Best JBL headset

Best JBL headset Review 2022– How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best JBL headset: How to choose the best headset in 2022


Today we are going to talk about the different models of JBL headphones, a brand specialized in providing a superior sound experience to consumers.

Regardless of the model, the headphones are made of quality materials, resistant and durable. The audio has a JBL sound signature, with enough instrumental and vocal distinction.

If you are thinking of buying a JBL headset, this article will help you a lot, as we will cover the brand’s differentials, present the main models for sale and give some buying suggestions.

First, the most important

  • Most models have a Bluetooth connection (compatible with Android and iOS), but can also be connected to the device via the P2 cable.
  • Some models have an integrated microphone, to answer calls or interact with others in videoconferences and online games.
  • Prices for JBL headsets vary by model. The cheapest ones cost between R $ 50 and R $ 90, there are intermediate models between R $ 100 and R $ 200, and the premium line models reach R $ 400.


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The best JBL headphones: Our recommendations

If you are looking to buy a JBL headset, the ranking below will help you choose. We select the best models for sale, considering the technical aspects, cost-benefit ratio and differentials. All JBL headset models featured in this list are available on Amazon, and you can also find them in other stores, physical or virtual.

  • An easy-to-carry JBL headphone
  • The classic black headphone
  • The best cost-benefit
  • The JBL headset for children

Buying Guide

The headset is a daily companion, whether it’s listening to music and podcasts on the way to college, that relaxing sound at work, stimulating music while playing sports, playing games and even talking to someone you care about.

For all these occasions, JBL headphones are a good choice, mainly because there is a wide variety of models, which do not use cables and have a long battery life. In the Buying Guide below, we will check out details about JBL headphones.

What are the differentials of a JBL headset?

There is no way to talk about a headset without highlighting the sound quality of the equipment. Although most consumers pay attention only to power, there are other properties that influence sound quality.One of them is the frequency, which indicates the sound limits that the headset can reach, at the minimum and maximum levels. In JBL models, the frequency varies between 20 Hz and 20 thousand Hz, ideal for human ears.

Impedance is also an important feature, as it is responsible for defining the sound. This pressure prevents the noise generated by the electric current in the internal circuit of the handset to interfere with the audio reproduction.

The higher the impedance in a headset, the more likely it is to offer a clean sound. In JBL headphones, this index ranges from 16 to 32 Ohms.

An exclusive technology of JBL headphones is Pure Bass, which reproduces bass sounds with higher quality. The best thing is that this feature is available from the most basic models to the premium models.

Another differential of most JBL headphones is the Bluetooth connection. You can find some versions in which the handset can connect with up to two devices at the same time.

If you prefer, you also have the possibility to attach the 3.5 mm P2 cable. The cable is of the flat type, in the flattened format, which does not tangle and has a longer durability than conventional models.

JBL headsets are compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. An interesting feature is the attached microphone, which allows you to answer voice calls and interact with other players in video game matches.


How do the buttons on the JBL headphones work?

To answer calls, skip, pause tracks and control the volume of songs, you can use the control integrated in the cable of some models or in the shell, in the case of headphones.The shell buttons work as follows:

  • The on and off button is also used to pair the phone with the smartphone;
  • The bigger button can pause and play songs;
  • The “-” button is used to lower the volume and return to music;
  • The “+” button is used to increase the volume and skip the song.

JBL headphones: Which type to choose?

JBL headphones can be of the in-ear type (those that fit inside the ear), sports or in-ear headphones (the headphones). We will talk about each of them in this section.

In-ear (in-ear)

The in-ear headset has sound isolation provided by the silicon tips, which prevent external noise from interfering with music playback.

Some in-ear phone models have Bluetooth connection and others even have noise cancellation. One advantage is that this model is small and easy to carry.

Sound insulation can be a disadvantage if you are using this headset on the street, as you will not hear traffic noise and this can cause accidents.

Another disadvantage is that this model is very close to the eardrums, which can cause hearing damage. JBL has some models in this category such as the T110, T210 and T290.


Many people enjoy listening to music while playing sports, be it walking, running or weight training. With this audience in mind, JBL has developed a line of sports headphones.

The connection with the smartphone is via Bluetooth, the halves are interconnected using a flat wire and the fit is intra-ear. You can do your movements with ease, as TwistLock technology ensures that the phone will not fall off during training.


