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Top & Best Taurus Helmet Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Taurus Helmet: How to choose the best in 2022?

Ensuring your safety when riding a motorcycle is absolutely essential, as well as following the laws. Therefore, we prepared this article talking about Taurus helmets, items capable of giving you maximum protection without losing style or good taste!

Taurus is a very traditional company in the field of defense and security, with decades of history. She applies all this knowledge to her helmets, which are among the best on the market. In the next few lines, you learn everything you need to choose the one that best suits your needs!

First, the most important

  • Since the 1980s, Taurus has been a reference in helmets. The San Marino line is the market leader for combining extreme security with affordable prices.
  • Taurus helmets are known for using great materials and technologies to increase safety. Virtually all models are within Inmetro’s safety standards.
  • Most Taurus helmets have very simple designs, however, the Urban line is developed for those who like to make these accessories also part of their personal identity.

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The best Taurus helmets: Our opinion

Choosing a helmet is very personal. However, thinking about the best selling and most recommended models manufactured by Taurus, we have made a short list of those that really can be considered the best!

  • A classic Taurus helmet
  • The best Taurus helmet for them
  • For those who want absolute security


Buying Guide

Do you know what differentiates Taurus helmets from others available on the market?

Reading our purchase guide carefully will not only help you discover this answer, but also how to understand which one was made for you!

What makes Taurus a good helmet brand?

Taurus is a company that has won the world. Despite being founded in Rio Grande do Sul, with its products of enormous quality it managed to reach the North American and worldwide market with regard to products in the fields of security and personal defense.

Helmets are among the most important products of the brand. And, with them, hard work to be above the market average. Not for nothing, the San Marino line, the most popular of Taurus, was responsible for the first quality labels of Inmetro within this niche of products across the country.

Taurus has over 35 years of experience manufacturing helmets, always looking for greater perfection. And that perfection comes from an extreme knowledge of what the public wants and how to offer security to everyone.

For any large successful company, the relationship with the customer is a fundamental ingredient of success. Taurus, of course, follows the recipe with their helmets!



Did you know that Taurus was founded in 1939, in São Leopoldo, at the encouragement of Getúlio Vargas? This happened because had great chances of entering the second world war and, with that, it would have a great demand for firearms, the company’s original focus.

What are the advantages of Taurus helmets?

Taurus’ knowledge of the issue when it comes to security is impressive. Therefore, their helmets are among those that use the most safe and durable materials on the market. With them, you are sure to really receive very high protection.


Another important feature is versatility. The company offers some very simple models, with affordable prices and discreet designs, while others are more suited to urban fashion, reaching a different tribe. There will always be the ideal model for each group of people!

No helmet brand has such a large index of models approved by Inmetro as Taurus. This is the main attestation that the company does offer copies of unquestionable quality.

All this without prices so above average and with great support and warranty!

Check the table below for the main advantages of Taurus helmets:


  • Absolute security for users
  • Most models are approved by Inmetro
  • Variety of lines and designs
  • Relatively affordable prices


  • Cheaper models don’t have large design variations

What are the lines of Taurus helmets?

The official Taurus website currently has three main lines of helmets: San Marino, Bullitz and Urban. Each has its characteristics and is suitable for different types of consumers. Shall we learn more about them?

    • San Marino Line: It is the most famous line of Taurus, leader in sales since its launch in 1984. Popular, has affordable prices and is indicated for urban use. Its best known feature is the wide peripheral vision. Security has increased over the years.
    • Bullitz Line: Ideal for those looking for classic helmets in design, but extremely safe. Not surprisingly, one of her most famous models is known as “Robocop”: Simple visually, discreet, capable of offering protection that impresses.
    • Urban Line: As the name already suggests, this is where Taurus works best in design and visuals, trying to hook urban tribes. Security is also of a high level, which makes it a price line well above average.


We have prepared a table that better compares the three lines of Taurus helmets:

How do Taurus helmets safety certificates and warranties work?

When buying a Taurus helmet, you will certainly want to be sure that it will accompany you for many years. That is why issues like warranty and security certificates are important.


Taurus helmets have Inmetro safety certificates.

As already mentioned, Taurus helmets are approved by Inmetro. Almost all models have safety certificates that attest to their durability and resistance to impacts. So, you can buy them with peace of mind.

However, what if there is a manufacturing defect? In this case, Taurus helmets almost always have guarantees of at least six months, thus providing the possible exchange of products that present an unnecessary problem.

Whenever necessary, visit the company’s official website to find the full list of authorized technical assistance!

How much does it cost and where to buy a Taurus helmet?

The price variation on Taurus helmets is significant. Some models cost just over R $ 100, mainly in the San Marino line, while others, already in Urban, can go over R $ 500.

To buy a Taurus helmet, you can go to a motorcycle shop. As the brand is famous, no doubt good models will be available! Another option is to purchase over the internet, mainly on  Amazon. Also visit international Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: What to pay attention to when choosing a Taurus helmet

After reading our buying guide, you are probably determined to buy a Taurus helmet. Our mission now is to help you in choosing a model. We selected four important technical criteria:

  • Size
  • Materials
  • Design
  • Extra features

Below, we bring more details about each one of them!


The first step in choosing the right Taurus helmet for you is to know the correct size. To do this, take a tape measure and measure the circumference of your head. The points through which it must pass are the tips of the ear and the eyebrows.

Taurus works with the following measures: Up to 54 cm, PP; 55 to 56 cm, P; 57 and 58 cm, M; 59 and 60 cm, G; above 61 cm, GG.

You can then buy the size that best fits your head, ensuring not only safety, but also comfort when wearing the helmet.


A good helmet needs to be made of the highest quality materials. Taurus, of course, knows this and invests a lot to offer the maximum security that it can.

Most Taurus helmet hulls are made of virgin ABS.

The main materials used in the hulls of Taurus helmets are virgin ABS, which is not the ultimate in strength, but protects very well in urban environments, and eventually glass or carbon fibers.

For visors, the most common is polycarbonate. However, the most important thing is to know the fabric of the inner lining. He must be hypoallergenic and, above all, be able to absorb sweat. This is the part that will most influence your comfort while riding!


How important is helmet design to you? Is the idea always to maintain discretion, without drawing attention, or to print your personal brand and make this protective equipment a fashion accessory, capable of identifying you with a specific group?

Taurus offers both options: The San Marino and Bullitz lines mainly have very simple and discreet models, while Urban has designs made by renowned urban artists. Just know what your style is!

Extra features

Some of the main models of Taurus helmets have good extra features that can help you when riding. Special aerodynamics, thermal control, jugular strap closure and anti-scratch hull protection are some of the main ones.

It is ideal that you read if the chosen model offers good special features and know if you want to count on them. After all, the price may go up a little bit, but durability and safety go up together!


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