Top & Best Mule Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Mule: How to choose the best women’s shoes in 2022

Today we are going to talk about the mule, a fashionista shoe that was hit in the 1990s and has returned with everything in recent seasons, invading the catwalks and streets.

The shoe is very comfortable (both the Flat Mule and the version with heels), versatile, as it suits women of different ages and styles, and practical, just fit it on the feet you are ready.

The mule also helps to lengthen the silhouette, as it leaves the heels exposed. Want to know more about fashionistas’ darling shoes, learn how to use them and some tips on how to choose the ideal model? Continue reading this article.

First, the most important

  • The mule in its classic version has heels, but there are variations, you can find models with thin heels (in Scarpin or Kitten Heels style), thick (in block style) or half heels.
  • The flat version is called Flat Mule and has this name because of the style of the heel: square, wide and low (between 1 and 3 cm in height).
  • The mule can have a rounded, square or thin beak (in Oxford style). Most models are closed, but you will find some options that show your toes.

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Buying Guide

The mule is a very versatile shoe, as it suits women of different styles and on different occasions, whether at a business meeting, lunch with friends, happy hour or romantic dinner.

If you don’t know how to combine it with your wardrobe pieces, read on and be surprised. Perhaps, by the end of this Buying Guide, you will also fall in love and want a pair of mules to call your own.

What is mule?

If you are interested in fashion, you may have seen old editorials in which models (women or men) wore their pairs of mules and combined the shoe with productions in different styles.

The mule, who was a fever in 1990, came back with everything when the brands Prada and Gucci bet on footwear in their shows. Footwear has become a darling of fashionistas and it-girls, as it is versatile, stylish and authentic.

Although the heels remain out, the shoe has been reformulated: the toe can be rounded, square or pointed and you can find models with or without heels (also called Flat Mule).

If you are wondering what these versions have in common, know that the answer is simple: comfort. Because it is stylish and comfortable, the mule is the perfect choice for different occasions, whether to go to college, work or to go out.

he coolest thing is that, unlike other shoes, the mule can be made in different fabrics: leather, suede, velvet and even plastic / rubber. These models can be plain, printed, embroidered, with buckles etc.

What are the advantages of betting on the mule?

Versatility is the defining characteristic of the mule. Footwear can be used by women of all ages, from teenagers to ladies, of different styles and on different occasions.

The mule can be used in the summer, as it is open and combines with lighter and more fluid pieces used in the hot days, or in the winter, after all, the leather, velvet and suede models warm up the feet a lot.

How to use the mule?

The mule is the perfect shoe to make your looks more tidy, without losing comfort and relaxation. As the shoe already causes enough impact alone, the tip is to combine it with more basic pieces.

With tailoring pieces

For those who want to use the mule to work, the tip is to combine shoes with social pieces, with pants (with straight cut), skirt or shorts tailored and blazer. Give preference to closed models, smooth and in sober tones.

If you want to put together a less formal look, bet on an embroidered mule, with print or in a vibrant shade. Another option is to combine the color of the shoes with that of one of the pieces.

With jeans

Jeans are a key piece in the wardrobes of women of different ages and styles, and the piece goes well with the mule, whether in a casual or formal production.

The secret is to choose jeans with a dry shape, close to the body and with a short bar, to make the shoes stand out.

If you opt for pants with traditional length, straight modeling, mommy style or destroyed , the tip is to fold the hem to let the cinnamon “bone” show.}

With flowing pants

If you want to bet on a more mature and professional production, you can combine plain or printed pantacourt pants with a heel mule or Flat Mule, always in sober and monochromatic tones.

With skirt

If you are looking for a perfect look, how about combining the mule with midi skirt? For a feminine and romantic look or for a day at work, wear high heels. If you want to rock the street style, combine with Flat Mule.

If you prefer a more stripped-down look, you can combine a miniskirt (of different fabrics: leather, jeans, mesh etc.) with Flat Mule, you will be comfortable and modern.

