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Top & Best Gift box Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Gift box: How to choose the best one in 2022?

The gifts are part of the most diverse special dates. They are given at Christmas, on birthdays and any other time that deserves an extra treat. One way to make this item even better is with a beautiful gift box, a product that we are going to present you now here.

As important as the gift itself is its packaging. It is the first impression the recipient will have and to make a positive impact the gift box is the best option. So, if you are already thinking about the next gift package, continue with us and find out everything about it.

First, the most important

  • The gift box is made in several sizes and there are options in size P, M, G and GG. In addition, it is also found with a wide variety of colors and prints.
  • This product is ideal for gifts that can break or for those who want to make the package more special and beautiful.
  • A good way to make the gift box even better is to personalize it with ribbons, bows and other arrangements.

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Best Gift Boxes: Writing Choices

There are gift box options for every taste and need. There are small models, others larger and with prints for adults and children. To help you choose, we have separated the best ones below, check it out.

  • Readers’ favorite gift box
  • A great option for various gifts
  • The most complete gift box


Buying Guide

There are those who say that gifting is an act of love and there is no doubt about it. However, it is useless to choose an incredible product, if you put it in any packaging. Gift wrapping is part of that item and a great option is the gift box.

Very resistant and sophisticated, the gift box is the best choice for those who want to leave the treat to be given even more beautiful and special. Therefore, in this shopping guide we will show you everything about it and we will also help you choose the ideal one.

What can be wrapped in a gift box?

The gift box is very versatile and can be used to store all types of products. It is possible to place clothes, cosmetics, drinks, jewelry and many other items.

Regardless of what will be wrapped in the box, it is worth knowing that because it is more rigid it can better protect the gift and still give a more special touch to it.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the gift box?

The gift box is an excellent option for those who want to invest in a more beautiful packaging for the item that will be given to someone special. But, in addition to making the gift more beautiful, this type of wrapping has other positive points.

As we told you above, the gift box is able to protect what is inside. That way, if it is an item that can break it will be safer in this type of packaging.

It can be used later for other purposes.

Another positive point is that it can be used later for other purposes. With that, there are those who keep documents, makeup and more in them.

It is also worth mentioning that it is possible to use the gift box to present any person. That’s because it is made in different colors and patterns and matches any taste and preference.

The disadvantage is that this option is usually more expensive than bags or gift papers.


  • Makes the gift more beautiful
  • Protects what’s inside
  • Can be used in several ways
  • It exists in many colors and prints
  • It is made in various sizes


  • It costs more than bags and gift papers

Paper, bag or gift box: Which is better?

When wrapping a gift there are three items that can be used: traditional paper, bags and boxes. All of these options do their job well, but each has different characteristics.

Paper is the oldest type of wrapping and its great positive point is the value, since this is one of the most affordable options. It is found in many colors and prints, but it is very fragile and tears easily.

Another disadvantage is that it is often necessary to join two sheets together to wrap the whole gift due to its size.

The bag is more beautiful than paper, has greater resistance and manages to create a very sophisticated package. Its value is also very affordable, but it does not provide security for what is inside.

The gift box has the most advantages. That’s because it is beautiful, safe and gives a good package. Its only negative point is the value, which is the highest of all.


How to decorate a gift box?

The vast majority of gift boxes are already sold ready to use. But, it is possible to personalize them to make the gift even more special.

For this, several items can be used. Whoever buys a plain box, that is, that has no pattern, can paint it, draw on it or even write on its surface.

A great option is also to pass a satin ribbon over the box and tie it with a bow. Not to mention that it is still worth putting a card with the name of the recipient.

Another alternative is to tie or glue artificial or natural flowers to the lid of the gift box.


How much does it cost and where to buy a gift box?

The gift box can be purchased at any stationery store. There is also the possibility to buy it in stores where you buy gift items, an example being O Boticário.

The value of one of these varies according to its size and material. As a result, the largest and most rigid are often more expensive than the smaller and more flexible. Thus, the price of a gift box is between R $ 2 and R $ 50, on average.



SenecaPhilosopher and writer

“The value of a gift is not in what you give or do, but in the intention of whoever gave or did it.”


Purchasing criteria: How to compare gift box options

Choosing a gift box is not easy. She will be responsible for the first impression of the recipient, so she has a key role.

In order not to make mistakes at this time it is important to take into account some factors and we separate them all below.

  • Format
  • Size
  • Material
  • Color and print

Next we will explain these topics in detail.


The gift box is made in several formats. The most traditional ones are rectangular ones, but there are also round, square and even those that imitate bags and heart-shaped.

Rectangular models have the best internal space and can be used with any type of product. The squares, on the other hand, are a little more limited in this sense and the larger versions usually take up a lot of space.

The least versatile are round gift boxes. As much as they look good, some items like drinks don’t look good on them.

Boxes that imitate bags, in addition to being very practical, also have a great internal space. And if the gift is for the loved one, the heart shaped ones are the best.


When purchasing a gift box it is also essential to pay attention to the size it has. To find out which is ideal, one must evaluate the measurements of the item to be given. Then just compare with the dimensions of the box.

Usually it is made in sizes P, M, G and GG. The P are the most compact and are about 16 centimeters long.

The M models are about 22 centimeters, while the G models are approximately 34 centimeters.

The GG options are those that are more than 35 centimeters long.

Know that the right size box should accommodate the gift well without being too tight inside it.

In addition, it is important to choose a model that has the exact size for your need. Otherwise, you can spend a higher amount for nothing.


The gift box can be made of cardboard, kraft paper and polypropylene.

Cardboard boxes are rigid and thick boxes. These have excellent resistance and durability, not to mention that they are usually the most sophisticated.

Kraft paper models are a little simpler. These options have great malleability and have a lighter and thinner structure. They are good, but have less resistance.

Polypropylene is a type of plastic. The gift boxes made with it have a certain stiffness, but they are also malleable. The main positive points of this version is that it will not spoil if it gets wet and has great durability.

Color and print

Last but not least, choose the color and pattern of the gift box.

In this regard there are no limits and this product is made in the most diverse tones. Thus, it is very easy to find the option that will most please the recipient.

The plain versions are the simplest and for those who want to further personalize the gift they are a great choice. The printed models are decorated by themselves, so they are ideal for those who do not want to have too much work with the wrapping.


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