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Top & Best Italian Coffee Maker Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Italian Coffee Maker: Learn how to choose the best of 2022

If you are looking for an Italian coffee maker, we can bet you are a fan of great coffee. Or maybe you are learning to taste other processes of preparing this drink so common.

Past coffee is present in any home. But the interest in savoring a coffee with more flavor and quality is growing even in the comfort of home. The Italian coffee maker is a simple solution for exceptional coffee.

has prepared this comprehensive guide for you to discover even more about this type of coffee maker. Here you will learn what an Italian coffee maker is, how to prepare coffee and which are the best models on the market.

First, the most important

  • The Italian coffee maker is also known as Moka.
  • Its method of preparation is extremely simple, and it is worth remembering that simplicity can be a synonym for quality, as we will see below.
  • It is the darling of coffee lovers for producing excellent quality coffee similar to espresso.

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Best Italian Coffee Maker Models: Our Favorites

Wanting to invest in an Italian coffee maker, but still unsure which model to buy? Below, we list the best on the market, so you can prepare a real coffee at home, one that makes lovers of this drink more than satisfied.

  • Nuova Moka Express Bialetti Coffee Maker
  • Moka Express Italy Bialetti Coffee Maker
  • Nuova Moka Express Bialetti 1142 Coffee Maker
  • Venus Bialetti Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

Buying Guide

There are several types of coffee maker. He could, too. Coffee is one of the most consumed drinks in the world and, over the years, it has gained in sophistication. Nowadays, it is possible to prepare very special coffees without leaving your home. And one of those special ways is through the Italian coffee maker.

Do you know exactly what she does? Continue reading our Buying Guide and this question will clear your head now.

What is an Italian coffee maker?

After seeing this selection of beautiful Italian coffee makers, you may be wondering:

“After all, what is an Italian coffee maker and how does it work?”

It is a steam coffee maker, which produces a tastier and fuller coffee, very similar to espresso. And all this with great simplicity in the comfort of home.

Originally produced in aluminum and with an octagonal design, we saw throughout the selection that this originality of Bialetti was preserved, but there were also innovations over the years.

Today you can find it in different shapes and even colors. This design innovation did not change its functioning, with the exception of the electrical one, mentioned in item 4.

Did you know that the Italian coffee maker was invented in 1933 by the Italian Alfonso Bialetti? This explains why this brand is a reference in the market when it comes to this type of coffee maker. 90% of households in Italy are believed to have at least one Moka coffee maker.


The traditional Italian coffee maker is composed of a base, a funnel with perforated filter and sealing rubbers and an upper part that fits on the base with the funnel in the middle. All parts are made of metal.

This configuration may undergo some changes depending on the model. Now that this structure is clearer, you may still be wondering how the process of preparing this coffee works.

How does an Italian coffee maker work?

Basically you put water in the base (always below the safety valve), fit the filter, put the powder in that filter and screw the top. Once assembled, you will take your Italian coffee maker to low heat. It is important to supervise the preparation of coffee that does not delay.

When heated, the steam that appeared inside your coffee maker will cause the water to rise and pass through the funnel where the coffee is. That way the coffee will be on the top of the Moka coffee maker.

When the coffee starts to rise, close the lid and remove it from the heat to avoid the risk of burning the coffee. As these coffee makers are usually small, if you take too long your coffee may taste like burning. And so you are ready to drink.

Physics professor Douglas Gomes, a coffee lover, explains how the brewing process works in a very didactic and clear way through this video on his YouTube channel:

What are the tips for preparing coffee in the Italian coffee maker?

    • Always use mineral or filtered water to preserve the flavor of the coffee;
    • The grain used in this type of coffee maker needs to be medium grind. Not too thin, not too thick. Fine dust can clog the filter. Distribute the powder well without pressing;
    • After assembling, put a little cold water in the top pot to prevent the coffee from getting bitter when it comes in contact with the hot aluminum;
    • Initially you can leave the lid open and keep an eye on it, when the water starts to rise, close the lid and remove it from the fire;
    • If you prefer to make coffee with the lid closed during the entire preparation, pay attention to the noise. When you start to snore or whistle, you must turn off the coffee maker.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of an Italian coffee maker?

Now that you understand how it works and also know how to prepare at home, we want to introduce you to the advantages of an Italian coffee maker. The first is practicality. It seems difficult initially, but we show through this guide how the preparation process is extremely simple.

It just requires you to keep an eye on it from start to finish and that can be a disadvantage for some people.

Either way, the process takes place very quickly. It is possible to have your coffee ready in just 5 minutes, especially in a small Italian coffee maker.

You will also have a hot coffee with every cup. Because of the steam, the coffee comes out very hot. This is still the most similar form of espresso coffee from professional machines made from the comfort of your home.

Although it is a little high investment, you end up saving with filters in the long run. And you no longer need to buy a thermos.

