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Top & Best Kendall Sock Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Kendall Sock: How to choose the best model in 2022

Today we are going to talk about the Kendall sock, a reference when it comes to elastic compression stockings. The Kendall sock prevents and treats circulatory problems in the legs and feet of men and women of different ages.

When using the compression stocking daily, you notice a reduction in swelling, tiredness and discomfort in the legs and feet. But to enjoy all the benefits of the Kendall sock you need to buy a model with the right level of compression, shape and size. Stay with us and learn more.

First, the most important

  • Kendall socks can offer soft compression, medium compression, high compression or extra high compression.
  • You can find models of Kendall socks in formats 3/4, 7/8, pantyhose or pregnant pantyhose. You find unisex models, female and male.
  • Replace the compression stocking after three to six months of use to ensure that the Kendall stocking continues to have the proper elasticity.

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The best Kendall socks: Our recommendations

Do you feel discomfort, swelling or tiredness in your legs and feet? You probably have a venous problem. To alleviate these symptoms, try using the Kendall sock daily. We have selected the best models below.

Buying Guide

When you take off your shoes at the end of the day, do your legs get sock marks? Then you have a swollen leg, the result of a lack of venous return, that is, the difficulty of the blood rising and reaching the heart.

Generally, problems resulting from poor blood circulation are related to genetic inheritance. To reduce swelling and prevent varicose veins, use the Kendall compression stocking. Learn more about the product in this Buying Guide.


What are the features and functionality of the Kendall sock?

The Kendall sock is designed to increase blood circulation in the lower limbs. The compression stocking makes the blood return from the legs to the heart, functioning as a kind of blood pump.

Compression stockings should be used by people with circulatory problems or a family history of venous diseases, pregnant women, obese people, individuals with hypercoagulation factor and people in post-surgical rest.

But Kendall socks should not be used by people with uncontrolled heart failure, ischemia, infections or sores on the legs or allergies to the materials used in making these socks.

You can find Kendall sock options with four compression levels: Smooth, medium, strong and extra strong.

An exclusive differential of the Kendall sock is the UltraPro technology that maintains a pleasant thermal sensation, offers freshness and controls skin perspiration.

Another differential of the Kendall sock is the application of bacteriostats in compression stockings, which prevent the proliferation of bacteria and fungi, control unpleasant odors and provide lasting protection. Learn more about Kendall socks advantages in the table below:



  • Prevents and treats circulatory problems
  • Can be used by men and women of all ages
  • Options in different formats
  • Offers comfort
  • Maintains pleasant thermal sensation
  • Above-average durability


  • It’s hard to put
  • Can bother
  • Must be changed every three or six months
  • It is relatively expensive

What are the different types of Kendall socks?

You find low, medium and high compression Kendall socks. Learn about the characteristics and indications for use of each model below:

    • Gentle compression (13 to 17 mmHg) is ideal to prevent problems resulting from poor blood circulation in the legs. We recommend the use of soft compression socks in daily life, post-training and during travel.
    • Medium compression (18 to 21 mmHg) is ideal for those with varicose veins. It is also indicated to control swelling, tiredness and discomfort in the legs and feet of pregnant women.
    • High compression (20 to 30 mmHg) or Extra High Compression (30 to 40 mmHg) is ideal for those with severe venous problems resulting from a lack of blood circulation such as Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT), Lymphedema, Edema in the legs, Severe Varicose Veins, among others.

Do you know the meaning of the acronym mmHg? This is the abbreviation for “millimeters of mercury” which is the same pressure unit used in the pressure gauge.


Can I sleep with Kendall sock?

The Kendall sock should not be used during the night, because when the person is lying down, the venous return occurs naturally, in this sense, the compression sock could compress the arterial circulation, aggravating the venous problems.

If you need to improve circulation at bedtime, we suggest that you place a pillow over your legs to raise them, but never sleep with Kendall socks on.

Only in case of post-surgical procedure, there may be a medical recommendation to use the soft compression stocking during the night, to avoid thrombosis.

Can I play sports using the Kendall sock?

You can walk, run, ride a bike, do functional exercises or weight training using the Kendall sock. The brand has its own line of compression stockings indicated for the practice of physical activity.

By wearing compression stockings while exercising, you benefit from impact reduction and post-workout muscle relaxation.

Can I work using Kendall socks?

The Kendall sock can be used while working, especially if you spend many hours standing or sitting. By using compression stockings, you stimulate blood circulation, avoid tiredness, swelling, discomfort and pain in your legs.

