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Top & Best Washing bag Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Washing bag: What is the best choice in 2022?

Welcome to mypricesaving.com In today’s article we will talk about the laundry bag, an item that can be the salvation of your family’s delicate clothes. Made to go to the washing machine, the laundry bag protects delicate items, minimizing the damage caused by mechanical washing.

Follow us on this reading and check out the best options of the product, in addition to the features you should pay attention to in order to make the best choice of bag for washing delicate clothes.

First, the most important

  • Each day more popular, the washing bag is available in different models and sizes. To choose the ideal, first identify the type of use that will be given to the accessory.
  • Model, material, capacity and type of closure are some characteristics to be considered when purchasing.
  • Prices vary depending on the brand and size of the laundry bag. You can find versions for less than R $ 5.

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Best laundry bags: The ideal for every type of garment

The laundry bag is ideal for protecting delicate items, separating clothes by type or color, keeping pairs of socks and underwear sets together, among others. But for washing to be efficient, a quality product is essential. Check out our list of some of the best laundry bag designs:

  • The best model to wash bra and lingerie
  • The best kit in various sizes for washing parts in groups
  • Ideal for washing large parts

Buying Guide

Washing delicate items is always complicated. If you don’t have time to wash these types of clothes by hand, but want to preserve the items, the laundry bag may be the solution. With different versions, sizes and models, they protect the pieces, bringing practicality and functionality to your laundry routine.

Continue with us to learn everything about this product, which is essential for those who want practicality and functionality in their daily routines.

What is the laundry bag for and what is it for?

Washing bags are fabric, canvas or tulle packaging, created for use inside the washing machine .


The bag offers extra protection to delicate clothes.

The bag offers extra protection to delicate clothes, preventing the formation of balls and removing feathers and lint.

Ideal for delicate items such as knitting, baby clothes and underwear, they also protect the items from damage caused during the washing cycle, with friction between the items, with the agitator and the washer drum itself.

What are the advantages of the laundry bag?

The biggest advantage of the laundry bag is that it prevents friction and tangling of the fabrics and threads of your clothes inside the washing machine, minimizing damage and deformities.

Cheap and easy to find, they can be used on any model of washing machine. They are available in different sizes and models. In addition to extra protection for washing delicate items, they can be used as organizers for drawers and cabinets, or as partitions or necessaries for travel.

For what type of garment is the use of the laundry bag indicated?

Basically, any type of garment can benefit from using the washing bag, even items like fabric bags and shoes. However, before using the bag, it is necessary to observe the label of the piece.



Did you know that items that require hand washing can be extremely delicate and suffer damage when washing, even with the use of the laundry bag? Polyester that imitates silk, for example, handles washing in the bag well. Silk pieces, on the other hand, hardly leave the process intact.


The parts most suitable for washing with the accessory are:

  • Lingerie and underwear: there are special bags to protect cups, fillers and bra wire .
  • Baby clothes: the bag allows you to wash baby items together with adult ones.
  • Destroyed jeans pieces: the use prevents the threads from being pulled, tearing the piece beyond the desired.
  • Clothes with embroidery , stones and appliqués: details are protected and friction with other clothes is avoided.
  • Linen or wool pieces: separate from the others, they do not gather hair or balls or fray.
  • Colorful clothes: separating in the bag decreases the chances of the colored piece staining the others.

How to use the bag to wash clothes?

Using the bag for washing clothes does not differ much from the conventional machine washing process. Start by separating parts by type. In addition to the color, also consider the material when sorting. Place each group in a different wash bag.

This prevents the different fabrics and materials from mixing or wrapping both inside the bag and outside, in the washing machine drum. Check out tips to ensure even more protection for parts:

    • If washing different types of delicate clothing , use several bags;
    • Fill only half the machine’s capacity with clothing. This helps to protect parts from washing machine agitation;
    • Use cold or warm water. High temperatures can shrink and damage fabrics, even with bag protection. The same goes for rinsing, which must also be cold;
    • Always use the cycle for delicate or slow-moving clothing ;
    • Do not overfill. This can impair washing and rinsing;


Check out Sabrina Volante’s channel for more tips on the laundry bag:

How much does it cost and where to buy the laundry bag?

Very affordable, the laundry bag in the simplest versions costs less than R $ 5. Kits with different sizes and structured versions for lingerie can cost more than R $ 50.

The washing bags are for sale in physical stores of household utilities, markets and supermarkets and department stores such as Americanas, Extra, Walmart, among others.

They can also be purchased at e-commerce stores such as Amazon and Mercado Livre, where you can even find the widest variety of offers, brands and models of the product.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing laundry bags

Closing this article, we will help you make the right choice of laundry bag to take away the fear of putting delicate clothes in the machine. Check the list of features you should be aware of when comparing the types and models of this product:

  • Model
  • Clasp type
  • Capacity
  • Material

For the avoidance of doubt, let’s detail each of these items:


The standard model of laundry bags is simple, with a rectangular shape and zipper or velcro closure. However, there are variations of models, designed for use in specific types of parts or models of washing machines.

Compare models:

Clasp type

The most common types of closure on washing bags are zipper and velcro. Although it is very practical, velcro can be dangerous, because depending on the piece to be washed it can pull threads or grate the fabric, so it should be avoided.

The zipper is safer. However, give preference to models that have a zipper protector to prevent the handle from rubbing against the washer and other parts.


The capacity of the laundry bag varies according to its size and shape. In general, brands work with P, M, G and GG measurements for the product. Although the tables may vary from one brand to another, on average:

  • Bag P: 30x20cm capacity 1kg;
  • Bag M: 40X25CM 2kg capacity;
  • Bag G: 70X50CM 3kg capacity;
  • GG bag: 60X90C 5kg capacity;


Washing bags, in general, are made of knitted fabrics, nylon or polyester canvas or tulle. It is important that the weft of the chosen material is breathable.

The points must be closed enough to prevent the entry of hair and impurities, but open enough for the passage of water and other components of the wash.


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