And it still preserves the flavor of coffee without it passing through many different materials, and its contact is only with metal.

In addition to requiring you to inspect the coffee from the beginning of the preparation to the end, another disadvantage is that until you get the hang of it, you run the risk of burning the coffee.

Italian coffee maker Bialetti or similar?

We have already highlighted the Bialetti tradition here when it comes to Italian coffee makers. All this because of the history of origin of this product.

This makes some people reflect on the need to purchase an original Bialetti or a similar one produced by another brand. To answer this question, we visited a forum for coffee lovers. We found the following conclusion based on the responses of the participants:

Similar coffee makers can produce excellent quality coffee, but the Italian brand still stands out both for the quality of the piece itself and for the quality of the coffee produced.




“My mom already had 3 different ones. We started with the original, which was used a lot and was getting old. Then we changed to another brand and it wasn’t a good deal, at least for us. We moved on and went back to a new original. . ”

Anyway, if you choose an Italian coffee maker from another brand, keep in mind that it is possible to find products of excellent quality and durability equivalent to the price paid, such as those mentioned in this ranking.

Compare for yourself:

How much?

The last model in our selection costs R $ 49.90. A value well below number one in the ranking, which costs R $ 520. The price range can be extreme, as demonstrated in this guide. And that is explained by a main factor: the originality of the Bialetti brand.

Parts of this Italian brand are usually more expensive for being imported, also for being the brand that gave rise to the manufacture of this type of coffee maker being the oldest and finally for the quality of both the product and the coffee produced.

This value also varies due to the capacity of the Italian coffee maker. You can buy a small model from Bialetti for just R $ 159.90. Other brands have lower values, between R $ 50 and R $ 100.

Where to buy?

It is true that they are extremely popular in Italy, but the same is not true. The Italian coffee maker has been winning the hearts of coffee lovers and consequently the market in our country.

Therefore, leaving the house looking for a Moka coffee machine in a physical store in your city can be a big challenge. They are usually sold in specific household goods stores.

On the internet, you have access to several models. It is easier to find the Italian coffee maker that suits you, without leaving your home. Usually you will also find good deals online. All models mentioned in this ranking are found on the Amazon website. You can also find some at.


Purchasing criteria: Decisive details for choosing the ideal Italian coffee maker

As we mentioned, originality can be one of those criteria for coffee lovers. If you are already a big fan of a tasty and differentiated coffee, it is worth investing in this brand.

If the investment is high at the moment and you still want to buy a quality Italian coffee maker, there are other options in the ranking that will provide you with an incredible experience with coffee from this type of coffee maker.

But there are other criteria that can be decisive in your purchase. And the most important question for you to invest in the ideal Moka coffee maker, is to analyze your reality of need. These factors are as follows:

  • Capacity
  • Electric or stove
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Background size

Now let’s get a better understanding of each of these points.


You live alone? Is coffee just for you or would other people in the house like to drink it too?

If coffee is just for you, a small Italian coffee maker will do, like number 3 or 5 from the selection.

Now if you are keen to receive friends or even serve this coffee to those who live with you at your home, it is worth doing a calculation and see which capacity best suits your needs.

Remember that the cup size of these coffee makers is 50 ml. Those with the greatest capacity are number 1 and 4 on the list, which can make 900 ml or 1.7 liters of coffee, respectively.

Electric or stove

Do you have friends who are also true coffee lovers and that you would suddenly like to invite to a chat at your home serving coffee in this coffee maker?

Italian electric coffee makers also feature incredible features. Even because they have a higher capacity and you don’t risk burning your coffee.

There is no need to keep an eye on the coffee from start to finish and if you leave the base connected to the outlet, the coffee remains warm. But when many coffee connoisseurs look for an Italian coffee maker, they usually want to experience the experience to the full.

It is worth remembering that electricity increases electrical consumption and will not work when there is a power outage, for example. So put it on your scale: what is most important to you?

Even more practical than the traditional one already offers? Or the complete experience of the preparation and flavor offered by the original?

Ease of cleaning

This is important to you? So try to reflect on how the cleaning of these parts works. In general it is very simple. Just wash with mild soap immediately after use.

The only issue is that as easy as the cleaning process is, you need to take into account that it is necessary to undock the pieces and wash each piece individually.

In general, brands advise not to use anything abrasive for washing, such as steel sponge.

The colored ones, for example, require even more care for preservation. Stainless steel ones also deserve extra care so as not to scratch or damage the part.

Background size

Finally, try to see in the description of the pieces the dimension of the bottom (width) of the Italian coffee maker and compare it with the grill of your stove.

Some small models may not fit on the stove grids, requiring an adapter grid. It is just a detail that can end up canceling the practicality that it offers, at the risk of turning on the stove.

So details like this can be decisive for you to receive the perfect Italian coffee maker in your home and not regret your purchase.


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