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Top & Best Automotive lamp Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Automotive lamp: How to choose the best in 2022?

which today will bring everything about the automotive lamp. Sometimes it is necessary to change this accessory, only to replace it with quality, it is necessary to know how to buy the best option.

The following Automotive Lamp Buying Guide serves as a professional and free document. It is useful to guide you to buy the best products, without pulling sardines for one or the other brand.

Let’s get to know the great part of the secrets that exist behind a good automotive lamp purchase. Take the opportunity to learn a little about this product, after all, more information is always useful in the lives of conscious consumers.

First, the most important

  • Automotive LED lamps are known to be powerful in lighting and because they do not heat up during use.
  • You should buy an automotive lamp that fits perfectly in the headlight entrances.
  • Automotive xenon lamps are only allowed for those who already have them factory installed in the car.

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Buying Guide

Is your desire to find an automotive lamp capable of illuminating the entire track and not just that small straight part? Or, who knows what your business might be to find a powerful lamp that does not consume excess automotive battery?

There are many reasons to buy automotive lamps, only that there is only one way to make the purchase without chances of error. As? Simple, read our Shopping Guide and learn how to choose the best lamp for your vehicle on your own.

What is the automotive lamp?

The automotive lamp is an indispensable accessory for vehicles. It has the function of illuminating part of the environment in which cars, motorcycles, among other cars travel.

This is a type of product that must be installed on the front and rear of the vehicle. The production is characterized by having an intense and strong white light that illuminates both the vertical and horizontal sides.

Automotive lamps should be used with the help of headlights to enhance the lighting results.

Automotive lamps are composed in several variations of power and duration. There are some versions that are prohibited, such as, for example, the xenon lamp, which can only be present in vehicles that already come with it in the form of a factory accessory.

When the automotive lamp is manufactured or installed in the wrong way in the car, at the same time it can cause a momentary blindness in the other drivers of the track, something that causes serious problems in traffic flows.

Various precautions need to be put in place for the manufacture of automotive lamps. For example, the bulb must have positioned the filament correctly in order to ensure light with perfect projection.

In addition to illuminating the environments, the automotive lamp aims to generate lighting that facilitates the view of the warning signs and the shoulder.

Most automotive lamps on offer these days have an LED light, which has a certain amount of luminous flux measurement unit, or lumens.


Does the automotive lamp consume car battery?

One rule of thumb is certain: when you turn the ignition and the lamps turn on in the automatic, there is excessive battery wear. This expense may be less when they come from the factory, but even so the consumption is a little high.

We must not forget that if the lamp consumes a lot of energy it can also increase fuel consumption.

How to install an automotive lamp?

The installation does not require any type of adaptation in the car, which helps for those looking to install faster and less chance of errors. However, it is better to do the service using the assistance of specialized installers.

But, if you are willing to do the installation, no problem. See in the video below how to install an automotive lamp:




What are the advantages and disadvantages of the automotive lamp?

To make the best automotive lamp choices you need to know some advantages and disadvantages.

We can positively say that there are different types of automotive lamps, each of which serves certain needs. This product, in addition to lighting traffic environments, is also useful for lighting signs and shoulders.

It is a typical inexpensive product, available at the most diverse prices to fit any driver’s budget. To install there is a lot of ease, besides that the LED versions use very little of the car battery.

On the other hand, we can say that errors in the installation generate a light that obscures the vision of other drivers on the track. This occurs mainly when the version of the automotive lamp has many quantities of lumens.

If you have a car that turns on the lights with the ignition key on, there’s no way, the lamp certainly generates a lot of energy consumption.

Another negative point is that the plug-in acronyms (H1, H2, H3, etc.) can confuse unsuspecting customers who end up buying a product that is impossible to install in the car.

To better keep the pros and cons of the automotive lamp in mind, see the table below.



  • Illuminates environments and also the license plate of vehicles
  • There are versions of the most different prices
  • It is not difficult to install
  • Led models consume less battery


  • Mistakes in the amount of lumens
  • Wrong installation can cause blurred vision
  • Certain versions use a lot of automotive battery
  • Bulb fitting can mislead consumers

What are the different types of automotive lamps?

Among the various versions available on the market, it is difficult even for specialists to make a choice. For this reason you need to know what the 4 main types of automotive lamp are:

Halogen automotive lamp

These are the most popular lamps in cars around the world, either due to their low prices or the ease of finding them on the market. The metal filament needs to be heated for the product to work perfectly. This lamp has a tone that approaches yellowish. The version does not have much resistance against light collisions or vibrations.

Super white automotive lamp

To use the super white lamp it is necessary to have authorization from DETRAN. It also works with metallic filament heating. The light has a whiter tone. Choose a version similar to the power of the original lamps.

Xenon automotive lamp

With a blue and white tone, offering a lot of intensity in the brightness of the light, the automotive lamp works based on xenon gas and electric discharges. Although they are resistant and intense in lighting, these options are only allowed when installed in the vehicle manufacturer’s factory.


LED Automotive Bulb

This intense light bulb offers almost 80% more illumination than the halogen and super white versions. It lasts 6 times longer when compared to xenon models.

In addition to being resistant to light impacts, the LED automotive lamp also does not heat up during use. It is more flexible because it can also be used on the dashboard, roof, among other points of the vehicle.

See the characteristics of the 4 types of automotive lamp:

How much?

On average the values ​​of automotive lamps can range from R $ 20 to R $ 150 or a little more. Famous brands cost more, especially when they have a lot of lumens.

In order of more expensive versions we have: LED lamp, xenon lamp, super white lamp and halogen lamp. In the online market, prices are 20% below the average price of street stores.

Where to buy?

are three famous stores in the national trade that offer automotive lamp promotions. However, in traditional purchasing it can be difficult to find more varieties of versions.

Amazon, Connect Parts and Tuning Parts are trusted online stores to buy automotive lamps. When making your purchase online in the comfort of home you can find hundreds of the most different versions.



The use of blue light (xenon), except for vehicles that already have the factory accessory, is prohibited. Those who break the rule receive a traffic violation that is equivalent to 5 points in the license and the retention of the car until settlement.



Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing automotive lamp offerings

Below are four essential shopping criteria for anyone who wants to learn how to find the best deals on the market. You are less likely to be misled by salespeople when considering the following points:

  • Fitting
  • Manual
  • Durability
  • Certified

See the meaning of each criterion:


When searching for the product on the market you will find acronyms such as H1, H2, H3, among others. Contrary to what some people think, they do not refer to power, but to fit.

Buy a version that fits the car perfectly. For this, check your vehicle’s manual.


It is best to buy products that come with a manual in Portuguese. This way you can know what are the best indications for use and at the same time use the accessory without exaggerating energy consumption.

The manual is also essential for those who want to install the automotive lamp on their own.


The lamps can last up to 600 hours or more. If you use the vehicle almost always at night it is better to buy the versions that have a longer life.

You can find this information on the packaging or product description. It is worth saying that the longer the duration, the more expensive it can be. Try to find a good balance for your needs and available budget.


Any automotive lamp for sall must be certified by INMETRO. Only in this way are you sure that you use a quality product that will not stop working in a short time.

Be sure to check that the lamp you are purchasing has this certification. If you cannot find this information, disregard the product.


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