Top & Best Selenium Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Selenium: What is the best supplement in 2022?

In today’s article we will deal with a mineral that is important for the health of our organism, but that in excess can be harmful. We are talking about Selenium here.

Especially present nuts, Selenium can also be consumed in supplement form. But for you to supplement correctly and safely, you need to take some aspects into account.

First, the most important

  • Selenium is a mineral that prevents infections, thyroid problems and diseases like Alzheimer’s.
  • In addition to being able to be consumed through food, it is also possible to ingest selenium with the help of supplements.
  • We will show you what you should look for to buy the best selenium supplement, according to your nutritional needs.

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Best Selenium Supplements: The ideal one for every occasion

Choosing the best supplement is never so simple. After all, each manufacturer uses varied compositions and dosages precisely to meet all needs and objectives. With that in mind, we have selected the best selenium supplements for every situation. Look:

  • The best choice of Selenium + vitamin E
  • The best chelated selenium
  • The most potent selenium supplement


Buying Guide

When you start a supplementation it is natural to find varied products, with different formulations and quantities. And this is because each supplement has a different purpose and effectiveness.

To be right in choosing the best Selenium, it is important to understand how this mineral works in our body, what is the ideal dosage, in addition to the care you should take with your consumption. And that is what we are going to deal with in this Buying Guide.

What is Selenium and what is it for?

Selenium is a mineral that brings several benefits to our health. Found in the soil, Selenium is present in water and also in some foods such as nuts, wheat flour, bread and egg yolk.

But as its main characteristics is its high antioxidant power, selenium supplementation is also often recommended.

In addition to the antioxidant power, the consumption of Selenium, either through food or supplements, helps prevent diseases such as cancer, for example.


This mineral is also able to strengthen the immune system and protect against heart problems.

But even though its health benefits are immense, the fact is that care must be taken with Selenium supplementation. It should only be done with the guidance of the doctor or nutritionist.

This is because, as we will see in detail later in this article, the excess consumption of selenium in the body can bring harm to health.


Do you know the role of antioxidants in the human body?

Antioxidants protect healthy body cells against the oxidizing action of free radicals, which, in excess, can cause inflammation, cell changes and premature aging.

People who smoke, drink alcohol and live under a lot of stress produce more free radicals and therefore need to consume a greater amount of antioxidants.

What are the benefits of Selenium in the body?

As we have seen, the main benefit of Selenium in our body is that it acts as a powerful antioxidant.

A study by the University of São Paulo (USP), for example, proved beneficial effects of Selenium even against diseases such as Alzheimer’s. ( 1 )

But the fact is that adequate consumption of Selenium is good for health as a whole. For you to have a broader notion about the role of this mineral in our organism, check below a list of some of its main benefits:

    • Brain : In addition to protecting against neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, Selenium can act positively for the proper functioning of the brain in general;
    • Thyroid : The mineral is also able to act on the thyroid gland and help it to keep the levels of hormones T3 and T4 balanced;
    • Heart : Selenium deficiency in the body can lead to the so-called Keshan disease, characterized by changes in the heart muscle;
    • Bones and joints : Selenium consumption also preserves the integrity of bones and joints.


What are foods rich in selenium?

With so many health benefits, it is natural to look for sources to increase the consumption of Selenium. The good news is that this mineral is abundantly present.

You will find reasonable amounts of Selenium, for example, in wheat flour, chicken, rice, egg yolk, cheese, beef and beans. However, Nuts are the largest natural source of Selenium.

Even so, research carried out at the Federal University of Lavras (Ufla), in partnership with researchers from Embrapa, showed that the concentrations of Selenium nut almonds varied widely among the producing regions of the country. ( 2 )


According to the research, chestnuts collected in Amazonas and Amapá, for example, had about 30 times more Selenium in their composition than those that originated in Mato Grosso and Acre.

And although it cannot be generalized, the research revealed that a single chestnut from the Amazon can offer on average about 185.7 mcg of Selenium.

This represents 3.4 more than the recommended amount of consumption. Chestnuts from Amapá, on the other hand, offer about 2.3 times the concentration of 55 mcg / day.

