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Top & Best 3 seater sofa Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

3 seater sofa: How to choose the best in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about a piece of furniture that is well known and used in homes: the 3-seater sofa.

We don’t always realize how important a sofa size is for the living room of our house. The three-seat option is ideal for spaces that are not large, but also cannot be considered small.

In the guide below, we will explore the theme a little better, and give you tips on how to use this super necessary furniture to your advantage. Follow us!

First, the most important

  • The 3-seater sofas are sofas that comfortably seat three people.
  • They are ideal for medium-sized spaces, and families of two to four members.
  • An advantage of this furniture is that it adapts very well to other complementary furniture, such as armchairs, ottomans, benches and chairs.

Best three-seat sofas: Our recommendations

  • Spacious and comfortable sofa
  • Compact, elegant and charming sofa
  • Excellent retractable and reclining sofa

Buying Guide

The sofa is considered the main piece of furniture in the composition of a room, and the three-seat model is perfect for receiving people without making them uncomfortable, but also without needing a large space for this.

3 seater sofa: What is it and what are its advantages?

When buying furniture to decorate the living room, the first thing we think about is the sofa, right? After all, it is the most important piece of this space exclusively designed to receive people, watch television or simply have a moment of comfort.

Sofas, in general, are very comfortable upholstered seats, ideal for socializing or to be used at rest time.

The three-seat sofa, more specifically, is a good outlet for spaces that are not so big, but they also cannot be considered small. They are usually good choices for families of two to four members, and are very easy to find in the market.

A great advantage of this model is that, due to its intermediate size, it is easily adaptable to any type of decoration, besides accepting armchairs, ottomans, cushions, benches and chairs as a composition.

In addition, it can be used in spaces other than living rooms and TV, such as entrance halls and offices.

In general, the 3-seater sofa is a good choice if you live in a medium-sized home. It is easy to assemble, it is not as heavy and spacious when large options, but it is far from a compact and tight furniture.

What type of sofa is ideal for my home?

Like most home furnishings, the sofa also has a wide variety of types and styles.

Before you choose yours, it is important that you know which line you want to follow, and which model matches the decor of your space.

If you are a novice in the subject, or simply have doubts about the options, rest assured! Below, we will introduce you to the different models of 3 seater sofas to set up your home:

Traditional sofa

The traditional sofa is the best known and best-selling type worldwide. It is the ideal model for living rooms and office receptions, but it can also be used in TV rooms, if you prefer.

It is not retractable and has identical sized seats. A great advantage of this model is that it can be found in a multitude of styles: from vintage models, to the most basic, modern or rustic.

As for your feet, they also vary, being able to be taller, or directly on the floor.

Retractable and reclining sofa

Those who love big and super comfortable sofas cannot give up on retractable and reclining models. They are favorites for TV rooms as they are more spacious, have foot extension and even allow you to change the backrest inclination.

On a sofa of this type you can basically lie all down, however, it has the disadvantage of not being so delicate and not falling so well in rooms that do not have a TV.

When buying it, it must be taken into account that it increases in size when the foot extension is open, and for this reason the measurements must be well calculated.

Sofa with chaise

Those looking for an intermediate option between the traditional and the retractable sofa, end up opting for the model with chaise.

It is a sofa which two of the seats follow the traditional pattern, and the third, at one end, has an extension for the feet. Such an extension is fixed and may or may be leaning against the wall.

The sofa with chaise is usually a great choice for both living rooms and TV rooms, being one of the most flexible and easily adaptable models.

Sofa bed

The sofa bed has a dual purpose and is ideal for those who do not have much space available at home, but like to ensure a corner for any visit to spend the night.

As the name implies, the sofa bed is an ordinary sofa, with a movable back and easily transformed into a bed.

How do I keep my sofa always clean and well maintained?

Cleaning the sofa is a topic that generates many questions, however, in addition to basic care such as avoiding eating and drinking on furniture, there are some tips that can help you with maintenance:

    • Clean it weekly: Use a vacuum cleaner, brushes with soft bristles and, if necessary, water and detergent for possible stains.
    • Avoid contact with sun, salt air and humidity: These three climatic conditions fade the fabric and contribute to the aging of the garment.
    • Do not use alcohol or bleach for cleaning: They can fade and weaken the fibers of the fabric.
    • In case of stains, act quickly: neutral detergent and warm water usually work very well.
    • If necessary, use the blanket: If you have children or pets at home, the blanket can help a lot in preventing accidents involving your sofa.


How much does a three-seater sofa cost?

3-seater sofas are well-crafted furniture and not so small, so they cannot be considered cheap.

It is important to remember that the values ​​of this product vary a lot according to the quality of each piece, with the most expensive ones usually having greater durability.

On average, a good sofa costs between R $ 900 and R $ 3500, however, there are models much more expensive than that, above R $ 5000, as well as simpler options, in the range of R $ 700.

Where to buy three-seater sofas?

Place to buy your dream 3 seater sofa will not be a problem, as it is sold with a wide variety in many types of stores.

You can look for sofa models in the appliance store.

In the case of home and decoration stores, all of them usually sell this type of sofa, so feel free to go to the one that most suits you in your city.

Finally, if you prefer the comfort of buying and receiving your sofa at home, we can refer you to the online version of the stores already mentioned, in addition to Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: how to compare 3-seater sofa models

The sofa is one of those pieces of furniture that you will hardly spend a day if you want to without using it. It conveys comfort, well-being, warmth and beauty, and therefore, must be chosen with great care.

We have selected some criteria that must be observed when buying your 3 seater sofa, so that there is no error in the choice.

  • Upholstery fabric
  • Foam
  • Size
  • Style
  • Color and print

For the avoidance of doubt, we will explain each of these points better.

Upholstery fabric

The upholstery fabric is the first thing you notice when looking at a sofa, so it must be very well chosen. It is worth mentioning that the possibilities of fabrics are numerous and that some types can make furniture cheaper or more expensive.

If you are on a tight budget, for example, there are some simpler fiber fabrics and less sophisticated texture, like twill, canvas and synthetic material. Although they are not the most elegant choices, they are good proposals.

However, if you are looking for something very beautiful for your living room, we recommend velvet, suede, linen, jacquard, natural leather, and even chenille, which is not so expensive.

Still with regard to the fabric, it is also worth noting that they are easy to clean and accumulate a lot of dust. These details make everyday life easier.


Comfort is the most important issue of the sofa and this is 100% related to the type of foam in your furniture. Opt for models that are soft to the measure, and do not cause discomfort in the spine or any other part of the body.

If you go shopping in a physical store, sit on the available sofas and guarantee the best choice.


As we said, the 3-seater sofa is medium in size and designed for families of the same size. In the case of groups that usually receive a lot of visitors, it goes very well with armchairs and ottomans.

In order not to make a mistake in choosing the size, it is extremely important that you cross the measurements of the space you have available at home, with the measurements of the furniture, ok?


Like so many other decorative items, there are many different styles of sofa, and the ideal is that it accompanies the design of your room or office, to ensure a space in harmony.

There are modern, rustic, classic, vintage and even Victorian models. Just choose according to your taste and the style of the environment.

Color and print

And, of course, the color and pattern of your sofa fabric. Nowadays, it is easy to find not only options in pastel colors, but also colorful and printed models.

This is another issue that must be balanced with the style of the environment, mainly because it is a large piece of furniture, which draws a lot of attention.

If your room is very clean, with white walls and furniture, a colorful sofa can be an excellent choice.

However, if it is an opposite situation, which the room is already striking in itself, opt for sofas in white, black, beige, brown or gray.


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