Roberto DebskiVascular doctor

“You usually put on the compression stocking when you wake up and take it off at the end of the day, within an average usage period of 8 to 12 hours a day.”

Can pregnant women wear Kendall socks?

It is common that from the second trimester of pregnancy, the pregnant woman will have swollen legs and feet due to poor fluid retention of blood circulation. To alleviate or even avoid these symptoms, Kendall compression stockings are a great ally.

The Kendall sock helps to reduce swelling of the legs and feet, reduces discomfort and tiredness and prevents thrombosis. Generally, gynecologists or obstetricians recommend the use of Kendall socks suitable for pregnant women with medium compression.

How to put on Kendall sock?

To put on the Kendall sock, slide your hand and forearm into the sock up to your ankles. With your other hand, turn the sock inside out to the point you are holding.

Put each side of the sock on your feet and adjust to the heel. From the heel, slide one side at a time, pulling it gently, until the fabric unfolds over the calf extension.

Line up the sock with both hands using smooth, successive movements. When the sock is at the thigh level, stand. Gently pull the stocking up to your waist and check that the piece is aligned.


The sock should be worn in the morning.

Kendall socks should be worn in the morning, up to 30 minutes after getting up. If this period is exceeded, we recommend that you put your legs up for 15 minutes and then put it on.

How much does it cost and where to buy the Kendall sock?

The price of Kendall socks varies according to model and size:

    • Half 3/4 from R $ 30 to R $ 70
    • Sock 7/8 over R $ 100
    • Pantyhose from R $ 60 to R $ 115
    • Pregnant pantyhose from R $ 65 to R $ 130


The advantage of buying Kendall socks at a specialist store is that the consultant will measure the circumference of your ankle, calf and thighs and indicate which compression sock is the right size for you.

But you can take measurements at home and follow the reference table offered by the brand – we have attached this table in the Purchase Criteria section. Thus, you can buy the Kendall sock in a virtual store like Amazon.

Purchasing criteria: How to compare the different Kendall sock models

Due to genetic factors, overweight, poor diet or physical inactivity, many people suffer from poor blood circulation that can cause numerous health problems.

To relieve symptoms of poor blood circulation such as discomfort, pain, feeling of heavy legs and tingling, men and women wear Kendall socks daily. When shopping for your compression sock, review the following criteria:

  • Compression level
  • Size
  • Sock type
  • Tone and thickness of the sock

We will detail each of these criteria throughout the section. Be sure to share this content with your friends via social networks.

Compression level

As mentioned earlier, you will find Kendall sock options with low, medium and high compression:

  • Gentle compression (13 to 17 mmHg) is used to prevent circulatory problems.
  • Medium compression (18 to 21 mmHg) is used by those with spider veins, varicose veins or thrombosis.
  • Intense compression (20 to 30 mmHg or 30 to 40 mmHg) helps to treat more serious lymphatic problems.


To choose the ideal size Kendall sock, it is necessary to measure the circumference of the calf (upper part of the musculature), ankle (two fingers above the malleoli) and half thigh (four fingers below the butt).

See the measurement chart for the female Kendall sock below:

The measurement chart of the male Kendall sock is different, check below. Note: Leg length is measured from the base of the heel to the knee bend.

Measure using a tape measure. Always measure barefoot and standing – ask for help from a family member or friend – in the morning, right after waking up. Important: Redo the measurement with each new purchase.

Sock type

After defining the required compression level, you must choose the type of compression stocking. You can find models of Kendall 3/4, 7/8, pantyhose and pregnant pantyhose. See the characteristics and indications for use in the table below:

  • 3/4 stocking comprises the calf region. Indicated for those who need to improve the circulation of the calf or ankle.
  • 7/8 sock covers the calf and reaches half of the thigh. Indicated for those who need to improve circulation throughout the leg.
  • Pantyhose are intended to increase blood circulation throughout the leg. The pregnant pantyhose has a flexible abdominal band to follow the baby’s growth.

To choose the right Kendall sock, analyze which region of the leg is most affected by poor blood circulation and choose a model that exerts compression on this point.

Tone and thickness of the sock

The unisex Kendall sock is thicker and opaque, so it is more resistant and durable. It can be used by men and women in everyday life.

The Kendall women’s sock has a social style, is transparent and thinner. It is ideal for women who prioritize elegance but want to take care of the blood circulation in their legs. That goes for the male Kendall sock.

The sports sock is ideal for those who practice physical activities. It offers low, medium or high compression and is made of robust fabric, to ensure the durability of the piece.


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