Although the Selenium concentration varies among nuts from different parts of the country, nutritionists recommend consuming one nut per day.

But it is not only nuts that selenium is present. The mineral is part of the composition of other foods, with emphasis on other types of oil seeds.

Below, you can see a table showing the Selenium concentration in every 100 grams of some of the most consumed nuts:

What are the symptoms of Selenium deficiency?

Selenium deficiency is considered rare, where the soil in some regions is quite rich in this mineral.

But deficiency can occur in people who consume insufficient amounts of this mineral, especially those who have an unhealthy diet.

In addition, Selenium deficiency can also occur due to problems of malabsorption of the mineral and the excess excretion of the substance by the body itself.

Anyway, there are some characteristic symptoms that warn about Selenium deficiency. Are they:

    • Exhaustion and mental tiredness ;
    • Hypothyroidism ;
    • Male infertility ;
    • Asthma and allergies;
    • Cardiovascular problems .


If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, we recommend that you see a doctor for a detailed evaluation.

How much Selenium should I take per day?

In cases of Selenium deficiency, supplementation should be considered with your doctor.

The recommended intake of Selenium for healthy adults is 55 micrograms (mcg) per day or 0.055 milligrams (mg).

However, it is worth noting that, according to experts, it is safe to consume up to 400 mcg of Selenium daily. The danger begins to exist when it is consumed above that dosage.

Is excess selenium bad?

As we have seen, if consumed within the recommended amount, Selenium does not pose any health risks. It is even highly beneficial for the proper functioning of the organism.


In excess and if consumed regularly, Selenium can become toxic.

However, in excess and if consumed regularly, Selenium can become toxic.

Some of the symptoms that excessive Selenium consumption can cause are: Headaches, weakened nails, skin lesions and hair loss.

In addition, some studies indicate that excess Selenium may even disrupt metabolism and increase the risk of a person developing type 2 diabetes.

Long-term consumption of Selenium in high doses can also cause neurological changes, seizures or even paralysis.

How much does Selenium supplement cost and where to buy?

The price of the Selenium supplement varies with the brand, formula and quantity of capsules, and can cost between R $ 14 and R $ 200.

You will find this supplement for sale in supplement stores, pharmacies, department stores and in hypermarkets.

But we recommend that you purchase Selenium from online stores like Amazon. Thus, you carry out your purchase without leaving your home.


Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Selenium Supplements

If you have already consulted your doctor and are confident that you should supplement Selenium, it is time to choose the best product. To do this, you must analyze the following criteria:

  • Formula
  • Dosage
  • Capsule or liquid
  • Amount

Below, you will see in detail how to evaluate each of these factors.


When buying the Selenium supplement it is necessary to assess which is the best composition of the formula, according to your nutritional need.

You can choose the pure supplement, which contains only Selenium in its composition, or even the mineral together with other vitamins.

For example, chelated Selenium, which is the combination of the mineral with an organic compound, such as an amino acid, is better absorbed by the body.

You can also choose the Selenium supplement with vitamin E, which is also a powerful antioxidant, in addition to being anti-inflammatory.

That is, the combination of these two substances will act in a potent way to protect your body.

But other substances can also be found in the Selenium supplement, such as vitamin B6 and Zinc.


Another point that deserves your attention when buying the best Selenium supplement is the dosage, which varies according to the manufacturer brand.

One capsule can contain between 34 mcg and 50 mcg of Selenium.

In general, a capsule can contain between 34 mcg and 50 mcg of Selenium – dosage that is within the recommended safe margin for daily consumption, which is 55 mcg.

But if the supplement you choose has a higher dosage, we recommend that you talk to your doctor before starting consumption.

Also, take into account that some brand manufacturers recommend taking one or two capsules a day. Choose the one that is most practical for you.

Capsule or liquid

The most common form of consumption of the Selenium supplement is in fact in the form of capsules. However, if you have difficulty swallowing, it is worth considering Selenium in its liquid form.


Be sure to take into account the amount of capsules that come in the Selenium supplement bottle. This factor will mainly interfere with the price you will pay.

To get it right and avoid waste, talk to your doctor first to find out how long you will need to supplement with Selenium.


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