Top & Best L-Arginine Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best L-Arginine: What is the best in 2022?

Today is the day to talk about l-arginine supplements, the semi-essential amino acid researched more than thirty years ago, which helped to start the culture of consuming “pre-workout” formulas.

Right away, what calls attention about l-arginine is its set of benefits, capable of meeting the desires of both those who seek athletic performance and those who seek to strengthen health, especially their immune and cardiovascular systems.

Rolling your mouse down, you will find a complete Guide on this amino acid, its effects that please consumers to its properties explored by the manufacturers, and, also, a valuable help for you to choose the ideal supplement.

First, the most important

  • Consult a doctor, nutritionist or specialist first of all. Only these professionals can indicate the right dosage for your body, or even if you are able to consume.
  • L-arginine, has relevant effects on blood pressure, which makes it contraindicated for pregnant women, diabetics, cardiac and users of pressure medications.
  • Its price varies, depending a lot on the concentration of the substance, its purity, its formula and even the quantity of capsules in the packaging.

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Ranking: The 3 best l-arginine supplements

Below, we have compiled a list of the three best l-arginine supplements on the market, evaluated based on their formula, their dosage and even their set of benefits.

  • 1º – L-Arginine Platinum – Muscletech
  • 2nd – L-Arginine 500mg – WVegan
  • 3rd – L-Arginine powder – Mais Nutrition





Buying Guide

Part of the success of l-arginine as a supplement lies in the fact that it can influence three major systems in the body: the cardiovascular, the immune and the hormonal.

Thus, from various formulas, the amino acid can be equally effective for athletes and for those seeking vitality in bodily functions. In this Buying Guide, you will find this diversity, but also the benefits, the advantages and disadvantages, even the prices and where to buy.


What is l-arginine?

Biochemically speaking, l-arginine is a basic amino acid. These, in turn, are organic compounds formed by acids and nitrogen derivatives, which when joined together, form proteins that fulfill different and specific tasks, most of them in the cellular metabolism of animals.

L-arginine is produced by the human body, but only the amount sufficient for its functioning, which makes the substance classified as a semi-essential amino acid.

Its main function – and origin of its “fame” – is the transport of nitrogen. This means that, first: it participates in the synthesis of many molecules important for the functioning of the body and, second: it has a vasodilating effect, which impacts on several areas influenced by blood circulation.



What are the benefits of l-arginine?

With this dual property, l-arginine accumulates several benefits for those who consume it. Its presence in vital metabolisms makes it important for a better functioning of the body, while its vasodilation makes it very popular for physical activities.

For example, for bodybuilders and other gym regulars, its use is associated with muscle hypertrophy, by stimulating the secretion of the hormone GH, known as “growth hormone”.

Also in this line, the amino acid acts as a facilitator of the production of phosphate and creatine, other substances abundant in pre and post training supplements. Not to mention the better muscle recovery, based on the improvement it promotes in the oxygenation of tissues.



Back to vital metabolism, l-arginine stimulates the production of lymphocytes, a special type of white blood cell, responsible for the defense of the body, that is, it brings improvements to the immune system.

Studied for at least three decades, the consumption of the nutrient is also associated with other improvements in body performance, such as healing, liver function, cell production in bones and tendons and inhibition of muscle loss in postoperative situations.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of l-arginine?

The consumption itself, the option for a l-arginine supplement carries some advantages and disadvantages. The first of the advantages is, as expected, the versatile benefits, both for athletic performance and for internal health.

It is also a product that has been developing for at least thirty years, so with the effects already maximized, and with its well-established pros and cons.

Um deles, por exemplo, é a segurança de seu consumo, sem grandes alterações vitais e com efeitos colaterais muito mais circunstanciais ou ligados à uma dosagem muito errada.

Ainda assim, há efeitos colaterais, ainda que mínimos, associados à uma queda brusca de pressão, com diarreia, mal-estar, até desmaios. Da mesma maneira, há contraindicações, também levando em conta a questão da pressão.

Portanto, ele não deve ser usado por gestantes, cardíacos, diabéticos e nem para usuários de medicamentos para pressão – pelo menos não sem consultar um médico.

