Top & Best Amplifier Module Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Amplifier Module: What is best for your sound in 2022?

If for you the car is not only a transport, but also a place for good music, you have come to the right place. In today’s article, we’ll talk about the amplifier module.

This piece is responsible for transforming the signal from the device on your panel into sound. There are different models of amplifier module, for different cars and ears, with different configurations and equalizations. In this Guide, we will help you find the right module for you.

First, the most important

  • There are amplifier modules of one, two, three, four or even five channels for audio processing.
  • From two channels, many models offer processing in stereo mode, while those in one channel reproduce in mono.
  • You can find more basic automotive amplifier modules starting at R $ 100. Models with more channels and advanced processing can cost up to R $ 2000.

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Best Amplifier Modules: Team Choices

To facilitate the complicated negotiations with the workshop owners, or to shorten the hours you would spend on the internet, we selected only the best amplifier modules on the market, based on the main characteristics of the product, such as its power, its channels and its technology.

  • The most cost-effective amplifier module model
  • The model for powerful sound
  • The amplifier module with the best sound


Shopping Guide

Few things are as good as the car on the road, or even on the street, the horizon in front of us and that perfect music on the sound system. Without an amplifier module, this scene is simply not possible.

We want these and other scenes to come true, with songs, radio, podcasts and whatever else you like to hear, playing in your car, and at the perfect volume. For this, we will help you, in the Shopping Guide below, to choose the amplifier module ideal for you and your car.

What is an amplifier module?

The amplifier module is a key part of any device that reproduces sound, like boxes and, well, amplifiers.

In the case of automotive sound systems, the sector that is the focus of this article, the module is the one who makes the “midfield” between the device – radio, CD / DVD player, multimedia center, etc. – and the car speakers .

More specifically, the module receives the coded information from digital devices and transforms it into a sound frequency. In this translation, the module transmits, for example, which sound goes on which channel, and whether the song is played as Mono or as Stereo.


Is it worth having a digital amplifier module?

Nowadays, in fact, it will be difficult to find an amplifier module whose sound processing is not digital. Without going into the merit of sound quality, digital are more efficient, that is, they process information that will be transformed into sound with less energy expenditure.

This makes them cheaper, which makes it worthwhile. Furthermore, digital models are more likely to be compatible with your sound system or your project.

When it comes to sound quality, however, digital modules are not necessarily better than analog ones.

In the end, in the sum of attributes, we can say that yes, a digital amplifier module is worthwhile.



  • Greater efficiency
  • Sharpness sound
  • Compatibility
  • Price


  • Sound quality is not necessarily better

Why have a small amplifier module?

When we speak of the amplifier module as an isolated part, we are also talking, in the end, of its installation process. After all, the module is not an exposed device, in which you interact directly, on the contrary, it is always through your sound system.

So, if possible, choose the smaller model, without, of course, losing the features you want, such as power, number of channels and processing. A smaller module will facilitate installation, maintenance, cleaning, in short, in addition to probably being cheaper.


Where to find a cheap amplifier module?

A good sound system in the car is all good, but it is an expense …

Device, module, speaker, apart from the installation price, all this leaves the final sum a bit heavy for any pocket.

If you want to save money on the amplifier module, the best bet is online, where you, in addition to having a greater offer of models, can compare prices between sites, and choose the best one for you.

In virtual stores like Amazon, and Premier Shop, you have all this, in addition to the possibility of making your purchase directly from the sofa in your home.


Purchase Criteria: Choosing your amplifier module

Choosing a product for such a specific use can be tricky, but not with our exclusive list of selection criteria. Pay attention to the items below and take your information to the time of purchase, and you will leave the store, physical or virtual, with the best model.

  • Mono or Stereo
  • Brand
  • Sound system
  • Wattage

Mono or Stereo

One of the first decisions you must make is between an amplifier module with mono or stereo sound . Explaining quickly, the mono sound transmits the same sound to all speakers, while the stereo “divides” that sound, increasing the gain, for example, of the treble in one box, and the bass in another.


Pay attention to the number of channels of the amplifier module. With just one channel, you can’t “split” the sound, can you?


The decision, however, goes beyond the desire for a higher quality sound, which is definitely stereo. It depends on whether the songs are recorded that way, whether your sound system processes that information and, finally, whether your speakers are far enough apart so that you can distinguish the sound from one to the other, such as those installed on doors , for example.

Despite the lower sound quality, the mono module is more powerful, higher, and can fit better with more powerful systems, in addition to being cheaper


In automotive parts, the brand makes a lot of difference.

Like many other automotive parts, be they electrical, mechanical or hydraulic, one of the best guides are the brands of these parts. In the case of amplifier modules, companies with a tradition in manufacturing remain on the rise for one reason: they are of reliable quality.

Therefore, try to find out about the brand of the amplifier module you are looking to buy. We recommend two, Taramps and Stetsom , with a variety of models and manufacturing quality. It is also worth keeping an eye on JBL’s Car Audio line , which is new in the automotive sector, but great in the sound sector.

Sound system

Much of your decision for the ideal amplifier module is, after all, in your sound system. The quality of reading, the media options, the audio outputs, and the quantity and quality of the speakers, in short, will dictate which model is worth investing in.

A practical point is to see how much your speaker supports. If your speaker has less power than the module, the boxes can be damaged, even if the model has automatic power control.



Another easy point to note and with efficiency in comparison is the power of the amplifier module. Measured in watts (W), it dictates the gain, the volume at which the sound is able to come out through the speakers. The more, the bigger.

Always remembering to take into account what we talked about above about compatibility, also think about your use of the car and the sound. If you take a lot of road, for example, and do not have air conditioning, it is worth choosing a higher power, for your sound to compete with the volume of the wind passing through your window !.


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