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Top & Best supplements to gain mass Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best What are the best supplements to gain mass in 2022?

In today’s article, we’ll talk about the best supplements to gain muscle mass. After all, the time is gone that losing weight is all that exercise practitioners want! Stay with us to find out how you can help physical changes in your body!

There are several types of supplements that help in gaining muscle mass. The compositions and ways of acting on the body are different and it is necessary to know how to use them correctly. That is why it is important to know all the necessary information before starting any supplementation. We’ll talk about all of that below.

First, the most important

  • There are a huge number of supplements to gain mass on the market, but you should only start taking them after receiving medical advice.
  • The best supplements to gain mass should be taken safely, following the dosages recommended by professionals. They can act on the body in several different ways.
  • If taken correctly, supplements to gain mass have good results that start to be noticed after a few months. It is essential to do the appropriate physical exercises along with supplementation.

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The best supplements to gain mass: Expert opinion

After a lot of research and discussion with experts, we made a list with some of the best supplements available for gaining muscle mass. They will probably bring you good results!

  • The tasty and functional Whey Protein
  • For those seeking muscle recovery
  • An excellent ally in muscle mass gain



Buying Guide

Is taking supplements to gain mass really a good idea? Does only eating them without physical activity work? Can this consumption lead to health problems?

In the next few lines, we will answer all these questions!


Is it safe to take supplements to gain mass?

As effective as they are in the goal of facilitating people’s muscle mass gain, supplements should be taken with caution. There are health problems, especially in the kidneys and liver, which are linked to their inappropriate consumption.

Many people overuse or use supplements at incorrect times. This makes metabolization problematic and future problems arise. Although often natural, these products resemble medicines in the way of consumption.

It is safe to consume food supplements as long as with medical supervision. Before making your purchase, go to a nutritionist and explain what you want. Thus, you will be able to know the perfect dosage and the times when you should supplement.

Gaining muscle mass and having physical development is a matter of health, but preserving your vital organs is even more!



Did you know that more than twenty brands of Whey Protein have already been banned? This happened because they did not pass Anvisa’s quality control in relation to the nutrients offered.

But don’t worry: Brands for sale in trusted places are approved and appropriate!

What are the advantages of taking supplements to gain mass?

The use of food supplements has the function of helping people achieve physical goals more quickly and efficiently. In the case of those that serve to gain mass, the muscle development process accelerates.

For high-performance athletes, dietary supplements are indispensable. And for people with difficulties in gaining mass, they also become highly recommended, since they have proven efficiency.



When used properly and recommended by professionals, supplements to gain mass increase energy for training, work on muscle hypertrophy and make the results remarkable. They can be very useful allies for those who exercise.

But we must remember that there is the opposite side, and that used inappropriately, food supplements cause health problems. They are also not able to work miracles and need a physical exercise routine and good nutrition to bring results.

See in the table below the advantages and disadvantages of taking supplements to gain mass:


  • Accelerates muscle mass gain
  • Gives you more energy for your workouts
  • Facilitates muscle hypertrophy
  • Help those who have problems gaining mass


  • Need medical advice
  • Only works with an exercise routine and good nutrition

In what situations are supplements to gain mass recommended?

Food supplements are used by many people even without medical advice, which is not ideal. Therefore, we have prepared a list of in which situations you should really look for them.

    • High performance athletes : For high performance athletes, who always consume a lot of energy and train at a fast pace, supplements are essential. They help to take body development to a competitive level.
    • People with difficulties to develop mass: There are people who, due to metabolism problems, develop muscle mass much more slowly. Supplementation is also a very interesting solution for them.
    • Who needs immediate results: If for some reason related to work or health you need immediate muscle gain in one part of the body, opting for supplementation can help you, since it is indeed capable of accelerating the appearance of results.


In addition to these recommendations, it is important to remember that some people cannot use supplements in any way. Pregnant women and those with kidney or liver problems top this list.

How do mass gain supplements work in the body?

The ways in which supplements act to gain mass in the body are varied. Depending on your preference, you can choose the one you like best.

Some supplements act on hormone production. These are the cases of Agression and Tribulus, most recommended for men because they increase testosterone, and Femme Protein for women. Vitality and disposition are directly influenced by them.

