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Top & Best sunscreen for oily skin Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best sunscreen for oily skin: How to choose in 2022?

If you have oily skin, you know that finding the right cosmetics isn’t always easy. This is also true for the daily use sunscreen. Therefore, we will show you how to choose the best sunscreen for oily skin.

After all, this type of skin requires special care, either to reduce the amount of oil produced or to eliminate excess. But what you can’t do is stop using the sunscreen daily and run the risk of having spots and even more serious health problems.

First, the most important

  • The best sunscreen for oily skin is one that, while protecting your face, reduces or eliminates oiliness.
  • The sunscreen with liquid texture and toner usually has a better effect on oily skin.
  • But the best is the sunscreen whose formula is totally free of oils.

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Buying Guide

The main concern of those who have oily skin is to find products that do not worsen this condition. And the fact is that this care is also important when buying a good sunscreen.

To help you choose the best option, we will show you in this Buying Guide what are the characteristics, types, price and where to buy the best filter for oily skin.


Can I use sunscreen on oily skin?

Not only can, but it should. Sunscreen is one of the recommended cosmetics for everyone, regardless of skin type. After all, using the filter will protect your face, prevent premature aging and even diseases such as cancer.

But the truth is that those with oily skin fear that, when using sunscreen, the skin will be even more shiny, with a heavy aspect and with pimples. But it will only happen if you use the wrong product.

So today, there are protectors specifically developed for oily skin.


In addition to the protective factor, the sunscreen for oily skin has in its formula some actives that help to control the shine and excessive oiliness.

Others also have features, such as the matte effect and dry touch, that minimize the discomfort of moisture and shine present on the skin. Not to mention that most products aimed at oily skin help to prevent acne.

How do I know if my skin is oily?

Oily skin is usually thicker and has enlarged pores, with excessive shine, especially in the T zone (forehead, nose and chin). In addition, oily skin is more prone to acne.

But it’s not just women who have oily skin. Men also have it, since they usually have more sebaceous glands, which are the producers of oil.

Anyway, whether or not you have an oily skin will depend on several factors such as genetics, diet, stress, hormonal changes, among others.

What are the types of sunscreen for oily skin?

There are several types of sunscreens for oily skin. The best of them will be the one that has in its composition the assets that will minimize your annoyances.

And, although each case is different, in general, the sunscreen with fluid texture and assets capable of controlling oiliness and disguising pores are always the most suitable for oily skin.

So much so that many sunscreens are made with specific properties to make the skin look drier and free of glare.

To find out if your choice includes these components, check the packaging for terms such as: Non-comedogenic, Oil free, dry touch and matte effect.

Below, we explain what each one means:


Oil free x Oil control: What is the best protector for oily skin?

As we have seen, one of the characteristics of the ideal sunscreen for oily skin is that it is Oil free, that is: Free of oils that can further increase the skin’s oiliness.

But you will also find Oil control sunscreens. So that you are not confused when choosing, we will explain the difference between the two.

While the Oil free protector does not add even more oil than your skin already produces, the Oil control sunscreen contains substances that regulate the sebum produced by the sebaceous glands.

In practice, the difference between the types is as follows:

    • Oil free : The formula of this type of sunscreen leaves no shine or oily appearance on the skin;
    • Oil control : This filter, in addition to not leaving the skin more oily, also absorbs the oil present.


How to use sunscreen on oily skin?

It is never too much to remember that sunscreen should be applied daily, even on cloudy days or in environments that have only artificial light. That is, do not think that the filter should be used only on beach days.

This is because, although UVB rays are partially filtered by clouds, UVAs pass through clouds and even window glass and become harmful when in contact with our skin.

However, to be able to use sunscreen and other cosmetics, including makeup, on an oily face without making your skin worse, you do need to be careful.


To ensure the best treatment for your oily skin, the ideal is to use a cleansing gel, a moisturizer for oily skin, a micellar solution and, if you want to use makeup, opt for versions with formulas specific to your skin type as well.

With that, experts recommend that, after cleaning the skin, you should apply moisturizer, then sunscreen and, lastly, makeup.

Remembering that, if you are in the pool or on the beach, it is essential to reapply the sunscreen every two hours to ensure protection against the harmful rays of the sun.

Why is it important to choose the best sunscreen for oily skin?

As we have seen, using sunscreen for oily skin is essential to prevent the oil from getting worse and keep your skin dry for longer.

In addition, only with the sunscreen indicated for your skin type will it be possible to minimize the appearance of clogged pores and acne.


But, in addition, the sunscreen for oily skin can also have a positive effect for those who are undergoing some treatment with acid, for example.

In that case, your skin will be more sensitive and will demand even more attention and care. Thus, the ideal sunscreen will also prevent peeling, spots and redness from occurring.

How much does the best sunscreen for oily skin cost and where to buy?

The price range of a sunscreen for oily skin is proportional to the diversity of brands, formulas and sizes. Therefore, you will be able to choose between filters that cost from R $ 30, and can pass from R $ 500.

To buy, you can choose from pharmacies, hypermarkets and department stores. where to find sunscreen for oily skin on sale.

Still, if you are looking for practicality and low prices, the ideal is to buy online, in stores like Amazon. Not to mention that when shopping online, you don’t even have to leave the house to receive your order.


Purchase Criteria: How to evaluate the best sunscreen for oily skin

When choosing a sunscreen for your skin type, the ideal is to have the guidance of a dermatologist. In addition, it is necessary to check and compare some aspects. Are they:

  • Protection factor
  • Face and body
  • Powder, gel, mousse or liquid
  • Toning
  • Additional composition

Below we will show you how to check each of these points.

Protection factor

The first point to be considered is the sun protection factor (SPF), which, according to experts, should not be less than 30.

An SPF below this value does not protect enough and allows the sun’s rays to dry out your skin. In addition, with a very low protection factor, your skin can produce more oil as a form of protection.


Did you know that both lack of sun and excess are bad for your health?

The sun is responsible for the production of vitamin D in our body, which is essential for our health.

But it also produces UVA and UVB rays, which are the main causes of accelerated aging, blemishes, allergies and skin cancer.


Face and body

One of the biggest mistakes when choosing the best sunscreen for oily skin is choosing the same filter for your face and body.

The body protector formula is not compatible with the face skin.

This is because the body protector formula is not compatible with the face skin.

So, if you use a body filter on your face you can end up increasing the oiliness even more.

Therefore, always opt for sunscreens for oily skin specific to the face. Remembering that there are also Oil Free protector options for the body.

Powder, gel, mousse or liquid

As we have seen, the best for oily skin is that the filter has a fluid and light texture. In that case, choose the liquid or gel product. But you will also find powder and mousse protectors.

The powder version is a good option to use when touching up, and helps to keep the skin dry. The mousse can leave a sticky appearance.


Also check if the sunscreen has color. This type of filter evens out skin tone, which helps reduce glare and disguises blemishes and melasma.

Additional composition

Read the list of sunscreen ingredients well. Today it is possible to find options that, in addition to taking care of oily skin, offer substances that help to treat other problems. Check out some:

  • Hyaluronic Acid : Moisturizes and fills wrinkles;
  • Vitamins C and E : They have antioxidant and anti-aging action.


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