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Top & Best Pepper grinder Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Pepper grinder: How to choose the best in 2022?

The elders said: there is no bad food, there is food without seasoning. And this is in fact a great truth. In addition to garlic and salt, pepper also makes a difference in dishes. And to have it fresh and tasty, the pepper grinder is essential. That’s what we’re going to talk about here today.

Present in practically all professional kitchens, this utensil makes a difference and with its very simple design and use, it can add more flavor and aroma to any dish.

And if you are looking for just that, in this article we will bring you all the information about the pepper grinder. At the end of the reading you will know whether or not it is ideal for your needs. So continue with us and come on!

First, the most important

  • The pepper grinder can be found in the manual format and also in the electric format.
  • It can be used for other types of seasoning like salt, mustard grains and more.
  • Most models have a milling regulator and thus it is possible to obtain different grain sizes.

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Best pepper grinders: Our favorites

The question when buying a pepper grinder starts when you are faced with several different models and you don’t know which one to choose. Because to present you the best in the market, we have prepared this list with some of the best options. Check out:

  • Captan Forest Cole & Mason Wood Pepper Grinder
  • Black Trudeau Wood Pepper Grinder
  • Keswick Cole & Mason Pepper Grinder in Wood

Buying Guide

Considered one of the greatest allies for those who love to use black pepper in their dishes, the pepper grinder is an equipment that almost every chef has and can be easily used by amateur cooks.

And if you fit into one of these classifications and are looking for one of these, know that in this buying guide we will answer all your questions once and for all. For that, just read until the end.

What is a pepper grinder and how to use it?

The pepper grinder is a kitchen utensil found in several sizes and used to grind peppers into grains, making them instantly smaller.


It can also be used to grind coarse salt and other spices.

It is available in various models and can also be used to grind coarse salt and other spices.

The pepper grinder has a very simple operation. To use it, just place the pepper in its reservoir, adjust the thread to define the size of the grains and rotate the top part so that the seasoning is released.


The pepper grinder was invented in France in 1842 by Jean Pequignot Peugeot and models of this brand are still produced today.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the pepper grinder?

In addition to practicality, the pepper grinder is responsible for adding more aroma and flavor to the food due to the work it does with this ingredient.

As soon as the pepper is ground, it releases aromatic oils that give it much more intensity and taste. However, as time goes by, these oils disperse and in the ground pepper options found in supermarkets they no longer exist.

With a grinder at home, it is possible to fully use the oils produced by the pepper as soon as it is ground, and with that a more flavored and differentiated final result is achieved.

Regarding salt, there is no change in the final taste, but with the grinder you can have grains slightly larger than the powder and thus the food is given a different texture.

Another positive point of this product is that it is very easy to use and found in very good values. Thanks to this, it can be part of anyone’s kitchen, not just an item for professional use.

The only issue that must be taken care of with the pepper grinder is related to the fact that there are some models that are made with materials that can rust and this ends up decreasing the durability of the product.

Electric x manual pepper grinder: Which to choose?

Currently, it is possible to find two types of pepper grinders, manual and electric. As much as both generate an equal final result, they have some peculiarities.

The manual grinder is the simplest. To work it is enough to turn it and the pepper will come out ground. The electric is connected from batteries and has a design very similar to the previous model.

To have the ground pepper just press a button and it will do the whole process alone. The only thing, however, is that many people report that electric grinders have less durability and also cost a little more.

How much?

The price of pepper grinders varies according to the brand, material and type of grinder, and the electric ones end up being more expensive.

Thus, it is possible to purchase one of these for an initial price of R $ 11 and the highest average price found is R $ 580.

Where to buy?

Pepper grinders are easy to find, in almost all stores that sell kitchen utensils you can buy them. It is common to find this artifact in stores.

Online there is also a wide range of pepper grinders and it is very easy to find models of specific brands. There are several options for online stores and those that have a good amount of products are Amazon.


Purchase Criteria: Factors for comparing pepper grinder options

Now that we have explained in detail everything about the pepper grinder, the time has come to show you what points you should take into account when choosing one and they are:

  • Material
  • Grinder capacity
  • Intensity of use
  • Regulation

We detail each one below so you don’t miss!


Pepper grinders can be manufactured in different materials, with options in wood, acrylic, stainless steel and glass.

The wood grinders are traditional and are among the ones that last the longest, but visually speaking those made of glass, acrylic and stainless steel end up being more modern.

But regardless of aesthetics, it is important to pay attention to the raw material of the grinding mechanism. It cannot be made with simple metallic materials, because salt corrodes the metal and ends up damaging its durability and giving taste to the seasoning.

Grinder capacity

Another important point that must be analyzed is the capacity of the grinder, and this is directly related to the need that you will have to fill the reservoir as it is used.

Thus, larger grinders are ideal for environments where pepper is widely used in dishes such as restaurants, for example. Due to their larger size, they end up not matching all table models, being more restricted to the kitchen environment.

Those who use it more at home can opt for smaller grinders. As much as there is less pepper or other seasoning in them, they end up being able to be taken to the table and also do not take up much space.

Intensity of use

There is also the possibility of purchasing a common grinder or disposable ones, which already contain a specific amount of pepper, and must be changed when their content is finished.

Which one to choose will depend on your frequency of use. For those who use pepper a lot in their dishes it is more worth investing in a traditional one and buying the grains separately, since over time the value comes out more into account.

On the other hand, those who use little or do not know if the product is a good option for their reality can invest in disposables because they are already complete and can cost less.


In addition to all the items we have mentioned, one must also take into account the number of grinding settings that the grinder has and this can make a difference for some forms of use.

There are options that have up to six settings and this makes it possible to get finer and smaller grains or even the largest, which are ideal for seasoning pieces of meat.

This factor needs to be taken into account because there are simple models that do not have this possibility. So, if you need the grinder for something moreprofessional, the more levels of grinding, the better the end result.


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