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Thinking of upgrading your computer so that it can safely run the next generation games? Today, at ReviewBox Brasil, we will show you how a water cooler can make a difference in your experience.

The more powerful the hardware on your PC, the more heat it generates, especially when you start overclocking. In such cases, a good cooling system is essential. Check out our full review.

First, the most important

  • Although the name suggests, cooling is not done with ordinary water. The fluid responsible for refrigeration is a mixture of distilled water and chemical additives.
  • The most common water cooler is used to cool the processor, but there are more complete systems, which also connect to the video card and other components.
  • Because it is a more complex system, it contains more parts. So a more spacious cabinet may be needed to accommodate all of your hardware.

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The best water coolers: Our indications

With the gamer market growing dramatically in recent years, water coolers are increasingly popular. In addition to being efficient, they also make computers stylish. Below are some great models.

  • Ideal for beginners
  • The perfect option for gamers who love lights
  • Our recommendation for overclocking enthusiasts

Buying Guide

A good cooling system is essential for your processor and video card to work to its full potential, without performance drops or overheating that damage components.

The water cooler offers a number of benefits when compared to traditional systems, but it requires its share of commitment, whether in price or installation. Follow our shopping guide for more details.

How does the water cooler system work?

If you already have a computer, you should be familiar with the traditional fan system that helps to dissipate heat.

In the case of the water cooler, it is a closed system, where a pump is responsible for the fluid circulating to the processor, and other components in more elaborate models, performing a heat exchange.

When the fluid heats up, it is taken to the radiator, which can be external or internal, eliminating heat with the aid of fans.

This continuous process allows all connected hardware to be cooled with maximum efficiency, which is fundamental in high performance computers or gamers.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the water cooler?

The main advantage of the water cooler cooling system is efficiency, because in addition to being powerful, it is much quieter, producing less noise than conventional fans.

It also helps to manage the temperature more powerfully, which makes it excellent for overclocking, as in these cases, the components are brought to their maximum capacity, requiring greater cooling power.

And we cannot leave out the fact that it offers several customization options, with bright elements or colorful additives that attract attention.

However, there are some disadvantages to be aware of. They require more space in the cabinet for their different components and, installed incorrectly, there is a risk of leaks.

How important is a water cooler to a PC gamer?

Unfortunately, and especially in competitive environments, the performance of computers is often as important as the skill of the players.

This is because the response times can vary greatly from one setup to another. This is one of the reasons why gamers always want the best available on the market.


A good cooling system is essential to keep everything running.

And, although manufacturers are always advancing in the generation of heat from their hardware, a good cooling system is essential to keep everything running properly.

They help not only to make the performance more stable, but also in the useful life of these components. Especially if you intend to push them to their limits with as little risk as possible.

In addition, it is impossible to deny that they are aesthetically beautiful, giving a cutting-edge look even if your PC has more modest specifications.

Is the water cooler system safe?

When we talk about water coolers, the main concern is leakage. Have you ever imagined all your precious setup exposed to a fluid that can damage everything?

Unfortunately, this is a risk that can happen, especially in cheaper systems or in case of installation problems.

This is a concern that brands take into account, and many models already have security systems. In any case, it is important to pay attention and carry out maintenance regularly.

What are the main components of a water cooler?

Unlike traditional fan systems, the water cooler has more parts that make its operation possible. Check out:

    • Waterblock: One of the most important parts of this system, it is responsible for transferring the heat from the hardware to the water.
    • Radiator: The hot water that comes from the waterblock passes through the radiator, which uses fans to cool it again.
    • Pump: It is responsible for pumping water through the entire system.
    • Reservoir: It allocates the fluid from the water cooler and, together with the pump, allocates the fluid through the hoses.
    • Connectors: They are responsible for connecting the hoses to the pump, radiator and reservoir. They can be made of plastic, nickel or a nickel-chromium alloy and range from 3-4 / 3-8 “or 1-2 / 1-4” inches.
    • Hoses: They integrate the fluid into all components of the cooling system.
    • Fluids: Most fluids are a combination of distilled water and chemical additives, some similar to those used in automotive radiators. The exact formula can depend a lot on the manufacturer and some keep their composition protected under lock and key.


And if you’re still building your gamer setup, take a look at other of our articles that can help you get a cutting edge PC..

Purchasing criteria: What to review before buying a water cooler

At first glance, installing a water cooler may seem like a seven-headed bug, but if you are aware of all the necessary specifications, the whole process can be much easier.

With that in mind, we have separated some important topics for your consideration. By following these tips, your PC will gain in performance, style and without making noise.

  • Dimensions
  • Compatibility
  • Lighting and style
  • Number and size of fans


One of the first things you should consider when purchasing a water cooler system is the size that all its components, such as hoses, cables, pumps and fans will occupy in the case.

While the simplest models are more compact, the complexes have larger radiators and fans.

It is also important to keep an eye on these specifications in order to change parts during periodic maintenance. Size can also interfere with factors such as compatibility, as we will see below.


The main difficulty for many people to set up a good setup is to find hardware parts that are compatible. We see these examples on motherboards, processors and video cards.

It is no different with the water cooler. So, before making the purchase, it is extremely important to check its compatibility with your setup and cabinet.

This information can be found both in the manufacturer’s specifications and on various specialized websites. It is worth investing a little time, delving into all the technical details so you don’t regret the purchase

Did you know that there are overclocking competitions that reward the best water cooler setups?


Lighting and style

In addition to performance, one of the great advantages of the water cooler is the lighting system that many models offer. In some, it is even possible to choose from several RGB effects, especially on fans.

The fluid itself can have several different colors that, in combination with transparent hoses and cabinets with sides or glass front, offer a separate show.

Number and size of fans

When dealing with water coolers, not only does the radiator need to be powerful, but the number and size of fans also makes all the difference to better dissipate heat.

Currently, the simplest models use a 12 cm fan. For more demanding gamers setups, or for professionals who work with image rendering and have more powerful machines, it is possible to choose models with two or more 14 cm fans.

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