You can also listen to music for a long time, as FlexSoft technology provides soft rubbers that do not hurt your ears. These parts are made of silicone and can be found in different sizes.

And if you usually sweat a lot or like to run even in the rain, opt for a model with water resistance. Examples of sports headphones are the models: JBL Inspire 500, Inspire 500 Acqua and E25BT.


The supra-auricular headset is over the ears, covering them, the shells are connected by an arch around the head and the famous “pillows”, protect the ears and create acoustic insulation.

This model is an excellent option for those looking for a headset with higher sound quality, because the big difference is the presence of low notes in the audio.

The robust structure provides this type of phone with fuller sounds, even at low volume.

If this headset comes with an internal microphone, it can be considered a Headset. Most JBL headphones have this feature. This type of headset is ideal for gamers and those who like to make video calls over Skype. JBL has 14 models in this style, the main ones are: JR300BT, T450 and E45BT.

Check out the comparison between the three types of headphones produced by JBL:


Although JBL does not manufacture earbud models, let’s talk a little about this style of headset, so that you know all the available models and choose the ideal one for your needs.

The earbud is the most common model, as most smartphones come with this accessory as a gift. Although it is simpler, it has good sound quality, with satisfactory definition and volumes.

The earbud is recommended for less demanding users. Because it is small, you can easily carry it in your pants pocket or jacket, bag or backpack. This model is also cheaper.


How much does a JBL headset cost?

Prices for JBL headphones vary by model. The cheapest options cost between R $ 50 and R $ 90. The intermediate models, have prices around R $ 180 and the most expensive, ranging from R $ 230 to R $ 380.

Where to buy a JBL headset?

You can find JBL headphones at electronics stores like Fast Shop, in department stores like. If you prefer to buy online, you will find a wide variety of models, you can compare prices, read the opinion of other consumers, and receive the product at your doorstep.

Our suggestions are JBL’s own online store, Amazon (all models chosen in the ranking are from there).

Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing JBL headset models

Choosing a headset can be a challenge for those who do not know the technical specifications of this accessory. Many people buy referrals from friends or by trusting the brand, but these devices will not always meet their needs.

When purchasing a JBL headset, be aware of the following features:

  • Model
  • Material
  • Drums
  • Extra features

We will explain item by item so you don’t have any questions.


The earphones can be classified in three categories: over-ear / on-ear (fitting over the ears), earbud (fitting on the ear bud) and in-ear (fitting inside the ears).

Although this nomenclature is little known by consumers, let’s simplify: the over-ear and on-ear models are the headphones, the earbud is the conventional headset, which comes with smartphones, and the in-ear model is the one you fits inside the ear, like the sports phone.

JBL has a wide range of on-ear / over-ear models (also called supra-earphones), there are 19 options on the official website. The brand also works with in-ear models, with 27 options. JBL only does not manufacture earbud models.


All JBL headset models are made with materials of excellent quality and durability, but there are differences between them. The entry models are made of plastic (the whole part, including the head adjustments) and the premium models are made of aluminum.

The foam of the ears, despite being soft and comfortable, are covered with a very thin plastic film, which can peel over time. In premium models, this lining is made of leather (genuine or synthetic).

Did you know that the bearable volume for our ears for 8 consecutive hours is 85 decibels? If you like listening to music louder, just remember that every 5 decibels, the hour limit is halved. For example, 90 decibels can be heard for just 4 hours.


JBL Bluetooth headsets have battery life ranging from 6 to 16 hours. The best thing is that, despite the battery’s durability, you can recharge these headphones in just 2 hours.

  • 6 hours : model T110
  • 8 hours : Inspire 500 and Inspire 500 Acqua
  • 11 hours : T450
  • 12 hours : JR300BT (children’s model)
  • 16 hours : E45BT

In the in-ear models, the entrance to the charger is in the wire control box (where the volume up and down buttons are located). In headphones, this entry is located in one of the “shells” of the headset.


Extra features

Some JBL headphones have extra features. So that you can know what each one of them can bring benefits – and so choose the one that is ideal – let’s explain each of these features:

  • TwistLock : ensures that the headphones will not fall off during training.
  • FlexSoft : technology used in the ear buds of the in-ear headphones, making them ultra soft. It allows music to be played for a long time without hurting the ears.
  • Water resistance : some models have water, sweat and rain resistance, so you can train in any situation.
  • JBL headphones are foldable in three styles : compact, flat and both. This feature makes it easy to carry your headphones.


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