Top & Best Lorenzetti shower Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Lorenzetti shower: How to choose the best for you in 2021?

Today we are going to talk about a product that is definitely a necessity, much more than a luxury. That’s why we chose one of the leading brands, the Lorenzetti shower.

After all, who doesn’t know the Lorenzetti tradition? Over the decades, the brand has not stopped investing in its main product and has developed showers of the most diverse designs and features for all tastes.

In this article, you will understand why the Lorenzetti shower is one of the best on the market and what are the factors that you must analyze to choose the best model for you.

First, the most important

  • The Lorenzetti shower has a tradition in  homes for quality, efficiency and, of course, affordable price.
  • Nowadays it is possible to choose between basic or highly technological showers, with different resources and even different colors.
  • But you need to be aware that not every Lorenzetti shower will be right for you and we will explain why.

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Ranking: The 4 best Lorenzetti shower models

Having an efficient, powerful and durable shower is essential, isn’t it? But the design and features that make the bath even more enjoyable are also important.

Not for nothing, Lorenzetti has the most varied options. That’s why we list Lorenzetti’s best and most popular showers below. Check out:

Buying Guide

Because it is so necessary, it is never so simple to choose the best shower, the one that will be efficient and long lasting. Therefore, it is essential that you understand a little about the operation of this device.

To answer your questions about the Lorenzetti shower models for sale, we have created this Buying Guide with all the information you will need.

Why is the Lorenzetti showerhead a market leader?

The Lorenzetti shower went through many transformations and investments until it became a reference in homes. And it is precisely the history of the manufacturer brand that partially explains this success.

The small company, which started out with just four employees, hitherto manufactured precision screws.

It was then that what is now one of the largest manufacturers of sanitary metals and domestic appliances in the country.

Lorenzetti is also a reference in the production of sanitary ware, seats, metals and plastics, water purifiers, lamps, reflectors, panels and LED spots.

After 95 years of existence and with a history marked by constant innovation, Lorenzetti has become a reference in the segment of showers, showers, electric taps, among other products.

Today Lorenzetti has five factories in and also has international distribution.

How did the Lorenzetti shower come about?

The 1950s and 1960s marked the beginning of the production of the automatic Lorenzetti electric shower, which has since become the company’s main product.

With the success of the launch, the Lorenzetti shower line began to be expanded and diversified.

To give you an idea, in the 1970s, Lorenzetti launched its first shower made of engineering thermoplastic, initiating a new generation of appliances that combined quality and low price.

But it was in the 1990s that the brand actually focused on the creation, production and marketing of showers for residential use.

From then on the Lorenzetti shower began to offer more features and to conquer the world, with the first electric showers with electronic control and built-in pressurizer.

Nowadays it is possible to find the Lorenzetti shower with different designs, different sizes of spreader and technological resources that optimize the comfort of the bath.

What are the characteristics of the latest Lorenzetti shower lines?

Currently, there are about 25 Lorenzetti shower lines and, within each line, there are also several models with specific configurations for each need.

For you to understand a little about the characteristics of each one, we list below the most popular Lorenzetti shower lines of the moment. Check out:

Accqua Ultra: The Accqua Ultra line has the exclusive Loren Ultra resistance, the first flat resistance on the market.

This resistance arose after more than five years of testing and today is responsible for ensuring high performance and long life for Lorenzetti showers.

Most of the Accqua Ultra models have a compact design of square lines, and integrate the functions of shower and shower in a single product, with differences in the sizes of the spreaders and the pressure of the jets.

For example, in the shower option, the jet can be directed at an angle in several directions. In addition, the jet is also more concentrated. In the shower option, the water jet is more widely spaced.

In this line, you will find several Lorenzetti shower options, which differ basically by the design and size of the spreader.

Some of the most popular models are: Accqua Duo, Accqua Storm, Accqua Star, Accqua Wave and Accqua Jet.

Top Jet: The Lorenzetti shower line called Top Jet has a more compact shape, with jets that resemble a shower.

The Top Jet shower models also feature a design that mixes curved and bold lines, as well as a round spreader.

Advanced: This is a Lorenzetti shower line with a large round spreader and temperature control, which allows for greater water and energy savings.

In addition, some models of this line have an LED light for guidance, which indicates the mode of operation of the shower.

