Top & Best Sling Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Sling: How to choose the best in 2022?

Moms and dads from first, second or many trips. If you are doing the baby layette, you will certainly need a sling. welcome you and present the best sling models available on the market in 2022.

The accessory that became mania is a great ally in the adaptation of the family, especially in the first months of the baby’s life, when the lap is important and helps in the child’s development.

There are some different models of sling suitable for all stages of the child and also respecting the parents’ limitations. With it, it is possible to do the so-called exterogestation in a smooth way.

If all this seems strange and scary to you, rest assured that we will help you to find the best sling option to ensure comfort and safety for your family.

First, the most important

  • Babies need to be held in the first months of life in order to develop in physical and emotional health, and this is scientifically proven.
  • When they leave the womb, newborns feel the change and often suffer from adaptation. Therefore, being in a position similar to what was in the mother’s belly facilitates the transition.
  • Proper use, with proper lashing and positioning of the baby in an appropriate way is indispensable to avoid injuries.

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Ranking: The 3 best slings

There are two models of sling more common and also very indicated: the Wrap and the Ring. Both meet the needs of families with a newborn and can be used by children over one year old.

Now see our list of the most suitable and choose the one that will best meet your expectations.

Buying Guide

That babies are born dependent and should be carried on their laps for a long time until they start moving around alone, everyone knows.

Over time, many accessories have been created to help families in this phase of life. The sling is one of those inventions (not as modern as it looks).

Continue reading this article and we will tell you more about this accessory.

What is a sling and what is it for?

Stroller, comfort baby, rocking chair, cribs, crib … More recently, the sling came with great appeal from some maternal groups and even pediatricians.

Of all the inventions, the sling is the one that best fulfills the role taking into account the real need of babies, especially newborns. These fabrics that are attached to the parents’ bodies make the children feel protected and supported.

As soon as they leave their mothers’ wombs, babies experience a major impact in terms of changing lighting, temperature, sounds and food. Everything is different and the smoother this transition is, the better for everyone.

What is exterogestation and what is the use of sling in this period?

Much is said about babies’ first three months of life and how hard they are for families adapting to the new routine. Cramps, sleepless nights, crying and difficulties in breastfeeding are part of this period.

If for parents, who are adults and experienced, this is a complicated period, imagine for a baby who has just left his safe environment and needs to learn everything, including how to breathe with his own lungs.

These first three months of life are the baby’s complete adaptation and, according to some medical studies, it would be ideal for the child to remain in the mother’s womb for another 90 days to fully mature.

But as nature is wise, after a period of 38 to 42 weeks, the baby leaves the mother’s womb and during its first months of life it will go through this maturation outside. This stage is called exterogestation.

Staying in a fetal position, receiving body heat and feeling the mother’s breathing rhythm makes babies calmer during this period. This is because this is the reality that he already knows since the womb.

When they are in a sling, almost in the same way they were in mommy’s tummy, the tendency is for babies to feel comfortable and welcomed. Smaller are the chances of episodes of colic, which are the effects of the ripening of the intestine and adaptation to the maternal bed.

What are the different types of sling?


    • Wrap Sling. It is the most popular among the slings. It is a giant fabric that, for some, is difficult to tie to the body. It is 5 meters long with seamless fabric and can be used in many ways.
    • Ring sling. A little more compact. It is a piece of fabric of about 2 meters that passes over one of the shoulders and the opposite side adjusts with rings. It can be better used with children who already sit alone.
    • Pouche Sling. It is less used, but by no means less indicated. It is a fabric net, folded in half. Attached to the body it becomes a kind of bag for the baby. There are different sizes or it can be made to measure.


Each family knows its needs and should try all models before making its decision. It is worth noting that the sling is different from the popular kangaroo.

Sling x Kangaroo: what are the differences?

Not always the most important thing is just that you have your arms free and your baby is nearby. It is essential that these benefits come with safety and comfort guarantee for babies and those who carry them.

The slings, made of fabric, offer the numerous advantages of making the tie yourself as you feel better and more comfortable. Sharing the child’s weight on his shoulders is not the only facility. Another important and paramount factor is the baby’s safety and comfort.

The ideal position of the child’s legs in the sling is with knees above the hips.

The legs and butt should form an M ensuring the curvature of the back and the correct distribution of the child’s weight. The lashing should also be firm enough to prevent the baby’s body from swaying while the person carrying it moves.

Check out the main differences between the sling and the kangaroo below.

Is it too difficult to tie a sling to the body?

The Wrap Sling has incredible versatility. The 5 meters long fabric allows you to use it in different ways for the most varied functions, weight and age of children.

