Top & Best best size reducing gel Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best size reducing gel in 2022

The reducing gel measures to eliminate localized fat and shape the areas of the abdomen, arms, legs and buttocks. The product also combats sagging and cellulite, as it stimulates blood circulation, increases skin elasticity and firmness.

To enjoy the benefits of the reducing gel, you need to understand how the product works, learn how to apply it correctly and how to choose the ideal product. You can find this and other information in this article!

First, the most important

  • The measure-reducing gel contains substances that help to reduce measures by eliminating localized fat and reducing swelling caused by fluid retention.
  • You can find the measurement reducing gel in two versions. The thermogenic cream increases the temperature and stimulates blood circulation in the application area. While the cryotherapy gel mobilizes the energy expenditure for cooling the skin.
  • To enhance the results of the reducing gel, you should exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet.

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The best measure reducing gels: Our recommendations

Do you want to know the best gels reducing measures? Then check out some products selected according to the benefits offered, brand popularity, expert reviews and consumer reviews.

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Buying Guide

Even if you don’t want to lose weight, you may want to lose fat located in the abdomen, arms, legs or buttocks. To achieve this goal, you must maintain a balanced diet, practice physical exercises and use a reducing gel of measures, the subject of this Buying Guide.

What is a measure reducing gel for and who can use it?

Measurement-reducing gel is a cosmetic used to eliminate localized fat, reduce swelling caused by fluid retention, fight cellulite and decrease sagging in the abdomen, legs, arms or butt.

The product is indicated for men and women who seek to improve the appearance of the body. The localized fat-reducing gel should be used daily or at least three times a week to promote effective and long-lasting results.


Can the reducing gel be used at home?

When buying a reducing gel, it is common to find the indication “professional use” on the packaging. This indicates that the product must be applied using aesthetic protocols.

When looking for a professional to apply the reducing gel, the results tend to be more expressive.

In contrast, the home care category reducing gel can be used at home, as it is easier to apply, does not require a modeling massage or the use of a modeling belt.

How to use a reducing gel?

To achieve good results, it is not enough to apply the reducing gel of measures and wait for the product to take effect alone. Generally, after applying the cosmetic, it is necessary to perform a modeling massage.

Apply the equivalent of a dollar coin to each area of ​​the body you want – your skin should be clean and dry. Then, perform the following movements:

    • Belly : Use the palm of your hand to perform circular movements around the navel in a clockwise direction 10 to 15 times. Then massage the side of the abdomen, from top to bottom, with one hand at a time, 10 to 15 times on each side.
    • Arms : Perform upward movements from wrist to elbow three to five times. Then repeat the movement from elbow to armpit, again three to five times.
    • Legs and buttocks : Apply a thin layer of the reducing gel on the legs and raise your hands from the ankle to the back of the knee 10 to 15 times. Then repeat the movements from behind the knees to the butt.


These movements must be vigorous, but they cannot hurt. It is important to wait for the product’s action time and apply it according to the manufacturer’s recommendation – daily use or three times during the week.

How to optimize the results of treatment with reducing gel measures?

To optimize the results of treatment with reducing gel measures, you must follow the guidelines listed below:

    • Exfoliate the skin to increase the absorption of the product . This procedure eliminates dead cells and excess oil from the skin. With gentle abrasion, the active ingredients of the reducing gel are easier to penetrate the skin. But don’t exfoliate every time you apply the reducing gel, as this can sensitize the skin. We recommend that you choose one day a week to use this product.
    • Perform aesthetic treatments to reduce localized fat such as shaping massage or lymphatic drainage. These treatments must be performed by a physiotherapist or beautician. These massages help to eliminate toxins and excess fluids retained by the body, in addition to stimulating blood circulation and increasing muscle tone. The results are noticeable from the first section.
    • Maintain a routine of physical exercise and healthy eating . As we mentioned earlier, the reducing gel measures as an ally in burning localized fat, so it is essential to maintain a balanced diet and exercise regularly, preferably aerobic exercise, essential for the loss of calories and localized fat. To define the abdomen, do sit-ups.


What is the compressive bandaging technique?

Compressive bandaging is a technique that encourages the reduction of measures and the shaping of the body. It can be made with plastic film, shaping belt or thermal blanket, after applying the reducing gel and shaping massage.

However, not every measure-reducing gel can be used in conjunction with the compressive bandaging technique, as there is a risk of burning the skin (cryotherapy gel) or overheating the body (thermogenic gel).

Therefore, consult the information provided on the product packaging and only perform this procedure if the manufacturer releases it.



Purchasing criteria: How to find the best size reducing gel

Those who are in the process of losing weight and want to enhance the results of dietary re-education and physical exercises, should use a reducing gel of measures, as the product helps in the loss of localized fat.

While finding the best size reducing gel seems like a challenge, if you know what features change from one product to the next, the purchase will be made without difficulty. Follow the guidelines below:

  • Cryotherapy or thermogenic gel
  • Active
  • Texture
  • Package content

We will detail each of the purchase criteria throughout this section.

Cryotherapy or thermogenic gel

To stimulate the burning of localized fat, the reducing gel of measures can be based on cryotherapy or thermotherapy. It is important to mention that one method is not better than another, they are just different.

The cryotherapy gel has assets that cool the skin. To compensate for the drop in temperature, the body uses the fat from the body itself as fuel to reheat it.

The thermogenic cream warms the skin, promoting increased blood flow and accelerated metabolism. Thus, in addition to burning fat, the skin absorbs other actives easily.


Different assets can be used in the composition of a measurement reducing gel. These ingredients can have other benefits besides burning fat. Check it out below:

  • Caffeine stimulates blood circulation, breaks down fatty plaques and fights cellulite. Another advantage is to speed up metabolism;
  • Menthol and camphor are used together, as they generate the cooling, analgesic and stimulating effect of the reducing gel of cryotherapy measures;
  • Methyl nicotinate increases blood circulation and stimulates fat burning. It also helps to drain fluids and toxins and treat cellulite;
  • Centella asiatica is a vasodilating herb that improves blood circulation, combats cellulite and sagging;
  • Seaweed eliminates the toxins that give an appearance of “orange peel” to the legs and butt;
  • Arnica has anti-inflammatory action and helps to activate blood circulation;
  • Gingko biloba has an anti-inflammatory effect that helps fight cellulite;
  • Vitamin E causes vasodilation, which helps to reduce swelling in the treated area;
  • Pepper blend : Stimulates blood circulation, has anti-inflammatory effect and helps in burning localized fat.


Another feature that deserves your attention at the time of purchase is the product’s texture, which can be in cream or gel. Both can be used on all skin types.

The biggest difference between the textures is that the cream is composed of a liquid and an oily phase, while the gel is composed only of the liquid phase, which provides a feeling of freshness and greater cooling.

Package content

It is necessary to use the reducing gel of measures for at least 15 consecutive days so that you start to notice the first results. But to ensure permanent results, you must use the product for a few months.

You can find packages with 500g, 750g or 1Kg.

Therefore, it can be advantageous to invest in larger packages, with 500g, 750g or 1Kg. You can also find smaller options, in bottles with 200g or 300g. The choice will depend on your needs and routine.



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