it worth buying a flatware holder with a lid?

The flatware holder with lid is perfect for those who have different cutlery sets. Cutlery used regularly can be left in the drawer while cutlery used for special meals can be stored in the back of drawers or in cabinets.


This piece has five compartments.

This piece generally has five compartments, three standard-sized spaces for knives, forks and spoons, a smaller compartment for dessert cutlery and a larger space for large spoons and tongs.


Why buy a table cutlery holder?

A well-set table makes a big difference when welcoming guests for a special meal. Among the basic kitchen utensils such as plates, glasses and cutlery, a table cutlery holder is indispensable.

In addition to adding charm to the decoration of the dining table, the cutlery holder guarantees maximum practicality, as each guest can choose their own cutlery and keep them close at hand – place the cutlery holder in the center of the table, to facilitate access to the all people.

Purchasing criteria: How to compare the different flatware door models

Perhaps you have already seen in the kitchen of friends or family, different types of cutlery holder, as there is a wide variety of models on the market, in different formats, sizes, colors and materials.

This variety of models increases the possibility of finding a flatware holder that matches your kitchen or dining room. However, don’t just evaluate the design of the part, but the part as a whole, especially the following characteristics:

  • Main features
  • Model
  • Material
  • With or without cover

We will detail each of the purchase criteria throughout this section.

Main features

First, you must evaluate the number of compartments and their respective dimensions, to evaluate the possibility of storing tableware, dessert, preparation and service.

It is also worth evaluating the amount of cutlery that can fit in each compartment. If you need a lot of space, check the possibility of expanding the cutlery holder.


The drawer cutlery holder is the most common model in Brazilian homes. It consists of a cutlery organizer that can be used to store table, preparation or service cutlery, whether in the cabinet drawer, sideboard or buffet.

Another option is the cutlery cabinet, which although it has a similar function to the previous model, has a shape similar to that of a box or pot with dividers. This model can be used to hold all types of cutlery.

The tableware holder is a versatile cutlery organizer, as it can be stored in the cupboard when not in use and taken to the table at mealtimes. It is usually the most decorated model of all.


You find cutlery door models in different materials. We will dedicate a paragraph for each material used in making this accessory, so that you can decide which option is best for you.

The acrylic cutlery holder is an excellent option because it offers important characteristics in a kitchen object such as resistance, durability and practicality. In addition, it has a modern and sophisticated appearance, because of the transparency and carved shapes.

To promote outdoor meals, we recommend that you choose a wicker cutlery holder – as well as other products made with this material – as the piece has a light and natural appearance. This light and resistant material has greater durability. In addition, it is very light, which facilitates handling.

Another option is the carved wooden door, a model that adapts to different styles of decoration, from rustic to sophisticated. More modern models have straight lines and details in other materials, such as glass or steel, for example. The rustic models are elaborated and the material has an aged finish.

You can also choose a flatware holder. This model is perfect for leaving each piece in its proper place, without the risk of scratching or damaging them. For those who like silver pieces, this is the ideal model, as it prevents items from oxidizing and darkening. Generally, a flatware holder can be used individually or come with several units.

With or without cover

If you have decided to buy a cutlery drawer holder, know that you can choose a simple model or with a lid. The lid guarantees the preservation of the cutlery, as it prevents the pieces from getting dirty or damaged.

In some models, the cover of the cutlery holder becomes a base to leave the piece standing. That way, during special occasions, you can place the cutlery holder on the table and let each guest remove their cutlery.

We suggest that you buy a flatware holder with no cover for forks, knives and spoons used in everyday life and a flatware holder with cover for cutlery that you will use less often.


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