Top & Best National travel insurance Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

National travel insurance: What is the best in 2022?

Traveling always requires some planning, whether to buy tickets, book accommodation or schedule tours. And within this organization, even if the trip, it is important to consider hiring national travel insurance.

In today’s article we will explain why you should have national travel insurance, and how to choose the best insurer and the ideal coverages according to your destination.

First, the most important

  • National travel insurance is just as important as what you do to travel abroad.
  • Even if you already have a health plan, it is essential to consider specific insurance for travel.
  • We have listed the main factors that you must consider in order to purchase the best national travel insurance.

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Hiring Guide: What you need to know about national travel insurance

Whenever you are going on a trip you need to consider some details, such as the tour planning itself and the unforeseen events that may occur. One is the fact that no one is free from health problems and accidents.

Therefore, even if you decide to travel on vacation or work to any plac, it is important to take out travel insurance. In this Hiring Guide we will take all your doubts about this type of insurance that focuses on national destinations.

National travel insurance: How does it work?

National travel insurance works just like any travel insurance: It is a service that you hire and that covers expenses, mainly, with the health of the insured during a trip.

But, in this case, the insurance coverage, provided for in the contract, applies to national destinations.

In other words, if there is a health problem or even an accident while you are on vacation or traveling for work in another city, travel insurance will ensure that you will have the necessary medical care whenever you need it and without paying extra for that.

You can hire travel insurance for any city,  as long as it is located 100 kilometers away from your home.

In general, when taking out travel insurance, you receive medical care at an accredited network or, if you use a network of your choice, the insurance company can reimburse the amount you spent at the end of the trip.

But the fact is that, like all types of insurance, national travel insurance can also have varied coverage according to the plan and the insurance company.

Should I hire travel insurance even if I have health insurance?

Yes, because, although similar, there are important differences between health insurance and health insurance.

Although both serve for you to receive medical care, the fact is that the health plan, in most cases, is limited to one or some regions of the country.

Not infrequently, health plans only serve within the state or municipality where they were contracted. In this case, if you travel to another region and need medical care, you will not be able to count on health insurance.

In addition, as we will see in more detail later, travel insurance offers other advantages in addition to assistance in case of medium and hospital emergencies.

What does national travel insurance cover?

National travel insurance can have several types of coverage and this will depend on the plan offered by each insurer.

However, some coverages are mandatory and others may be optional, being added to the plan according to your choice.

But for you to have a general notion, here are some of the main coverages that must be present in travel insurance for destinations:

When to hire national travel insurance?

National travel insurance can be contracted at any time. But experts recommend that you do it in advance so that you are protected for the duration of your trip.

More than that: When you hire national travel insurance in advance you have more time to make several quotes and read the policy more carefully and calmly, which allows you to choose the most suitable insurance.


It is possible to hire national travel insurance even on the day of travel.

In addition, note the period of validity of your insurance that must cover from day 1 of the trip until the day of your return. Even so, it is possible to hire national travel insurance even on the day of travel.

But, if you want to guarantee the validity of all the coverage provided for in a national flight insurance, the ideal is that you close the contract before embarking to your destination.

This is because if, for some reason, you are only able to hire travel insurance in the middle of the trip, you run the risk of some coverages not being valid, such as lost luggage and reimbursement in case of delayed flights.

How to activate the insurance during a trip?

Nobody wants or expects to have to activate travel insurance. However, should any unforeseen event occur, it is important that you know how to use the benefits of this type of insurance.

To activate your insurance company during the trip you must call the contact provided and inform what is happening. At that time, you will receive instructions on what to do and where to look for care.

In case you are treated at a hospital, even before you are able to activate the insurer, it is essential that you, in addition to informing the insurer as soon as possible, also keep the payment vouchers. With that, you can ask for reimbursement.

In addition, as a precaution always have the insurance contract with you, in case you need to present it at any medical care.

How much does national travel insurance cost and where to hire?

In general, the price of national travel insurance is cheap and can start at a cost of R $ 5 per day. But it is clear that this amount will depend on the duration of the trip, the age of the insured and the coverage included in the policy.

To hire this type of insurance you must choose an insurer with a reputation in the market. To do so, assess whether it is authorized to sell insurance on the Superintendence of Private Insurance (Susep) website.



Did you know that some credit card brands also offer travel insurance?

But it is necessary to check the conditions since, in general, they only offer coverage if, for example, the air ticket is purchased with the card.

After all, is it worth having national travel insurance?

Yes, it is worth having a travel insurance even if it is to travel to another state.

And although contracting national travel insurance is not mandatory, as is the case with insurance for traveling to Europe, for example, it is still an important precautionary mechanism.

To summarize, check out the main advantages of travel insurance for traveling:

    • Copper : Medical, dental, pharmaceutical assistance; accident and death;
    • It can cover : Lost luggage, canceled flights, among others;
    • Avoid unexpected expenses ;
    • It is cheap and easy to use.



Hiring Criteria: How to Compare National Travel Insurance

Now that you have understood the importance of travel insurance even when it comes to national destinations, you need to know how to choose the best plan. To that end, we suggest that you consider the following criteria:

  • Purpose of the trip
  • Land, sea or air
  • Additional coverage
  • Contract

In the following, we will explain in detail how to analyze these topics.

Purpose of the trip

In addition to defining the best insurance company and the coverage included in the policy, we recommend that you choose national travel insurance based on your travel objective.

This is because depending on whether the trip is for tourism, business or to make an exchange, both the price and coverage can vary widely.

For example, if you travel to practice extreme sports, such as hiking and surfing, you must hire national travel insurance that guarantees coverage according to the risks involved in these activities.

In addition, it is also possible to find travel insurance plans for people with specific conditions, such as pregnant women who need differentiated care.

Land, sea or air

Also assess which means of transport you will use on your trip. Currently, insurers offer specific plans for each medium used.

In general, there are travel insurance that cover risks and damages for those traveling by car or bus, in addition to ship and plane.

Additional coverage

In addition to carefully choosing national travel insurance coverage, also take into account the extra coverage you may include in your policy.

Additional coverage is often as important and useful as basic travel insurance coverage.

And, although they vary widely depending on each insurer’s plan, we have listed below the main additional coverages that you can include in the contract.

  • Lost luggage ;
  • Funeral costs ;
  • Flight cancellation ;
  • Legal assistance .


Another criterion that we recommend that you pay attention to is the travel insurance policy. Be sure to read the entire contract carefully before signing it. Pay special attention to those very small letters that usually stay at the end.

Most of the time, it is exactly there that the most important information of the insurance is, for example, what the insurance does not cover and how the assistance and / or reimbursement of expenses will be made during the trip.



National travel insurance is just as important as international insurance. This is because this type of insurance covers, in addition to medical emergencies, some other unforeseen events that may occur during your trip.

However, to choose the best national travel insurance, it is necessary to take into account the insurer’s reputation, the types of cover that are and are not included in the policy according to your destination and travel purpose.


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