Top & Best Bookmark Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Bookmark: What is the best of 2022?

Today we will help you select the best bookmark template to keep everything well organized in your life, both personally and professionally.

Originally used only to mark the stopping point of the book, today the page marker has been transformed and goes further, both in functionality, practicality and versatility.

In this article, we bring the models most desired by consumers, the differences between them and the main factors to buy the right bookmark for you.

First, the most important

  • Bookmarks are a great organizational tool for both your home and office.
  • The most sold and sought after models by consumers are adhesive markers, with dimensions much smaller than traditional book markers.
  • Type of use, material, size, colors and themes are factors to be considered at the time of purchase, in addition to the price.

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Ranking: The 4 best bookmark templates

Below is a list of the best bookmarks available to you, each with different functions and characteristics. Check out:

Buying Guide

Bookmarks make life easier for many people, from those who need to study to those who want to remember which page of the book they stopped at the last reading.

The product is universal and can be used in the school environment, in the office and also at home. To help you in purchasing the best option for you, we have a buying guide below.

What is a bookmark?

Bookmarks are objects with some purposes, such as identifying parts of a text, organizing sections in different items (such as binders, notebooks and diaries ), in addition to marking the pages of your book. Their goal is to help your organization.

They come in various sizes and are more common in the memory of book lovers – after all, it is difficult to finish reading over 400 pages, for example, without making a stop.

Because of this, bookmarks have been known to mankind for many centuries. Some of the oldest were found in monasteries, made from parchment paper, similar to papyrus. In the Middle Ages, between the 13th and 15th centuries, markers made from calf and leather were recorded.

There are historical reports of a bookmark made of ivory in India and another made of silk in England in the 16th century.

Today, the main materials are paper and polypropylene (plastic) film, although there are other examples. And finding them has become a lot easier.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the bookmark?

Bookmarks bring advantages to you who want to stay organized in your life.

They can help you more easily find that recipe in your grandmother’s cookbook, highlight the most important sections for your studies, as well as serve to better plan and organize your schedule, how to highlight where you are every month.

The markers are adhesive and stick to any page, are repositionable, accept writing and have very striking colors. In addition, their storage is easy, as they are very small and fit in almost any drawer or cabinet.

In general, markers do not have disadvantages. The only “however” is in relation to those whose material is made from paper, so there are chances of them being crushed or even torn, not having long durability.

Adhesive marker or individual marker?

There are crucial differences between the adhesive bookmarks and the individual ones, from their dimensions to the fixation on the sheets where they will be used.

To help you understand the main differences of the models, we bring below a table comparing the two models.

How much?

Bookmarks have very affordable prices, in general, with some exceptions. Paper stickers have the lowest values, around R $ 8 and R $ 14.

The plastic adhesive bookmarks are still counted, with some models costing R $ 9 and others going up to R $ 34.

Those looking for larger, individual models, more used for books, there is also variation. There is the magnetic version, which revolves around R $ 4 alone. There is also aluminum, which costs an average of R $ 12.

There are individual markers even made with polyester fabric and structured with an acrylic blanket. These models are found in the range of R $ 7. Paper models can be found easily in bookstores, usually for free, when buying a product.

Where to buy?

Today it is easy to find these products, present in stationery stores, bookstores, department stores.

However, finding exactly the bookmarks you want is easier from an internet search,  on the websites of major distributors. Amazon is an example, which even has separate pages with the best-selling and most desirable products in each industry, including bookmarks.


Purchasing criteria: What to consider before buying a bookmark

Before you go shopping to purchase your bookmark, it is good to first keep in mind what purpose you will give it. Therefore, there is nothing more fair than bringing some criteria to offer you a safer choice.

Below are a few items to consider before purchasing your new bookmark.

  • Type of use
  • Material
  • Size
  • Colors and themes

Below, we will detail each of the items mentioned to optimize your purchase.

Type of use

First of all, it is good to keep in mind what the purpose of your bookmark is. If you only want to bookmark the page of the book you are reading, it is recommended to buy the individual.

If the idea is to go further, to organize study material, divide a family album into sections and / or signal where the cool magazine article is, it is recommended to buy the adhesive bookmarks, which are the most sought after and sold.


The material will define the durability of the product. Markers made of paper are the most sensitive to usage and time. They can be damaged if they get wet and are subject to tearing more easily, for example.

The polypropylene film markers have an excellent resistance, above those of paper. In the adhesive version, in general, they are easy to remove and relocate. However, there are chances that it will stop sticking eventually depending on the number of times you relocate it.

As for the individual page markers, the magnetic and aluminum ones are more resistant, being preferable. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to be careful, okay? The fabric markers also have good durability, but they get dirty more easily.


The sizes of bookmarks differ and are also determined from what is expected to be achieved with them.

Adhesive bookmarks are not as large, with 12 mm x 42 mm being more common, but it is still possible to write on them. Those who need markers with more space, you can find larger specimens, 76 mm x 15 mm and 25.4 mm x 43.2 mm.

Those looking to use the individual bookmark, it usually varies between 7 cm and 18 cm in length.

If you are one of those who cannot stand to leave a part of the bookmark out of the book, it is recommended to purchase one below 18 cm, which is the average height of a pocket book .

Colors and themes

Among the bookmarks, there is a good variety of colors. The most common are yellow (the most discreet of all), orange, green, blue and pink.

Among the adhesive markers, it is possible to find packages with different colors (up to eight different ones) and also with just one palette.Among the biggest bookmarks, for books, the variety is not only in colors, but also in shapes and images, even having some themes, whether with Disney princesses or the Harry Potter saga.


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