With shorts

An excellent alternative to using mule is to combine these shoes with shorts. Your look will be tidier, without losing the stripped air. The shorts can be of medium or high waist.

For sophisticated productions, bet on tailoring shorts with a smooth mule. If you want to create a stripped look, bet on short jeans and combine with a printed or embroidered mule.

With dress

You can also vary the look and combine the mule in high heels and pointy with a dress (in different lengths). Bet on a more fluid model for the day and a piece with the waist marked for the night.

The open versions look beautiful with long and printed dresses, whether it is a model with a flower print, polka dots, stripes, plaids, geometric or animal print (leopard or zebra).

Mule: With or without heels?

The mule with heels is the traditional model, which has existed for decades. Flat Mule, on the other hand, is a new version of the shoe, which received its name because of the low and block heel, known as Flat.

Bet on a model with thick heels if you want to abuse at the height of the heel, without giving up comfort, safety and stability. If you want a more social model, but one that provides lightness and femininity, go with a thin heel mule.

If you are in doubt about which model to choose, the tip is to analyze your routine: are you going to work, study or take a car or public transport? Do you usually walk a little or a lot? Also look at the pieces you have in your wardrobe.

How much does it cost and where to buy a mule?

The Flat Mule is a cheaper model, you can find options from R $ 70, most of them cost around R $ 150 and the most expensive models reach R $ 300. If you prefer a model with heels, you will need to invest a little more, as the average price is R $ 150.

You can find mule in shoe stores, If you prefer, you can buy the product online. Our suggestion is that you check out the models for sale on Amazon, on this site you can find a variety of models, brands and price ranges.

Purchasing criteria: how to compare the different Mule models

Before buying a pair of mules, it is important to consider whether the shoe matches most of the pieces you have in your wardrobe. Also assess whether it is possible to assemble different styles of look with the model you are thinking of buying.

But as important as analyzing the appearance of the shoe, it is to observe and compare the structure of the shoe. At the time of purchase, evaluate the following characteristics:

  • Jump
  • Beak
  • Material
  • Design

To help you choose the ideal mule model, we will explain each of these criteria throughout this section. If you have any questions, leave a comment and we will answer it.


As we have already discussed this feature in one of the previous sections, we will not delve further. The mule can be found in versions with or without heels (Flat Mule).

Among the options, you can choose whether you prefer a thicker heel, in square / block format or thinner in Scaprin style , Kitten Heel (kitten heel) or half paw.


You can find models of mule with a pointed tip (in Oxford style), rounded or square. The shoe can be closed at the front, in moccasin style, or leave the toes exposed.

Mules with a pointed beak are more elegant, so this is the best option for putting together classic and formal looks. Rounded beak models are easier to combine and square beak models are very stylish.

The models with opening at the front are ideal for cheerful and relaxed looks. This version is perfect for hotter days, summer or spring, as the shoes will allow your foot to breathe.

Although each model is suitable for a specific style and occasion, both can be used in formal and informal productions, just adapt the shoes to your personal style, parts and accessories.


You can find mule models in different materials. Although the most used is leather or synthetic material, the velvet models are more formal and the suede ones are preferred for the coldest days.

Observe if the insole offers high impact and moisture absorption and if the sole is flexible, rubberized and with non-slip strips, to ensure greater safety when walking (especially if the model is in heels).


When choosing a mule, take into account the design of the shoe. You can find plain models in different colors, printed models, with a matte, shiny or metallic finish and with applications.

If it is your first pair, know that models in neutral colors like black and nude match everything, then it will be easier to put together different looks with the pieces you have in the wardrobe.

You can also find models in other shades such as lilac, white, light or dark pink, red, earth tones, green etc. For fashionistas, the metallic models are perfect.

In addition to the plain models, you can also find printed or embroidered shoes. Another option is the models with application of buckles, stones or crystals on the leather or heel.



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