Top & Best Plastic surgery consortium Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Plastic surgery consortium: What is the best of 2022?

If you have always wanted to do an aesthetic intervention, but never planned financially for it, know that there is a solution: Participate in a plastic surgery consortium.

The plastic surgery consortium works as a kind of savings that helps you save the money needed to perform the procedure. But as there are different payment terms, we will show you what to take into account to choose the best one.

First, the most important

  • With the plastic surgery consortium, you can realize your dream without having to have all the value in sight.
  • This type of consortium works like the others: You pay a pre-set amount each month and expect to be drawn to use the total.
  • But there are some variables that differentiate one consortium for plastic surgery from another and we will show you how to identify them.

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Hiring Guide: All about plastic surgery consortium

If you dream of having plastic surgery, or believe that this type of procedure can improve your quality of life, you need to plan well, both in terms of the choice of the professional and the way you will pay.

If paying for plastic surgery in cash is not an option and you also do not intend to make a debt through a loan, then your best alternative is the plastic surgery consortium.

Next, we will show how the consortium works for hiring aesthetic services, how much it costs and how to choose the best plan.

How does the plastic surgery consortium work?

The plastic surgery consortium works just like the car or motorcycle consortium and is therefore a planned purchase modality.

It works like this: You choose an administrator who manages groups that have the same interest as yours, and all participants contribute monthly a pre-established amount in the contract.

The contribution lasts for the same time as the consortium period and draws every month. The selected participant can then use the letter of credit, which is the full amount of the consortium, to pay in cash for their plastic surgery.

To participate in a plastic surgery consortium, you must be over 18 years old and not in a hurry to undergo the cosmetic procedure.

This is because, as in any type of consortium, you can be drawn at the beginning, middle or end of the consortium for plastic surgery.

It is worth noting that, among the rules of operation of a consortium is the fact that the letter of credit is not delivered in cash to the recipient.

The entire financial procedure is carried out by the consortium administrator, who will pay the service directly to the hospital and / or doctor chosen by you.

Plastic surgery consortium: Is it worth it?

The main advantage of the plastic surgery consortium is that the installments you pay are interest-free, unlike when you take out a loan, for example.

Another advantage of participating in the consortium to have plastic surgery is the variety of terms and values ​​that you will find on the market. With that, you can choose the one that best fits in your pocket.

Not to mention that, when you are drawn in the consortium, the letter of credit allows you to pay in cash for the aesthetic procedure which, in the end, can guarantee a good discount on the value of the surgery.

In addition, it should be noted that, in addition to the draws, it is also possible to try to anticipate the letter of credit. This is done through bidding.

But, to know if this type of consortium is really worth it, you need to analyze not only the advantages but also its disadvantages.

Although there is no interest rate or Tax on Credit, Exchange and Insurance Operations (IOF), in the plastic surgery consortium there is a monthly fee, called an administrative fee.

In addition, the consortium’s installments may undergo readjustment once a year according to some indices, such as the National Consumer Price Index (INPC).

If you delay the payment of a portion of the consortium, you will have to pay this amount with interest and a fine. And, if you delay many installments, you still risk being excluded from the group.

Another point that can be problematic is that the deadlines for a plastic surgery consortium vary between one and four years.

That is, you need to consider that making a consortium to perform plastic surgery may take a longer time than expected.

To summarize, we created a table with the main advantages and disadvantages of the consortium for surgeries. Check out:

Who is the plastic surgery consortium recommended for?

The plastic surgery consortium is recommended in at least two situations: In case you do not have the amount to pay for the cash procedure; and for those who are in no hurry to perform the procedure.

This is because, despite the many advantages, the fact is that you will only be able to access the consortium’s letter of credit at the end of the consortium’s stipulated period.

That is, if you have an urgency to perform surgery, the consortium will not be your best option.

Plastic surgery consortium: Who can participate?

Not everyone can participate in a plastic surgery consortium. This is because the administrator who organizes and manages the consortium groups performs an analysis of their financial situation and condition before approving or not their participation.

This is because the administrator needs to have the guarantee that you will be able to pay the installments of the consortium.

Although each administrator has its own rules and requirements, some prerequisites are common to all, including not being negative.

Did you know that you have to fulfill three requirements to participate in a plastic surgery consortium?

You need to have the name “clean”, a guarantor or a valuable asset to offer as a guarantee, and earn at least three times more than the value of the consortium’s share. ”

What happens if I don’t pay for the plastic surgery consortium?

If you start your participation in a plastic surgery consortium but, for some reason, are unable to pay for the benefits, you will have three alternatives. Look:

  1. Transfer your participation to another person , who will have to buy your share of the group;
  2. Moving to a consortium of the same company , but with smaller installments;
  3. Ask to leave the group. In that case, you will have to pay a fine.



Participation Criteria: How to compare surgery consortia

If you are determined to participate in a plastic surgery consortium, you need to know that there are several administrators who manage consortium groups like this.

And each administrator has different rules and conditions. Therefore, when choosing the best consortium for surgery, you must take into account the following criteria:

  • Doctor and clinic
  • Administrator’s reputation
  • Credit letter
  • Deadlines and installments
  • Form of contemplation

In the next topic, we will explain in detail how you should take each of these criteria into account.

Doctor and clinic

First, you need to make sure that you are choosing the best doctor and the best equipped clinic for the type of surgery you intend to do.

It is essential, for example, that you check the reputation of the doctor and the place where the plastic surgery will be performed. You should mainly check:

  • If the doctor is registered with the Regional Council of Medicine (CRM) and is a specialist in plastic surgery from the Society of Plastic Surgery (SBPC);
  • If the intervention will be carried out in a hospital that respects the rules of the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa).

Only a qualified doctor and a properly equipped location can guarantee that your surgery will have the least possible risks. And remember that you are the one who chooses who will have your surgery.

Administrator’s reputation

Once the professional is defined, it is time to research the administrator who will be responsible for the plastic surgery consortium.

Choose a company with a good reputation.

We recommend that you always choose a company with a good reputation in the consortium market.

Also, make sure that the chosen company relates transparently to its customers.

On the website of the Central Bank,  you have access to a list of companies authorized to manage consortia like this.

Credit letter

Another factor that you should consider well is the value of the plastic surgery consortium letter of credit.

In general, the letters of this type of consortium vary from R $ 7 thousand and R $ 30 thousand. In addition, it is worth mentioning that some companies even offer life insurance and a reserve fund as a guarantee.

Deadlines and installments

In addition to the value of the letter of credit, note the consortium term for plastic surgery and the value of the installments.

Take into account the time that you can or want to wait to perform plastic surgery. The longer the term, the lower the value of the installments.

As we have seen, in general, for the consortium of services such as plastic surgery, the term usually varies between 24 and 48 months. Also, make sure that the value of the plots matches your budget.

Form of contemplation

Be sure to evaluate the way of contemplating the letter of credit. This is because there are two ways to be contemplated in a plastic surgery consortium: Monthly drawing or bids.

In bids, as in an auction, whoever offers the most money takes the letter of credit. However, in some consortia, the winning bid is not the highest, but the one in which the participant anticipated the largest number of payment installments.

The number of sweepstakes varies according to each administrator because they have their own rules. In general, consortium sweepstakes for plastic surgery can occur three to 12 times a month.



The consortium for plastic surgery is a good alternative for those who do not have the money to pay in cash and do not want to go into debt, taking a loan. In the consortium, you join a group and pay monthly installments.

So, just wait to be drawn or make a bid to be awarded the total value of the surgery. Precisely for this reason, this method of payment is recommended for those who are in no hurry to perform the procedure, whether aesthetic or repair.



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