Duo Shower: The Lorenzetti showers in the Duo Shower line have, in general, an ultra-thin and high-tech spreader.

But here you will also find the Lorenzetti shower with the built-in pressurizer, ideal for homes that suffer from low water pressure, and also with electronic controls to adjust the water temperature.

Tradition: This is the most traditional Lorenzetti shower of the brand. Available in a chrome finish, this model features a modern, round spreader.

The control for changing the temperature, which is less versatile, is of that traditional format that is above the spreader.

Lorenducha: The Lorenzetti Lorenducha shower line has simpler models, but with a robust and bold design. The shower spreader offers a uniform water flow and four temperature options.

What is the difference between the Turbo and Master models of the Lorenzetti shower?

In general, within the main lines of Lorenzetti shower you will also be able to choose the Turbo or Master versions.

The Lorenzetti Turbo shower, for example, is one that is equipped with the pressurizer. The pressurizer is a device that can be added to the shower or already built into it.

Its main function is to increase the water pressure and provide a much more pleasant bath. This type of shower is more recommended if the water pressure is low in your home.

But remember, this is a factor that usually adds a higher cost to the final price of the Lorenzetti shower.

Therefore, it is not every home that should, or need, receive a Lorenzetti shower with pressurizer.

This is because the pressurizer is ideal for solving water pressure problems, especially for houses or apartments with little water flow, that is, when the water tanks are low.

The Lorenzetti Master shower is the one that does not come with a built-in pressurizer. Therefore, this type of shower is suitable for people who live in places that have good water pressure.

We have prepared a table that illustrates the differences between the two types of Lorenzetti shower. Look:

What temperature options will you find in the Lorenzetti shower?

There is an important point during the bath: the temperature. After all, depending on the time of year, you need to change the temperature of the shower, right?

But the most interesting thing is that the Lorenzetti shower provides models with temperature options for different situations.

Not to mention that it is also possible to choose the best way to change the shower temperature, according to your taste.

For you to have an idea, it is possible to find three types of Lorenzetti shower with regard to the type of temperature available: 3T, Multitemperaturas and Eletrônico.



Did you know that technically the shower does not heat the water? The hot water in the shower comes from elsewhere, such as the gas heater. For this reason, the shower usually has a higher flow.

The shower has its own mechanism for heating water, such as electrical resistance, for example. But by spending more energy on heating, the flow of the shower is usually lower.

The 3T showers are those in which the temperature change button can take three different positions of power: maximum, intermediate and zero.

According to Lorenzetti, a 3-temperature shower can have a maximum power of 5500W, regardless of the voltage.

The Lorenzetti Multitemperaturas shower is the one in which the temperature change button can assume 4 different positions: maximum, intermediate 1, intermediate 2 and zero.

In these showers, the power, for voltage of 220V, is usually 6800W or 7500W, which allows a great heating of the water. On the other hand, the 127V Lorenzetti Multitemperaturas shower can have a maximum power of 5500W.

The Lorenzetti Multitemperaturas shower also allows you to save more energy, since it has two intermediate power positions.

In addition, there is also the Electronic shower by Lorenzetti. This type of shower has, instead of a temperature change button, a rotary button (or control rod) that controls the electrical power through an electronic circuit.

The gradual adjustment of the water temperature generates more comfort in the bath and more energy savings.

With this, it is possible for you to make a gradual adjustment of the water temperature, according to your taste or need. The result, in addition to more comfort in the bath, and even more energy savings.

The electronic Lorenzetti shower with 220V voltage has a maximum power of 7500W. The 127V ones have a maximum power of 5500W.

But, in addition to all this, it is worth mentioning that the Lorenzetti 3T shower and the Multitemperaturas can only have their temperature changed when the shower is off. This is necessary to avoid burning the resistance.

The Lorenzetti electronic shower was specifically designed so that you have the freedom to change the temperature during the bath, without the need to turn off the appliance.

We have created a comparative table for you to view and compare the types and quantities of temperatures available in the Lorenzetti shower. Look:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Lorenzetti shower?

The main advantage of the Lorenzetti shower is undoubtedly the quality, efficiency and tradition of this product in homes over the decades.

Another advantage is that it is possible to choose the ideal Lorenzetti shower according to your preferences, needs and financial conditions.

