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Top & Best Guitar pedal Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Guitar pedal: How to choose the best pedalboard in 2022?

It is good to have your presence. Today’s topic is the guitar pedal.

A common element in rock music and its strands, the guitar pedal is capable of creating its own sounds from the chords. Playing an instrument is totally different when you have the ability to change the sound with a tap of the feet.

Used for decades by virtually all electric bands in the world, the guitar pedal is as famous as the instruments. Different in model, uses, sonority, you will find here a complete Guide about them!

First, the most important

  • Pedals (or pedalboards) have been around for a long time, and have helped certain musical styles to have their own identity.
  • In the beginning, the focus of the pedals was solely on guitars. But today you are able to find the pedal for different instruments, especially for the bass.
  • Part used in the electric touch system, it is an equipment that is between the guitar and the speaker. Acoustic bands cannot use the keyboard (there is no amplification of the sound by boxes).

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Ranking: The 3 best guitar pedal models

A quick search is enough for you to realize that there is an absurd amount of guitar pedal models, as well as prices. To help, we’ll give you those considered the best models.

Buying Guide

Making music is to calm your body and mind. It affects primitive parts of our brain and causes well-being reactions. You certainly look for this well-being when playing the guitar. And a pedalboard can take this idea to another level, just follow our Guide.

What does a guitar pedal do?

For those who deal with guitars, having a pedalboard is entering a new phase. Having the ability to really imitate what your favorite guitarist is capable of, and produce a similar sound.

Having the power to change the sound while playing the instrument, without having to stop and adjust something on the guitar itself. The world takes on a new sound at the press of a button made by the foot.

A guitar pedal is used for this. It is positioned between the guitar and the sound amplifier, like a pass filter. Only, in this case, the filter adds different sounds and tones, when the vibrations produced by the strings pass through it.

What are the advantages of the guitar pedal?

The guitar pedal is a versatile and fun accessory. And, as the basis of music is well-being, having fun is very much part of that process.

It improves motor coordination and increases auditory perception. Not to mention that you develop the expressiveness of the body. It even improves your logical skills and teaches you more about discipline and patience.

But a pedalboard doesn’t just live on advantages. Check it out below:


  • Improves motor coordination, Increases auditory perception
  • Develops body expressiveness
  • Improves logical skills
  • Teaches discipline and patience


  • Low availability of learning locations
  • High complexity instrument
  • Requires constant maintenance

What are the different effects of a guitar pedal?

The guitar pedal already exists in several types, and constantly new ones are launched in the market with some increment or aggregation.

The reason for this is simple: few musicians are interested in needing a whole troop of pedalboards to play. The less the better, and the more practical to operate, the better.

Pedals are usually classified according to the sound effect or timbre they produce. And this fits very well in certain musical rhythms, because they were the ones who often helped in the creation of their own style.

You will now know the main effects achieved by a guitar pedal:


It is the simplest and most useful of types. As its name implies, its function is to increase the intensity of the signal that passes through it. It serves mainly for a situation where you need to highlight the sound of the guitar (as in a solo).

It also works to increase the sound of the guitar in an amplifier, in general. It is possible that the boost pedal works “clean”, just amplifying, or else, bringing something more, such as raising the midrange or treble.


One of the most used and loved effects of guitarists. Its objective is to replicate the sound obtained from an old type of amplifier (called a tube).

This ends up causing a distortion in the sound, but it ends up affecting the timbre as a whole, giving the impression of naturalness to the touch, even with the effect. It is considered an indispensable effect to play the main rock songs.




This is an effect similar to the echo, but with several adjustment possibilities. It is a simple system that can surprise in skilled hands.

Controlling the distance between repetitions and the number of repetitions makes all the difference in a song. You may have heard Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall Pt.1”, a good example of delay.


This is a really cool effect on a guitar pedal. It is able to increase or decrease the pitch of the instrument by one or more octaves. The result is that you can have a normal tuning and, with the pedal, completely change the sound of the guitar, as if it were with another tuning.

This condition will allow you to make the sound grow in an interesting way. Including giving a new dimension to certain parts of a song, adjusting the sound with the vocal footprints.


The guitar pedal with chorus has the effect of doubling and detuning at the same time. But it is a little out of tune, accentuating the guitar playing you are doing.

It works as if two people are playing at the same time, but one using a slight distortion in the sound of the guitar.

This will be the last one we will present, but it is certainly not – by far – the last possible effect on a guitar pedal. There are many others waiting for you to discover them in the search for the perfect tone!

As there are many effects, let’s list briefly what each one does:

How much?

There is a huge variation of guitar pedals in terms of styles and effects. Which also makes them quite variable in value.

Of course, depending on your level of learning on the guitar, the option for a beginner pedal will help you with the acquisition. You will find good products from R $ 200.

Likewise, a professional pedal can easily pass the thousands of dollars. But, it will deliver absurdly rich and clean effects and sounds.

Where to buy?

They are common in the music world, but they are not sold everywhere. You will find a guitar pedal in music stores or large department stores.

In other places, it will be more difficult to find them, due to the specific characteristics of the equipment.

A very viable option is Internet acquisition. Online stores,  Amazon offer a huge number of them at affordable prices, in addition to allowing them to be easily compared.


Purchasing criteria: Criteria for choosing your guitar pedal

You can already consider yourself a connoisseur of pedalboards, without a doubt. However, if you are really thinking about purchasing a guitar pedal, you need to pay attention to some characteristics that will make all the difference in its use.

  • Specifications
  • Multieffects
  • Resistance
  • Power supply

Now look at each criterion in detail to make the best choice.


All electronic equipment usually comes with a good amount of description, and the guitar pedal is no different. However, there are few that really interest you, especially if you are starting on the pedalboards.

When we talk about sound effects, a maxim is worth a lot: “less is more”. Saturating the music can tire the listener too much, not to mention that it will demand too much from you and the pedal.

So focus on quality, not quantity. Look for a pedal that provides the effects best suited to your style of music. Avoid pitfalls of great descriptions.


There are several guitar pedals that provide more than one effect on the same equipment. This is extremely useful if you are experimenting with features or are eclectic in playing.

It is not uncommon for musicians to have a certain amount of pedals together, but choosing multi-effects can reduce this demand. The result is easier for you when playing the instrument and doing the effects.


A guitar pedal can be manufactured from different materials, and this is important depending on its use. If you intend to buy one to “play” at home, any option is valid.

However, if you want to take it to more places, carry it in your backpack, play around … choose models with a metal housing. They are much more resistant to impact.


Power supplies

A guitar pedal can be powered by several different sources of energy. There are battery and electricity-powered options. You should choose the one that you consider most practical to your need.

Of course, if it is not electric, we recommend carrying an extra amount of batteries in the guitar case. Being surprised by the pedal stop in the middle of something and not being able to fix it, will be frustrating.


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