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Top & Best MP4 Player Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best MP4 Player: Which is the best of 2022

In this article you will find out everything you need to know before buying an MP4 Player. Device that allows you to enjoy your free time to listen to music or listen to a podcast.

Whether exercising at a gym, running on the street or on public transport, the MP4 Player can be a great ally, both for leisure and study.

Here you will find out what are the differences between the main products available and what you should take into account before closing your purchase.


First, the most important

  • An MP4 player is an audio and video player that has many other functions.
  • The internal space of the MP4 player is limited. But in general it is possible to insert a memory card.
  • MP4 players do not access the internet. To place downloaded music and programs you must connect the device to the computer.

The best MP4 Player devices

Taking advantage of dead time by listening to something is a great way to pass the time, especially if you choose lectures or any other content that adds knowledge. So many people look for an MP4 Player.

We will now introduce you to the 4 best models. To reach this Ranking, we take into account the main characteristics of the product.


Buying Guide

The time has come that you decided to buy an MP4 Player, but hit that doubt about which product is the best? Keep calm. This Guide will show you the main advantages of each device.

An MP4 Player has to meet certain needs of its owner. Ideally, it should have a large storage capacity. In addition, it is good that it is compact and lightweight. Let’s check out all the important details before you buy yours.

What is an MP4 Player?

Listening to music and walking around with a headset around is nothing new. The walkmans and their K7 tapes appeared in the 1980s. After that, there was still the discman, who played CDs.

With the advancement of technology, what was for few ended up becoming popular. The MP3 audio files caused the music to spread across multiple devices. And this has also happened with videos in MP4 format.

The old walkmans are the grandparents of today’s MP4 Players.

An MP4 Player is, therefore, a device that is capable of playing videos of this format and also several types of audio.

What are the advantages of an MP4 Player?

Portable devices have revolutionized the music market. With the digital age and the emergence of the MP3 format, a single device is capable of storing and playing thousands of songs.

Today, any cell phone is an audio and video player. And why then would it be a good idea to have a device dedicated to just those functions?

With an MP4 Player you can concentrate all of your music and video gallery in one device. Thus, the memory of your cell phone, can be occupied with applications or photos, for example.


In addition, MP4 players are extremely small and lightweight. For those going for a run or taking the equipment to the gym, this is a good alternative.

Another advantage of these breeders is the price. Compared to a cell phone, for example, they are cheaper. If it breaks or is stolen, the damage is less.

But an MP4 Player also has its disadvantages. With it you can not access the internet or download applications, you transfer the music to the device by connecting with a cable on the computer.

Why use an MP4 Player and not a smartphone?

Anyone who wants to buy an MP4 player needs to evaluate which functions of this product will be really useful for you. As we already said, this is an equipment that has as main objective to reproduce sound and video.

If you are one of those people who cannot go without listening to music at any time in their lives, the MP4 player will certainly meet your needs.

Unlike a cell phone, the main models of MP4 Player do not have a Wi-Fi system or a mobile data connection. That way, make sure it won’t be missed.

A big advantage, as we already mentioned, is leaving more free space on your cell phone and having a special device for your music.

With this, you will not run the risk of not being able to hear something because the cell phone battery has run out. And of course, using the MP4 Player to play these audios, it still saves battery on your smartphone.

Check out the main differences between them in this comparison:

How much?

An MP4 Player can cost between R $ 70 and R $ 150.

Some points may influence this price. One is the amount of memory available for storing content.

Another point to be considered are the functions existing in the device. Some that may have extra functions, such as a flash drive, may be more expensive.

Where to buy?

An MP4 Player can be found in both physical stores and online stores. Retail stores,  and supermarkets, such as Extra and Carrefour, sell several models.

On the internet, the main options are: Amazon, Buying online you find more varieties, better offers and you don’t even have to leave your home.


Did you know that the first model of Walkman, predecessor of the MP4 Player was the Sony TPS-L2?

This product was developed in Japan and launched there on July 1, 1979. This was the first equipment to allow songs to be played individually and portable. Before, to listen to music, just tune in to a radio or else with larger K7 tape players.

Purchasing Criteria: Fores to compare models of MP4 Player

In order for your money to be used in the best way, analyze all the details of the product you intend to buy.

So, to help you, we’ve listed factors that you can’t leave out of your analysis. When choosing an MP4 Player, consider the following points:

  • Storage
  • Audio and video quality and formats
  • Connectivity
  • Extra functions

Now let’s talk about each of these items so that you know what to actually evaluate on these devices.


This is one of the most important points that must be considered when buying. We all know that a few gigabytes are capable of storing thousands of songs.

Even so, if your product has little storage space, one day your music collection will end up consuming all the space. Then, you will have to delete a part of the library.

An 8GB device can hold up to 2,000 songs.

Thus, it is best to opt for a product that offers a large storage space or that has a slot for the memory card.

In this case, take into account that you will have more of this expense when buying the product.

Audio quality and format

In addition to the MP3 audio format, the songs can be in other formats, such as WMA and WAV.

Make sure the product you want to buy supports all types of audio and formats. So you don’t run the risk of running out of your favorite music on the MP4 player. The same goes for video formats.


Not all MP4 Players have access to the internet. That way, see how you will transfer the music from your computer to the equipment.

Most of them do this process via a USB cable, but it can also be via a memory card. Some may even have Blutooth connectivity.

Extra functions

An MP4 Player is not just an audio and video player. Some models may have other functions, such as radio, recorder and even serve as a pendrive.

Because of this, they can be more expensive. Before you buy, consider whether you will need them and whether the cost is worth it.



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