After all, Lorenzetti offers a wide variety of showers and showers, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

That is, it is possible for you to choose between different types of formats, sizes, design, colors and, of course, resources and quantity of temperatures.

In addition, the Lorenzetti shower has an affordable price and has advantages even with regard to its maintenance. That’s because Lorenzetti shower parts are usually cheap and of excellent quality.

However, among the biggest problems related to the Lorenzetti shower, according to consumers, are in relation to water leaks and problems with temperature control.

Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of the Lorenzetti shower:

How much does a Lorenzetti shower cost?

The price of the Lorenzetti shower varies widely. That’s because, design, size and included functions end up influencing the final value.

So, you will find this product costing between R $ 45 and R $ 1,400. But there is no need to invest in the more expensive Lorenzetti shower, as the brand offers cheaper and very efficient options.

Where to buy a Lorenzetti shower?

Whether in specialized stores, department stores or even hypermarkets, this is an easy product to find. Still, the best way to purchase your electric shower is through the internet.

In stores like Amazon , for example, you will find a greater variety of models, with discounted prices, and you will still be able to purchase from the comfort of your sofa.


Purchase Criteria: What to consider when choosing the best Lorenzetti shower

Once you know the main lines and characteristics, as well as the advantages of the Lorenzetti shower, it’s time to move on to the practical part.

When choosing between so many options for sale, you need to know what factors to analyze in the Lorenzetti shower.

As we have already seen in this article, one of the points that you must consider is the type and amount of temperature, in addition to the need or not to have a shower with built-in pressurizer.

But in addition, we’ve also listed other important factors that you should take into account. Check out:

  • Power, Consumption and Voltage
  • Installation mode
  • Spreader
  • Design and color

Next, we will explain these factors in detail to you.

Power, Consumption and Voltage

The power that is expressed in the Lorenzetti shower packaging represents the maximum heating capacity of the appliance.

According to experts, the higher the power of the shower, the higher the temperature that the bath water can reach.

In addition, higher power showers heat up in less time and have a greater volume of water. However, they also end up consuming more electricity.

Expressed in Watts (W), the maximum power of Lorenzetti showers is 3200W, 4500W, 5500W, 6800W and 7500W.

In addition, each Lorenzetti shower is designed with internal wiring to support a certain voltage.

Therefore, before buying your shower, confirm the voltage of your region, to purchase the appropriate model.

Installation mode

Also check how to install the Lorenzetti shower and the space available in your bathroom. Here you will find at least two options: the wall shower and the ceiling shower.

Wall-mounted showers are the most common models. In this case, the longer the pipe, the greater the distance between the jet and the wall. Therefore, it is important to consider the installation space and the box size.

The Lorenzetti ceiling shower requires that you have a more elaborate design.

As this type of shower requires the hydraulic installation and the pipe to reach the ceiling, the ceiling shower needs much more space.

In addition, with the Lorenzetti wall shower it is possible to choose models with directional showers, which does not happen with the model installed on the ceiling.

Check out the main features of the Lorenzetti shower in relation to the installation mode:


Another factor that you should analyze is the shape and size of the Lorenzetti shower spreader. The spreader is the piece with the holes through which the water jets come out of the shower.

Here the variety will be great. But the important thing is that you know that the size of the Lorenzetti shower spreader is directly related to the pressure of the water that will come out.

That is, the larger and wider the spreader, the greater the water coverage you will have. That way, you can choose small, medium or large spreaders.


Did you know that, in an average 8-minute bath, the Lorenzetti shower saves 36 liters, in addition to an additional 6 liters, on average, that are in the pipe? Total savings of 42 liters of water per bath!


Also, note the shape, which ranges from the traditional round to the most modern, square and rectangular. This can make a difference in your bathroom decor.

It is worth mentioning that Lorenzetti also offers models that have two spreaders in a single shower.

In these models, it is possible that you use the appliance in shower mode, with a spaced jet, or in shower mode with a concentrated and more powerful jet.

In general, in the shower mode it is also possible for you to direct the jet wherever you want, further increasing your comfort while bathing.

Design and Color

To finish your analysis before buying the best Lorenzetti shower, take into account the design and color of the appliance.

In addition to the already traditional showers in white and chrome, nowadays it is possible to choose models in blue and black colors, which can add even more sophistication.

Always try to find a model that matches the rest of your bathroom decor, be it more modern or simple.





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