Top & Best Bistequeira Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Bistequeira: How to choose the best in 2022

To prepare the most varied cuts of beef, pork, chicken or fish, no pan can compare to a chopper.

The shape allows better distribution of cuts and homogeneous heating, ensuring perfect cooking, while the grooves guarantee a special touch to the grilled meat that makes anyone salivate. Continue reading this article and learn all about the bistro

First, the most important

  • The square shape of the chopper helps to spread the heat over the surface of the pan, making it easier to seal the meat. The grill-like grooves prevent the meat from sticking to the bottom of the pan and insulate the fat released by the food.
  • Despite the name, the chopper is not only used to prepare steak fillets, but to prepare cuts of beef, pork, chicken or fish. Know some recipes in this article.
  • Some chopper models come with accessories such as a lid, set of tongs and even a cookbook, so you can prepare the most delicious cuts of meat with greater convenience.

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The best grocery stores: Our recommendations

Anyone who appreciates a well seasoned meat to the point, will fall in love with the chopper. Among the wide variety of models and brands, we have selected the best options below:

  • The best ceramic chopper
  • A Tramontina option
  • The most beautiful design mixer
  • A gift option

Buying Guide

Those who like to prepare delicious recipes should not fail to invest in a chopper, the ideal pan for preparing various cuts of meat with even more flavor and juiciness.

So, if you still don’t have a mixer at home, but would like to know the differentials of the pan, learn how to use it and tips on choosing the ideal model, continue with us and read this Buying Guide.

What is a chopper and what are the advantages of this pan?

The biscuit is a pan designed for cooking fillets and cuts of beef, chicken, pork or fish.

Although it looks like a frying pan, the blender has a square shape, robust dimensions and grooves similar to a grill appliance.

In fact, the grill-style elevations are the big difference of the chopper, as they allow better heat distribution over the surface of the pan and prevent the meat from sticking to the bottom of the pan, drying out or burning.

Another benefit of these grooves is to isolate the fat released by the food, making the food even healthier and facilitating the cleaning of the pan. Impressive how a simple detail makes such a difference, doesn’t it?

Some models have a lid that concentrates heat, prepares food more quickly and reduces fat dispersion.

Another common feature in a blender is the non-stick surface that dispenses with the use of oil for food preparation. Discover even more benefits of buying a chopper in the table below:

How to use a chopper?

Using a chopper is simple. Put the pan on high heat for about three minutes – you don’t have to grease it with oil or olive oil – while you season the meat with salt, pepper and herbs of your choice.

On the hot surface of the chopper, place two or three fillets or pieces of meat. The ideal time to seal each side of the meat in a chopper is three to four minutes – depending on the desired point.

There, the fillet or piece of meat will be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. If you think the inside of the meat is still undercooked, just put the meat back in the chopper for another minute or two.

What recipes can I prepare with a chopper?

It doesn’t matter if you want to prepare red or white meat, as long as you invest in a chopper, the food will be juicy, tender and at the desired point. Want to learn how to prepare some recipes using a chopper? Then read on:


To prepare the meat that gave rise to the name of this pan, you must season the steaks with a spoon (soup) of sugar, two tablespoons (soup) of salt and a spoon (soup) of grated ginger.

Massage the steak fillets so that they absorb the seasoning, fill the bowl with filtered water to cover the slices and let them soak in this mixture for about 20 minutes.

Preheat the chopper, drain the steaks and place them in the pan, leaving them until browned on both sides of the meat.

Red meat

In this recipe you can use slices of steak, filet mignon or maminha. These meats should be sliced ​​into steaks that are not too thick, seasoned with coarse salt, black pepper and extra virgin olive oil.

Preheat the chopper over high heat, place the seasoned fillets and grill for three to five minutes each side. Turn off the heat, let the meats rest for about three minutes and drop a few drops of lemon before serving.

Grilled fish

For these recipes, choose a fish of your choice, it can be hake fillet, hake, sole or whiting. Season the cuts with salt, pepper, lemon, parsley and chives.