Others, like creatine, reinforce compounds already produced naturally by our body, also resulting in greater energy gain.

Whey Protein, Syntha and Nutri Whey are examples of supplements composed of amino acids and vitamins that act directly on the muscles, facilitating both hypertrophy at the time of exercise and recovery. They also have other health benefits.

BCAA also has the characteristic of bringing amino acids that promote muscle growth, but it is even more efficient for recovery.

We have prepared a table comparing some types of supplements and their actions in the body:


Do mass gain supplements work on their own?

There is no point in waiting for any miracle of supplements to gain mass. They work as an aid to your workouts and exercises, helping to enhance the results that would be generated by a regulated physical activity routine.


Muscle gain only happens when accompanied by physical activity.

Therefore, if you want to gain muscle mass, the first step to be taken is to practice correct physical exercises, preferably recommended by a professional. Follow the guidelines for quantity of times per week and time, try to follow a quality routine.

If a nutritionist recommends that you also use supplementation, you should look for a type that makes more sense and offers you more benefits. Then, you also need to take it correctly, according to the stipulated dosage and at the recommended times.

Mass gain, as well as weight loss, is a process that goes through several stages. The results are only achieved if all are carried out in the ideal way.

How long does mass gain supplements take effect?

Each supplement acts on the body differently and each metabolism also has different characteristics from the others. Therefore, it is difficult to specify exactly how long you will start showing muscle mass gain.


The combination of exercise and supplementation usually results in between four and five months.

Assuming that you follow your exercise and supplementation routine according to what has been passed by professionals, it is expected that between four and five months it will be possible to notice a considerable gain in muscle mass.

However, other benefits, such as fat loss, improved mood and good mood, are usually noticed even earlier, in the first month of physical exercise.

These numbers, of course, are not accurate: Some people may notice an improvement in muscle mass earlier, with two or three months of regular exercise, while others may take a little longer.

How much does it cost and where to buy supplements to gain mass?

As there is a wide range of supplements to gain mass and brands, there are also huge differences in prices. You will find packages ranging from R $ 20 to R $ 400. Therefore, it is necessary to know exactly what you are looking for!

There are many stores specializing in dietary supplementation, but gyms and even some pharmacies also sell some of the best supplements for mass gaining. Another option is to make your purchase over the internet:  Amazon!


Purchase criteria: Factors for choosing supplements to gain mass

How do you know exactly which weight gain supplement to buy? We have four technical criteria to present you and facilitate your decision:

  • Dosage
  • Consumption mode
  • Composition
  • Interaction

Below, you will find more details about each one!


Each food supplement has its ideal dosage. Supplementing more than recommended by healthcare professionals can cause serious problems in your liver and kidneys, and missing the dose to less will not bring the desired results.

If the supplement chosen is in tablets or capsules, check how many milligrams each one has and compare with how much you need to take. If it is in powder, grains or other format to be mixed with food, accurately measure the amount in a spoon!

The important thing is to follow exactly what your doctor or nutritionist instructed.


Consumption mode

Most food supplements are available either in tablets or capsules, as well as in powder or grains. If you have the option to choose, choose the one you find most pleasant or practical.

Shake and shake recipes with some supplements are common.

Pills are easy to take, but powder or grains usually need a little creativity. Recipes for shakes and shakes are common, as well as mixing in everyday dishes.

Some of the most popular supplements are even sold in flavors such as chocolate and strawberry, making them much more pleasurable for consumption. You will always have the option to buy something very pleasant to help your mass gain!


Do you have a protein or vitamin deficiency? Are you allergic to any chemical compounds? Do you have problems with coloring or flavoring agents? Do you really need to recover from the lack of a mineral in your body?

Before choosing a brand of supplements, read the composition carefully! Thus, you can check whether it offers everything you need, or if there is nothing that can harm you due to allergy or intolerance.



There are some rules that must be followed when taking two or more supplements at once or even when mixing them with food. There are certain compounds that do not get along with others or that when together they cause nutrients to not be well absorbed.

Ask your nutritionist to make a detailed table about the ideal times to take each supplement and what foods they cannot be mixed with. That way, it will be possible to enjoy the best in each one!



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