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Top & Best Asus Notebook Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Asus Notebook: Which is the best in 2022?

Founded in 1989, Asus is a company dedicated especially to the creation of hardware such as motherboards, monitors, PCs, graphics cards and other products. One of its strong points is the Asus notebook, which exists in several configurations and which will be the product covered in this review, welcome!

Asus produces a wide range of items and is currently considered the fourth-best notebook company in the world. Its computer models range from the simplest, to the famous ultrabooks, which combine powerful processing speed with high quality screen, keyboard and other tools.

But is it worth buying a branded notebook? It is to help you answer that question that we created this article. At the end of the reading, you will be able to define if the products fit your needs and if you want to purchase one of them. Come on?


First, the most important

  • Asus is a Chinese company that has excellent acceptance in Brazil, having a wide range of products for sale and being easy to find your notebooks to buy in stores and websites.
  • It has several notebook models and its great positive point is to manufacture quality products with a more affordable value.
  • There are some Asus notebook lines for purchase in the country, and there are options that suit the most different users, from day-to-day users, to those who need a higher performance.

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Best Asus Notebooks: Our Favorites

One of Asus’ flagships is notebooks, which is why there are several models for sale. However, among so many options it can be a complicated task to define which are the best and worst. Thinking about it, we researched and showed you below which are the brand’s computers with the best grades, check out:

  • An excellent entry model
  • Advanced Asus Notebook
  • High-end Asus notebook

Buying Guide

Regardless of the type of use, it is essential to purchase a quality notebook, aiming at good performance and performance during use. Fortunately the Asus notebook encompasses these qualities and is a computer highly praised by critics in the field.

In this Buying Guide you will find more information about the brand and its notebook lines so that at the end of the reading you can decide if it is worth investing your money in a computer manufactured by the company.

What is the history of the Asus brand?

Asus is a Chinese company founded in 1989 that started its activities producing motherboards for computers. ASUS ‘name was inspired by Pegasus, a winged horse from Greek mythology that symbolizes wisdom and knowledge.

It is headquartered in Taiwan and currently employs more than 12,500 people worldwide producing tablets, computers, notebooks, motherboards, graphics cards, monitors and most recently entered the smartphone market.

In addition to operating in the production of its own products, the company is also responsible for the sale of electronic components for brands such as Apple and HP.

Over the years Asus has won several awards and is currently the 5th company that sells the most notebooks and is considered the fourth best in this field in the world, according to the Laptop Mag website.

A survey conducted by Square Trade, an American insurance company, analyzed more than 30,000 notebooks after three years of use to determine which ones are the least damaged. At the end of the study, Asus came in first and won as the one with the least problems notebooks after that period, with a rate of 15.6%.


What are the Asus Notebook lines?

In the notebook business Asus has an extensive range of products and it is no wonder that it has managed to gain such a large market share. There are models that range from the simplest and for everyday use, to options aimed at intense and professional use.

Among the product lines that the company has, some are among the most sold and found in Brazil and below you know a little more about them:

VivoBook Series : The company’s VivoBook line has the most models for sale in the country, being easily found in different places and with different configurations. The great advantage of these products is related to their sound system, which was designed to guarantee great power and low distortion. The most common screen size in this line is 15.6 inches, with the average weight of computers being 2 kg.

ZenBook Series : This line from Asus is already more geared to work, with differentials that last up to 12 hours and a design with resistant ultra-thin metallic body, which creates a lighter and more portable notebook. The investment in these notebooks is more focused on design and a processor of excellence. Not to mention the tools that bring more comfort and increased user productivity.

Gaming Series : Aimed at gaming enthusiasts, this series of notebooks features high resolution graphics combined with a technology called Ray-tracing, which simulates the rendering of a scene and its most realistic objects and explosions. In addition, the notebook extracts multidimensional features and combines them with various frames to create different looks.

These are larger and more robust notebooks, with large capacity memories and an intelligent cooling system, in which it is possible to control the fan speed, leaving the computer better prepared to withstand gaming marathons.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an Asus notebook?

Asus is a leading brand in the creation of electronic components for large technology companies worldwide. Precisely for this reason it is easy to imagine that its products have high quality.

In Brazil it has lines of notebooks with very variable prices, and there are several options well into account. In addition, because it has a wide range of products, there are models that adapt to the most varied needs, be they memory, speed, screen resolution and much more.

It can also be noted that Asus notebooks have a good processor, quality screen and are usually thin and light, a differential for those who usually take the computer everywhere.

However, on the Reclame Aqui website, the company’s reputation is regular, which could be better. On the other hand, it has a response rate of 89.5% of complaints and more than 50% of consumers say they would do business with the brand again.

It is worth mentioning, however, that this is a general analysis of the website and, according to our research, complaints are more related to cell phones and not notebooks.

Some consumers also complain about the fact that the brand’s technical assistance is more centralized in São Paulo, which can cause a disturbance if we think of those who do not live in the city and need to depend on the Post Office to send their product to carry out a repair.

What are the differences of the Asus notebook?

As explained above, Asus is a company that has great quality products and that has some high points that make it a good choice.

Speaking specifically about the brand notebooks one of the main reasons for praise is the finish. It has beautiful computers with great finish, and there are several options with metallic body. Thanks to this they are able to produce fine and light products.

Investment in high performance products is also a differential for Asus. Currently the brand started to invest in mousepads that are not powered by the palm of the hand, keyboards with backlighting, better battery life, more faithful sound system, among other differentials.

In terms of screen the company already works with notebooks with super thin edge and for the future is preparing a notebook with two screens, one of which will occupy part of the place that today belongs to the keyboard.

Always innovating and investing in new technologies, Asus is a company that spares no effort to have notebooks of excellent quality and always updated with the newest features.


