Top & Best Male Earring Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Male Earring: How to choose the best in 2022?

We arrived with style in today’s text, which talks about the male earring, the accessory that translates style, elegance and irreverence, for any type of man. From the simplest to the most pompous, the male earring is an ally of any look, capable of leveraging any look. More than that, using it is also an expression of confidence and self-esteem.

In this Guide that we have prepared for you, we will show you everything you need to know to choose the best earring. The most used types, the advantages and disadvantages, tips for the time of purchase, in short, the most valuable information about your next pair, or even single piece, of male earring.

First, the most important

  • The most used models of male earring are the hoop, the pendant and the brilliant.
  • There are several styles to wear that go with men’s earrings. You can, for example, use on both ears or on one.
  • For relying (or not) with jewelry and metals, the price of a male earring can vary widely, from R $ 20 to more than R $ 500.

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The best male earring models: Our favorites

Below, you will see our list of the best male earring models. Each item was chosen based on the assessment of some key characteristics such as material, design and style.

  • The best model with zirconia
  • Model for the discreet
  • Great option with low cost

Buying Guide

The power of the male earring on a look is incredible. It can give color to sober tones, shapes to basic sets and, with a shine, reinforce the elegance of a formal attire, with a touch of irreverence.

The best thing is that a person can only have all these dynamics. After all, there are several models of earrings, and several looks with which they combine. In the Buying Guide below, we will show you not only this variety, but also its advantages, disadvantages and even a little of its history.

What is the male earring?

Earrings are clothing accessories, jewelry or jewelry that serve as adornments, which are attached or hung from the earlobes. They have been used since the earliest civilizations – Persians and Egyptians, for example – by men and women.

Male earrings are the earring models that best match typical male attire, or at least associated with male wear, be they basic, casual or formal.

For a long time the male earring was stigmatized, but today it is back in fashion. After all, he manages, in one piece or two, to translate a whole style and give a touch, subtle or extravagant, to any look.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing the male earring?

The first and most noticeable advantage of using the male earring is, as we said at the beginning of this guide, the presence that he has in a look , able to accentuate or transform with the same ease.


It is a very versatile accessory.

Then, it is a very versatile accessory, which can be combined with different pieces and colors of clothing, especially if it consists of basic colors such as black, silver or gold.

As it is not a permanent adornment, and affordable, the male earring is very customizable. It is possible to have several earrings, and use them in infinite combinations, or even have a pair designed for a specific look

On the other hand, the earring requires a lot of care. Its size, its material, the delicacy of its structure, all this requires attention so that there is no damage, or even loss.

This makes the use of the male earring not exactly practical. It takes a lot of calm in handling, and some restrictions on its use, depending on your material, such as contact with water or sweat.

Male hoop earring, with pendant or with diamond?

There is a huge variety of men’s earrings, with different designs and shapes. Even so, there are three of the most popular, which, in a way, give rise to some of these other models.

The male hoop earring is the most basic, both geometrically and aesthetically. Its shape is a simple circumference, which in the male earring tends to be smaller, wider and thicker.

The male earring with pendant is a more recent trend, which gained ground with the “frontier expansion” of men’s fashion. It usually has two compositions, with a pendant, usually a cross, hanging from a small ring or a solitary earring.

The solitary earring, in fact, is the basic model of men’s earrings with diamonds. They are usually the smallest, just a metal rod fixed to a stone or shiny ore – a jewel, in other words.

Male earring or reamer?

Among many people who are about to pierce the ear, there is the doubt between wearing an earring and an extender. In addition to the obvious, they are accessories with very similar and versatile styles and uses.

What is very different is the experience, starting from the material, which in the reamer can be wood or even plastic, the time of use, which in the reamer can be indefinite, and the necessary care with the hygiene of the ornament and the ear too.

How much does the male earring cost?

The male earring is, mercadologically speaking, in a gray area, between the jewelery and the jewelry. This makes the price variation of the models high, between R $ 20 and R $ 500.

The oscillation of the values ​​is natural, if we think that there are simple models of steel and others with 18 carat gold and mineral gems at their ends. The model’s signature, that is, whoever made it, can also change its price.

Where to buy the male earring?

The male earring can be found in many places, from jewelry stores, large or small, to jewelry stores. In department stores, it is also possible to find quality models with good prices.

Now, if you are looking for a wide variety, be it prices or models, sites like Amazon are great indications. In addition to offers and fast delivery, they allow you to purchase from the comfort of your home.


Purchase Criteria: Choosing the ideal male earring

Now let’s go to our list of purchase criteria, containing valuable tips to help when choosing your male earring. The list is nothing more than points – elements of the product and its use – that deserve your special attention.

  • Material
  • Size
  • Style
  • Occasion

Rest assured, because we will explain each of the items above, so that you can make your choice very well informed.


The material is the most influential element in an earring. It is he who will dictate your aesthetics, your comfort and your value. For a smart purchase, it must be one of the first points to be noticed.

Give preference to resistant and durable metals, such as gold, silver and stainless steel, but always with that extra attention with possible allergies, common especially with silver. If there are diamonds, the same logic applies, with priority for natural minerals.


The size of the male earring will tell you if the model suits you, but, of course, depending on your own characteristics, such as size of ears, hair, face.

The key word is to harmonize. Too big an earring can shorten a small face even more, or “get lost” in the middle of a big face, for example.


This one is another point that depends on both the earring and who is wearing it – it is the combination of the two, in fact. Not that there is a rule combining your look with your earring, but there are some basic combinations that can help your choice.

Experts recommend hoop earrings with basic looks, pendant earrings along with alternative compositions and models with diamonds adorning formal attire.


Another point of view that can guide your purchase is to think about the occasion when you intend to wear your male earring.

An earring for everyday life can be more basic, like a ring or a very discreet diamond, while something more casual can match a pendant earring. If it is formal, a good model with a diamond is unlikely to go wrong.


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