Top & Best Guillotine Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Guillotine: How to choose the best in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about fundamental equipment in stationery and printing, as well as on the tables of artisans who work with paper and similar materials: The guillotine. With it, your work will gain a lot in speed and in practicality!

Choosing the ideal guillotine may seem easy at first, but in fact, there are many issues that can be analyzed. Therefore, in this article we gather all possible questions about this very useful equipment and answer them. It’s time to become a complete expert on the subject!

First, the most important

  • The basic function of a guillotine is to cut sheets of paper. It can be used in areas such as handicrafts, stationery and printing.
  • There are guillotines capable of cutting from one to hundreds of leaves at once, which helps both those who make a small artisanal production and those who need cuts in very large quantities.
  • The handling of the guillotine is quite simple, but it may take a little practice to achieve the perfection required for its use in crafts.

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The best guillotine models: Our recommendations

To start the article, we will help you with the ideal guillotine model for your job! We selected some of the very first line that really deserve a closer look!

  • The model for professionals
  • The simple and effective guillotine
  • The best for printers

Buying Guide

We know that if you are looking for all the guillotine specifications, it is because this product can be very important in your work. Our mission is to help you with answers!

In our buying guide, we will bring you many pertinent questions about choosing and using a guillotine!

What is a guillotine and what is it for?

The primary function of a guillotine is quite simple: cutting paper. However, it does it quickly and effectively, requiring only the handling of a lever for this, and without leaving any burr or crooked edge.

His name, although a little morbid, comes from the mechanism he uses. The leaves are positioned on a surface and the part with the saw is lowered, making all the necessary cuts.

Along with objects such as a ruler, drill and glue, the guillotine is one of the most fundamental pieces for those who work with crafts and are dedicated to the production of notebooks, scrapbooks and the like. It is also very important in stationery and, in its larger and more industrial versions, in printing.

Did you know that the guillotine mechanism was actually created as a method of beheading?

However, this happened long before the French Revolution: There are records of its use even in Rome, around 340 BC

The use of the mechanism in the French Revolution was inspired by the physician Joseph-Ignace Guillotin, who even went on to baptize it. He believed that this was a more humane form of execution than hanging or simply beheading with a sword.

What are the advantages of a guillotine?

The guillotine is able to speed up work by cutting several sheets of paper at once. All this with precision and perfection, without leaving any burr or damage.

So, regardless of your work area, it will undoubtedly provide you with two things: Speed ​​in execution and excellence in finishing.

It is a safe and simple to use equipment, which will make you quickly familiar with it.

The only clearest disadvantages are in the blade’s life: It will need to be sharpened constantly, and even then, it doesn’t usually last long (average of 800 cuts). This can generate some additional expenses.

If your artisanal production with paper is not so great, perhaps the cost-benefit is not so positive.

See the table below for the main advantages and disadvantages of the guillotine:

Guillotine or paper refiner?

One question you may have at the time of your purchase is: After all, is it more worthwhile to opt for the guillotine or a paper refiner?


Guillotine and refiner work similarly and serve the same purpose.

The two devices work in a very similar way and serve the same purpose. The difference is in the blade: While in the guillotine the operation is lever, in the refiner it is like a razor, going straight and uniformly towards the paper.

The refiner is an equipment designed for a little more small scale production and that requires a different finish. It naturally manages to cut only a few leaves at a time, but allows different types of cuts.

The big difference is that the cuts can be made in different positions and angles, allowing more artistic formats to be given to the leaves. The values ​​are similar.

We compare the two devices below:

How to use a paper guillotine?

At first, the use of a guillotine may seem quite simple. After all, just place the sheets on the surface of the equipment and lower the lever with the blade. In a stationery shop or printing shop, there’s not much else to do.

However, if you need precision and perfection in the smallest details, you will notice that repetition can be complicated.

After all, keeping the same cut, at the same point on the leaves, is not so simple, especially if there are no measures on the surface of the guillotine.

To teach you tricks of using the equipment, we selected a video from the Ju Cabral channel on Youtube. It shows several techniques that work very well in artisanal cutting:

How much does it cost and where to buy a guillotine?

The price of a guillotine varies according to its size and basic data such as cutting capacity. Small ones, for one or a few sheets, can cost under R $ 100, while industrial ones, which cut hundreds of papers at once, go over R $ 1,000.

You can find models of very high quality and with sufficient specifications for crafts or stationery between R $ 150 and R $ 200.

Stationery, office or craft stores are good options for buying a guillotine. However, we recommend purchasing over the Internet. The Amazon offers a wide variety of brands and models. Also check out Amazon international and Mercado Livre.


Purchasing Criteria: What to consider when buying a guillotine

Now that you know the guillotine’s aspects and advantages, it’s time to talk about some technical questions that may be important at the time of your purchase:

  • Sheet capacity
  • Table top dimension
  • Scales
  • Finishing

Next, we’ll go into more detail about each one.

Sheet capacity

You will find guillotines capable of cutting from just one leaf at a time to around four hundred. Your choice will need to go through the scale of production that is needed.

If you work by hand, with commands, business cards or notebooks, the number may be low. However, if you have a printing shop and need to always produce on a large scale, you will have to choose one that cuts many sheets at once. The choice derives simply from the demand!

Table top dimension

The size of the top is related to the maximum size of the paper that a guillotine can cut. And, again, what determines which one is right for you is precisely your job.

There is no reason to have a guillotine capable of cutting A3 sheets, for example, if you do not work with this type of paper. It is necessary to know the maximum dimensions used in its production to, from there, choose the ideal equipment.


Scales on the guillotine surface aid in the accuracy of cuts.

The main guillotine brands know that scales on the surface of the equipment help a lot in the precision of the cuts made in a recurring way. For this reason, they place rulers or squares designed on the top to help in the production process.

Look for a guillotine with scales and measures that are able to help with the work you do most often. Thus, it will be easier to achieve the perfection of always making the exact same cut.


When buying work equipment, be it a guillotine, a paper shredder or an airbrush, you have a fundamental concern: That it will last for a long time, not forcing you to spend more money on a new one.

Therefore, evaluate the quality of the materials used in your guillotine, such as the composition of the plug and the blade. The more durable and resistant they are, the better.

Also evaluate the blade life, which is usually specified in the product description. The ideal is that it is not necessary to change it so soon!


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