Traditional mooring is the most used for newborn babies. With the straps crossed on the back to balance the weight, the sling is pre-tied and the child is placed after the fabric already attached to the body of the carrier.

For this type of use, a Wrap Sling with elastic fabric is indicated, which allows the baby to ideally fit and also facilitates if the mother wants to breastfeed the child without removing it from the carrier.

Youtube is a great storehouse of videos that teach how to make this tie. But you can also ask for help from manufacturers or babywearing experts.

The tie suitable for newborn babies can be used with older children without contraindications. It is important to check that the straps that support and support the back of the loader are positioned correctly, promoting weight distribution.

Slightly older children like adventures and news. Tying them on the back can be an alternative to not abandon Wrap Sling. This type of mooring is ideal for walks or maybe even to do some routine activities at home.

See in this video how to tie the Wrap Sling on your back alone:

Hoop slings are considered more practical to carry in your purse or even to wear. When you are on the street, it can be dressed like a bag, unlike Wrap Sling which, due to its large size, ends up touching the floor.

Testing the models and the mooring possibilities is one of the best ways to enjoy all the benefits of the sling. If you are in doubt, watch this video with a comparison between some moorings.

Have you ever thought about dancing while carrying your baby? And getting married?

There are situations where the sling becomes the star of the party. It happened to a North American family from Ohio, USA, in February 2019.

The wedding ceremony photo of the couple who already had a daughter went around the world. Do you know why? The bride entered the church and spent part of the celebration with her daughter in a sling. The scene is beautiful and passionate.


But it is not only at the wedding that the sling can be an attraction. There are many similarities between dance and motherhood. For both, it is necessary to have a certain control and balance. Like dance, motherhood can be light or tiring, it will depend on your choices and especially the support you receive.

As a way of creating a support network for mothers, dance groups are being created throughout . The idea is that mothers and children can have fun together and the sling is one of the tools used in this modality.

Groups like Maternal Dance and Sling Dance won over families. Gathered in groups and usually with guidance from consultants for sling placement, mothers join the dance.

Many take the opportunity to resume physical fitness or simply relieve the routine of taking care of the baby full time. But what really catches the eye is seeing the dads sling and dance with their children. This idea won over dads and moms.

How much?

Slings cost from R $ 80 to about R $ 300. The make, model and material make the main difference in relation to the values. As it is an accessory that puts the child’s safety at stake, we do not recommend saving.

If you are not sure that you will use it often and that is why you did not want to invest a lot, we recommend that you borrow one to take a test and then buy the one that best suits your reality.

In maternal detachment groups or even bazaars you can find more affordable values.

Where to buy?

Whoever is in the stage of making the baby’s trousseau has certainly found some model both in clothing stores and children’s accessories. Currently, sling is not difficult to find.
But the internet is one of the main references in sling sales. The brands themselves market their slings online.

In large online stores like Amazon, you can also find brands known and recommended by professionals, with attractive prices and guaranteed delivery.


Purchasing criteria: Decisive factors when evaluating the different sling models

The first step is to understand that it is not just an accessory that is in fashion like a new dress or shoe. The sling is a fundamental item in the layette of new parents, thinking about quality of life in the first months of the baby.

If your child is no longer a newborn and you are looking for an ally for different outings, physical activities or trips, this is also an important factor to consider.

These main factors will influence your decision and will be practically decisive for your purchase:

  • Model
  • Manufacturing material
  • Style

Let’s talk about each one, so you can make the best choice when buying the perfect sling for your family.


Wrap, ring, pouch, and ergonomic backpack, among other variations of sling, may have caught your attention throughout your research. Before choosing your favorite model, evaluate your intentions for using the sling.

The models are indicated for different stages of the babies’ life. For newborns: the wrap. For those who seek practicality with babies who already sit: the ring or pouch. Larger babies who require a reinforced structure: ergonomic backpack.

Manufacturing material

Fabrics, elastic or less elastic, can mean some changes in the use of a wrap sling, for example. Heavier children should not be placed in slings with very elastic fabrics.

On the other hand, mothers who intend to breastfeed in the sling, should choose something very malleable. Those who live in warm regions can opt for a Dry Fit model that facilitates sweating and makes use more pleasant.

Dry Fit is also indicated for swimming in the sea or pool with the child in the sling, as it dries very quickly. Materials with natural fibers or antiallergic fabrics are also a good alternative.


The sling is for the child, but the parents use it. Remember, therefore, to have an accessory that matches your style. Some parents prefer neutral colors so they can use both the same, daily in different situations.

Some families have a sling for every occasion. The ideal model for the summer, another for the winter, softer and lighter fabrics for parties, darker and less dirty for everyday use.


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