Preheat the chopper, place the fish fillets gently and let them grill for about two minutes each side (or until they are completely cooked). Remove from heat and serve with the sauce of your choice.

What are the differences between the chopper and the common frying pan?

The first difference between a chopper and a frying pan is that the chopper is only used to prepare meat, while the frying pan is used to prepare meat, eggs, vegetables and other foods.


Have both pans in your kitchen.

Although you can prepare meat in the frying pan without using a fat source, the fat released by the food will not be isolated, as the pan has a flat bottom and is not grill style like the grill.

Regarding the design, the frying pan generally has a round shape, flat bottom and different dimensions, while the chopper has a square shape, medium dimensions and an irregular bottom.

Did you notice how the chopper and the frying pan are different? For this reason, we recommend that you have both pans in your kitchen.


Purchasing criteria: Find the best chopper model

Whoever cooks daily recognizes the importance of a kitchen equipped with all the utensils used in preparing food, correct? For anyone who is passionate about meat, the bistro is a fundamental item.

To choose the ideal model for your kitchen, you must know the most relevant purchase criteria. And be sure to check out the ranking with the best chopper models, chosen based on the same characteristics.

  • Material
  • Dimensions
  • Format
  • Design
  • With or without cover

After choosing the pan, put your hands in the dough and surprise everyone with a delicious cut of meat prepared in a chopper. Have any questions? Leave a comment below.


You will find options for choppers made in different materials such as cast iron, ceramic, aluminum or stainless steel. Know the characteristics of each model below:

  • Cast iron is the best option, as this material is able to distribute heat over the entire surface, cooking the meats evenly. Withstands high temperatures, so seals cuts quickly. Another benefit of using a cast iron chopper, is that the pan releases iron particles in the food, consequently combating anemia due to iron deficiency.
  • Pottery is excellent for preparing long cooking cuts – like the steak itself, which takes about 30 minutes to be ready. Before buying a ceramic chopper, make sure that the pan does not use lead compounds.
  • Aluminum is one of the most popular models, as it serves to prepare all cuts of meat. Tip: Avoid using metallic utensils to handle meat, as friction can cause the release of aluminum in the food.
  • Stainless steel is ideal for preparing cooked or grilled meat, but it should not be used in frying – especially over high heat, as it can burn the food and the bottom of the pan.


When buying a chopper, it is essential to analyze the dimensions and capacities of the pan. As the chopper is a medium-sized pan, you can find models with 25cm to 30cm in diameter – sum of length and width.

Regarding the capacity in liters, you can find models with a capacity of 1.5L to 2.5L. This measure is related to the depth of the pan, that is, a pan with a capacity of 1.5L is shallower than a pan with a capacity of 2.5L.

The actual capacity of a chopper is equal to or less than ¾ of the pan.

These measures are important, as the capacity of a chopper is equal to or less than ¾ of the total capacity of the pan. Therefore, if you plan to prepare larger pieces of meat, choose a model with robust dimensions and capacity.

Otherwise, a smaller mixer is sufficient to meet your consumption needs – perfect for people who live alone, couples or small families.


You can find the chopper in two formats, square or round. The square chopper is traditional, so you will find a greater variety of models and brands – consequently, prices as well.

The plus point of the square chopper is the possibility of preparing two or more fillets of meat at the same time and even sautéing vegetables. The cuts are well accommodated and cook homogeneously.

The round chopper is less common, however, you can find models in different dimensions and volumes. The use of this chopper is very simple, but the rounded shape limits the number of pieces you can prepare at the same time.


You will find options for chopping boards in different colors, from the most traditional shades like black, graphite and silver, to intense colors like red, white, orange, blue, among others.

Some models are available in several color options. Others are limited to two or three shades.

With or without cover

Not everyone knows, but you can find a blender with a lid. The accessory increases the versatility of the pan that can be used as a grill, grill or to cook meat with vegetables.

In addition, the lid concentrates heat in the food, reducing the meat preparation time. Another positive point is that the lid prevents the fat from the food from staining the stove.


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