How much?

For about R $ 1,600 it is possible to purchase an Asus notebook and precisely for this reason that this is a company that sells so many products of this type in Brazil.

There are also more expensive options that can cost up to around R $ 28 thousand, but these are the high-performance models and those geared to games.

Where to buy?

Even as a Chinese brand, Asus has an excellent space in the market, and finding its products is very easy. Stores that sell computer products, Extra and Carrefour always have options for the company’s notebooks for sale.

Online is even easier to find various models and configurations, and some sites that sell this product are Amazon,

It is also possible to purchase the products that are in our Ranking and for that just click on the one that you liked the most and you will be directed to the website where it is being sold.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare Asus notebook models

With so many products on the market it is not easy to choose an Asus notebook model to take home. And it is to help you in this task that we define below the main points that you must take into account when comparing the available options, they are:

  • Memory
  • Processor
  • Screen
  • Video card
  • Weight
  • Battery life
  • Appetizer

Check now all these points in detail to know how to make your choice:


Every computer has two types of memory, RAM , which is responsible for keeping all the programs that are running when the notebook is turned on, and the storage memory, which is dedicated to photos, movies and music.

Both are important and to define which is the most suitable for its use, it must be analyzed that the greater the quantity and size of the files that need to be stored, the greater the memory of your computer must be.

If you already have another computer, check the settings for how much memory it has and how much you are using, this is a good way to have a parameter.

Another way to reach a conclusion in this regard is thinking that if you are not going to use the notebook for heavier programs or files, a 4GB option may be enough. If you have files or activities that need more memory, choose models of 8GB or more.

There are also memories that are extensible and with them there is the possibility to increase the capacity of your notebook in the future if necessary. It is worth taking this point into account when choosing your own.

Even the capacity of a notebook’s memory is a factor that changes the price of the product. So, if you are thinking about saving, make sure to analyze the storage you need to avoid spending more on more powerful memory and discover that you don’t use even half of it.

According to the Techtudo Portal, Microsoft conducted a survey and found that 72% of ordinary or everyday users use only 64GB of storage, that is, they do not need larger hard drives.


Another crucial point in choosing the Asus notebook is the processor, since all the commands executed by the computer pass through it, thus determining how the product will perform.

Currently the most used are the Intel Core i3, i5 and i7, the latter being the most advanced and fastest of all.

If you are a regular notebook user, you will have no problem choosing the i3 system, as it is fully capable of surfing the internet, creating text files and performing other day-to-day tasks.

On the other hand, those who work with editing videos and photos or usually play with the computer should consider purchasing a model with an i5 or i7 processor, since they are more powerful and give the computer a differentiated performance.

Other processor models that are found in Asus notebooks are Intel Celeron and Intel Pentium.

The Celeron version is the most basic and is usually used for simpler, cheaper and thin notebook models, such as Chromebooks. If you are looking at a computer with this type of processor, know that it supports a maximum of 8GB of RAM.

The Pentium option, on the other hand, is a little more powerful than Celeron and has a superior performance. It supports up to 64GB of RAM and has better graphics.

Here the question of price also enters and the more powerful the processor the more expensive the notebook will be.


Asus notebooks have screens ranging from 11.6 ”to 18.4”, which is great considering different types of users.

When choosing yours it is important to think that the bigger the screen, the greater the probability that the computer will be heavier and use more battery. In addition, the more space it will occupy.

Therefore, when defining the size of your notebook screen, think mainly about the ways of using it.

Whoever takes the notebook to different places should consider options with smaller screens, up to about 14 ”. With this, the computer will easily fit in several bags and will be lighter.

For those who use the notebook at home, they can easily opt for larger options and with that it is possible to have access to an expanded keyboard, for example. In fact, the models with screens with more inches are those geared to games.

Another issue facing the screen is the resolution, and there are options up to full HD that can be a good choice for those looking for sharper and more faithful images on the computer.

In addition, it is worth taking into account the fact that it is possible to purchase a notebook with a touch screen, a differential that can be great for those who want to use the notebook using their fingers. This technology is very present in two-in-one versions, which fold and become tablets.

Video card

The video card is another point of attention, especially if you work with videos and images or will use your gaming notebook.

Those who use this type should look for notebooks with more powerful video cards, ensuring greater image resolution and loyalty of colors and effects. It is always worthwhile to see in the manufacturer’s specifications the resolution capacity and the technology involved in product development.


Another variable that should be taken into account mainly by those who usually transport the notebook to different places is the weight of the product.

Asus has several options for ultrathin and light notebooks, with models weighing around 1.2kg. These may be the first choice for those who do not want a heavy product.

The most robust computers of the brand are those geared towards gamers, which are usually larger.

Battery Life

One of the main gains of notebooks in relation to desktop computers is related to the fact that they are portable and therefore they can be used anywhere thanks to their battery.

However, it is useless to have such a product if the battery has a short life, and its durability is closely related to the size of the screen and other components of the computer.

Fortunately, Asus has invested in new technologies and with this has created notebooks with a higher recharge speed and batteries with a life that is up to 3x greater than conventional ones.

Even so, check how many hours the mark indicates that the battery of the model you are choosing lasts and therefore analyze whether or not it is sufficient for your type of use.


The last factor of comparison between Asus notebooks is related to the entries that the computer has.

Many models no longer offer input for CD and DVD and if you need this feature be sure to check before finalizing the purchase.

The number of USB ports, depending on their use, should also be taken into account, with at least three being indicated.

The HDMI port is also important for those who usually connect the notebook to televisions and projectors, not to mention that an SD card slot can be a differentiator for those who usually use this type of memory to transfer files to the computer.


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