Top & Best Gallon water pump Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Gallon water pump: How to choose the best in 2022?

Welcome,! You know that to be healthy you need to drink a lot of water, don’t you? Therefore, good sources of this liquid must be within reach. Today, we will talk about an important item: the gallon water pump.

The gallon is one of the most traditional ways of providing water for residential use, in commercial establishments or events. Beside drinking fountains and filters, it is often used. And to work, you need a quality pump.

But do you know what are the advantages and disadvantages of using the gallon? How to choose the best pump for it to work perfectly? What are the differences between the models currently available on the market? It’s time to clear up any doubts on the subject!

First, the most important

  • The most common options for water supply in homes or commercial establishments are filters, drinking fountains and canisters. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.
  • If you choose a gallon, you will need a pump. There are manuals, cheaper, and electric ones, more expensive, but which also offer more practicality.
  • Pay attention to the pump material you choose. Some plastics can be very harmful to health if they leave residues in the water. Polypropylene and stainless steel are the best available.

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Best gallon pump models: Our recommendations

We have selected some excellent gallon pumps to introduce you to. All of them would be excellent acquisitions for your quality of life. In addition, we were also careful to choose both manual and electric pumps. So you have all the options at your fingertips!

  • The most traditional water gallon pump model
  • The best electric pump model
  • An excellent USB rechargeable electrical model
  • The right pump for those who want simplicity

Buying Guide

Now that you know some of the best models of pumps for gallons of water on the market, how about better understanding how this accessory works?

It’s time to really get to know the models that best suit your needs!

What is a gallon water pump and what is it for?

With the constant need to drink water from the human being, we always resort to ways of maintaining a supply in our homes and establishments. A small portion of the population has access to drinking water in wells, rivers and the like.

It is from there that alternatives such as filters, taps with filters, drinking fountains, gallons appear.

To remove the liquid from the canister and pass it to the cup, a pump must be used. It is the same case when you want to raise the water from an artesian well to the surface, only in this situation, the use to be made is a pump for an artesian well.

The gallon pump therefore allows us to draw water and fill cups. It can be manual, requiring constant pumping, or with the necessary force for the extraction being generated electrically.

See in the following video on the Pirituba Filters channel how easy it is to install a pump for gallons of water:

Manual or electric pump?

When choosing whether you prefer a manual or an electric pump, the main question is where practicality is most important.

You don’t mind having to pump the water every time you fill a glass, but would you have trouble remembering to refill whenever necessary? In that case, the hand pump is more advantageous for you.

On the other hand, if the preference would be to always have to refill the pump, but just press a button when filling the cup, you should choose the electric models.

Remember that there are some other issues: electric pumps are more expensive than manual pumps, but they can be made from safer materials. They will also demand an eventual consumption of electricity, even if very small.

For residential use, the only doubt is the question of practicality. In establishments, much more constant refills will be necessary, but it is possible that there are people like children or the elderly with more difficulties to pump.

Check the comparison between the two models in the table below:

Is the gallon the best option for domestic water supply?

There are those who supply water in their homes or establishments with gallons of water, some prefer filters or drinking fountains. How to know the advantages and disadvantages of each device?

Filters and drinking fountains receive the water that comes through the pipes and perform a filtering process, removing impurities. The gallons are bought full and bring drinking mineral water, without having to go through a purifier.

There are also drinking fountains that do not draw water from the pipe and require the use of gallons. In this case, it should be considered that they are just gallons with a better finish and withdrawal system.

The advantage of gallons is that they provide the cleanest and safest water. Filters and drinking fountains may eventually fail to remove all impurities found and cause undue substances to be consumed.

On the other hand, the expense is much higher, since it is always necessary to make new purchases, and the impact on nature is also negative, since the gallons are made of plastic.

You must choose according to your priorities: if you want cleaner and safer water, stay with the gallons, if you prefer lower costs and better environmental collaboration, opt for a filter or water cooler.

Below, a table with advantages and disadvantages of the gallon:


How much does it cost and where to buy a gallon pump?

As there are two categories of pumps for gallons of water, there are also two price categories. We need to separate the manual and electric versions.

The first ones are much cheaper, with prices ranging between R $ 8 and R $ 30. The second ones start at around R $ 20, and may eventually reach up to close to R $ 60.

The best options for buying a gallon water pump are hydraulics or home goods stores. In most cities, there will be trades in these niches. We can highlight some major chains such as Maravilhas do Lar.

To buy online, we recommend the Brazilian Amazon, which has excellent options. You can also do your research on Amazon international and Mercado Livre, in addition to sites specializing in hydraulics or products for the home.

Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Gallon Water Pump Models

Now that you understand better the differences between hand and electric pumps and the advantages and disadvantages of the gallon, let’s talk about some important criteria to take into account when buying:

  • Flow rate
  • Material
  • Dimensions
  • Ease and duration of refills

Below, we discuss each of these points more closely.

Flow rate

Is the speed with which you fill a glass important? In this case, it is important to look at the flow rate of the chosen pump. It is from this number that you will know how long it will take to fill an ordinary container or even a pet bottle.

Electric pumps usually have a higher flow rate than manual pumps, and in this second case there is also a relationship, of course, with the speed at which the pumping is done.


There are some types of plastics that can be harmful to health if they leave residues in the water. So it is important to look at whether the chosen pump is made of safe materials.

If the pump is made of plastic, polypropylene is the best option. Among the other materials, many parts are usually made of stainless steel, which is highly recommended for direct contact with water because it does not leave any trace.


How big are the gallons you usually use? 5 liters, 10 liters, 20 liters? Maybe even more? You need to check if the chosen pump is compatible, so that there is not much left or maybe not even fit inside the container from which you should pump the water.

Most pumps list in the specifications which gallon sizes are compatible. Read this information to find out if it fits the gallons that are most used in your home or business.

Ease and duration of refills

How is the pump refilled? In most models, just plug in the USB cable, but there are also some models that work on battery. And how long does it take for the recharge to be complete?

Once recharged, how long will the pump run before it needs to receive more electricity?

All of these questions are important depending on how much you will use the gallon. If it is in a commercial establishment, for example, more people need water and the longer the refills last, the better.

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