O suplemento também não deve ser ingerido com álcool, seja concomitantemente, seja dentro de um contexto de consumo regular da substância. Ambos são vasodilatadores e podem acarretar, novamente, numa queda excessiva de pressão.



  • Benefícios atléticos e à saúde
  • Três décadas de pesquisa
  • Consumo seguro


  • Circumstantial side effects
  • Contraindicated for vulnerable pressures
  • Incompatible with alcohol

L-arginine, HCl or AAKG?

As we mentioned, the versatility of the effects of l-arginine is reflected in a variety of formulas and supplements on the market. Today, there are three main strands of the substance, the “pure” l-arginine, the one with hydrogen chloride (HCl) and the Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG).

Before you worry about the names, know that pure l-arginine remains the most sold and most targeted of the physical and virtual shelves. It brings all the benefits mentioned so far, and without any changes, since it is natural to our body.



L-arginine HCl is the second most popular. The only difference, believe me, is in the taste, supposedly more pleasant with the association of the amino acid with hydrogen chloride. Ah! Its price is also usually higher.

Finally, AAKG, which is most commonly found in international manufacturers, is a variety of arginine that is also vasodilator and supposedly more efficiently absorbed, but is not natural to human biochemistry.

This makes you need some adaptations and extra substances for your best performance, thus reducing the safety of your consumption, while increasing the value.

  L-arginine Hcl AAKG
Flavor Acid Neutral Neutral
Purity High Average Low

How much?

The price range for l-arginine supplements is relatively large. You can find in the range of R $ 40 up to around R $ 350, this in a single bottle.

What changes the values ​​the most, besides the quality of the obtaining and storage processes, is the concentration of the amino acid, the dosage per package and even the purity of the formula.

Where to buy?

You can find quality l-arginine supplements, and with specialized attendants, in pharmacies, such as Ultrafarma, or in large athletic supplementation chains, such as Corpo Ideal.

However, if you are looking for a greater variety of brands, prices, and even products, in addition to the possibility of buying from the comfort of your home, sites such as Amazon, Mercado Livre and Netshoes are the best indications.





Purchase criteria: What to note when choosing your l-arginine?

In order to help you find the ideal l-arginine supplement, we have built, from the product’s elements and characteristics of its use, a list with selection criteria, to be viewed carefully when purchasing.

  • Performance or Health?
  • Dosage
  • Capsule or powder?
  • Flavor

Next, we’ll talk about each of these items. The more information, the better your option.

Performance or Health?

The extensive set of benefits of l-arginine attracts two different groups of consumers, and there are, therefore, supplements designed for each of them.

The first thing, therefore, that you should think before choosing is which group you belong to, among those who seek the amino acid to exercise or to strengthen their health.




Com o intuito do consumo decidido, saber a dosagem é o próximo passo. Há uma infinidade de dosagens diferentes, com concentrações maiores ou menores de l-arginina por cápsula.

Esses valores ditam a quantidade de cápsulas que você vai tomar num dia e quantos frascos você precisa comprar para um certo período de tempo. Assim, depois de ouvir seu médico ou nutricionista, procure o suplemento que melhor se encaixe à sua dosagem indicada.

Cápsula ou em pó?

Você pode se encontrar numa dúvida entre suplementos de l-arginina em pó ou em cápsulas. Ainda que as fórmulas em pó tenham “espaço” para ser mais ricas nutricionalmente, a questão aqui é muito mais prática.

For example, if you take your dose at the gym, the variety in pills is much more practical, either to take or to transport. On the other hand, if you have little time between the dose and an exercise, the powdered strand is absorbed much more quickly.

There is also the question of dosage, which is more accurate with the capsules, but easier in the powdered product.



One of the characteristics of l-arginine that few people know about is its acidic taste, especially in powdered supplements. So, if flavor is relevant to you, so is that criterion.

Therefore, give preference to the l-arginine HCl variety, which has a pleasant taste, or to products with a flavor indication on the packaging, whether artificial, natural or neutral.



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