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Top & Best Bench saw Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Bench saw: How to choose the best one in 2022

home of the most diverse and complete analyzes. Our concern is to make you make the best choice. And today the subject involves a very complete tool, the circular bench saw.

Versatile and of great use, dealing with joinery or civil construction without one of these can greatly increase the workload. It can be used for an almost unlimited number of tasks in cutting wood.

But, also due to the versatility and great acceptance in the market, there are tons of models on the market. Following with us, we will pass on characteristics, uses and everything else you need to choose the best one for your need.

First, the most important

  • Having a circular bench saw is one of the most important investments if you intend to deal with carpentry or venture into civil construction, in small enterprises (such as renovations).
  • Its main function is to give size to the wood. Rip the boards to the required width, cut plywood sheets and perform work (chamfers, bevels). It is probably the most useful tool you will have.
  • The circular bench saw is as powerful as it is dangerous. More than 10% of accidents in civil construction are linked to (mis) use of the equipment.

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The best bench saw models: Our choices

They can be portable or screwed to the floor, with large disks or several complicated functions. The research will lead you to several doubts, if you do not know the product. And we’ll show you everything. Including a list of the best.

  • A perfect option for everyday life
  • A circular bench saw for professional use
  • A complete tool

Buying Guide

Popular for their power and work capacity, the diversity of the circular bench saw will take you on many paths. However, without a right direction, you will lose sight of the appropriate model.

To make the job easier, we have prepared a Purchase Guide with all the necessary information.

What is the circular bench saw?

It is quite possible that you have already seen a circular saw working, or even heard of it. They are very common tools in civil construction and joinery activities. They can even be part of the house tools.

Circular saws are made with cutting discs. Its high speed rotation causes anything placed in its range to be affected by teeth that do the job of cutting or “tearing”.

In the bench model, there is a fixed base with moving parts, which allows the wood to be cut in different shapes and sizes. The circular bench saw provides great precision and greater work capacity.

What are the advantages of the circular bench saw?

Among so many circular saw options, why would you choose a bench top?

As we saw above, the advantages are many. Quick adjustment and ease of use, making this saw ideal even for beginners, can be highlighted in this tool.

It is even difficult to raise disadvantages, when the consensus informs the circular bench saw as an essential tool. Especially when it comes to carpentry workshops. But they are not the only options on the market.

Check out the advantages and disadvantages of this tool in topics:

Bench or portable circular saw?

If you intend to purchase a motor saw, you have noticed that there are two main options on the market: the circular saw (portable) and the circular bench saw.

If it depends on the marketing of each one, you will end up believing that you need both. Maybe you need to, but how do you define the first one? After all, there are specific uses for each tool manufactured. Your goal is to find the most suitable for what you want to do, and our mission is to help you.

A search, or even a conversation with enthusiastic woodworkers, can take you to the portable circular saw. You will even hear that the notebook does everything that the bench does. And this is not at all a lie. But the potential of a portable saw will depend – and a lot – on the user’s knowledge and skill.

In addition, the notebook will need several accessories and calibrations to reach its full potential.


By purchasing a table saw, you will be able to rely more on the tool for doing the good job. Some adjustments are easy to make, and you’ll be making precise cuts and fittings throughout the job.


Here is a comparative table for you to see better than we are talking about.

A circular bench saw will definitely help you a lot in the main tasks. When considering yourself an experienced user, enjoy the possibilities of a notebook.

What are the different types of circular bench saws?

The circular bench saws have some very different specifications, which define their potential for use. The most important of these is classification.

Nowadays, these saws fall into three categories: portable or construction saws, contractor saws and cabinet saws. Being a framework, there may be those that fit into more than one category, called hybrids.

Let’s go to the categories:

Portable Table Saw

Designed for movement, they are easy to assemble and carry. Some models even have a cart system and you drive them, pushing.

They perform the same functions as any other bench saw. However, on a smaller scale, because portability means lighter materials and less powerful engines. This is not a problem if you use it for smaller jobs.

The requirement will greatly reduce its durability, and this type will provide greater vibration. This will require you to be constantly focused on stability.

Contractor Saw

They are tools with a simple design, made for carrying out the work. They were created to bring strength to a circular bench saw that can also be moved.

The word is really “busy”, not “portable”. Made with more robust material, they are heavy and hardly come with accessories like wheels or handles for transport. However, they can be carried to different places.

Another interesting feature is that the motor is usually hung on the back of the tool. This facilitates its disassembly and even maintenance.

The contractor saw, among the circular bench saws, is usually the most pleasant solution for smaller workshops and carpentry projects.

Cabinet Saw

The name comes from a characteristic of this model, which usually has a base in the form of a cabinet. Its set is created to provide greater robustness and provide more stability for any job.

More cast iron, more steel, heavier gears and assemblies, more powerful engines. This all provides it with enormous precision and the potential to work with any type of wood.

In addition to being able to work a whole day cutting resistant material with little vibration, allowing less alignment adjustments.

Another advantage is that the engine is inside the closed cabinet, reducing the noise of its operation. The closed base also facilitates the collection of residues and dust that are not entrenched throughout the machine.

Hybrid bench-top circular saw

As classified by their characteristics, even the manufacturers noticed the big differences that started to appear. Especially between contractor and cabinet saws.

It was then that they created the hybrids, aiming to add the precious resources of the cabinet saws to those of the contractor. They are usually closed to a height from the floor, not completely.

They also combine much of the robustness, with prices much more affordable than those of the largest category in weight and power.

What precautions should I take when using a circular bench saw?

Precise and very powerful cutting equipment, this is the essence of the equipment. And you need to be very careful when using it. Therefore, we will give you some important guidelines on use and operation.

    • Attention to indentation : Indentation is the term given when you are sawing something and the saw teeth end up throwing the wood. Never stay behind the wood, but always on the side, to avoid being hit.
    • Keep the wood in place : You need to hold the wood firmly against the rail and the table. If you notice that the size puts your fingers too close together, use accessories to maintain the pressure.
    • Blade rotation : The blade rotates at great speed, and ends up creating a “pull” for it. Threads, hair, ties, gloves are accessories that can be easily attached to the tool’s teeth. Even long shirts must be well folded.
    • Keep clean : Especially in wooden areas, always clean the place and if possible wax. The lower the resistance of the material, the easier the wood will follow the cut path.


How much does a circular bench saw cost?

As variable as the categories, are the prices you will find when searching for circular bench saws. They have a very close relationship between price and power.

You can find products for small uses starting at R $ 600. And with a variety of functions to awaken the joiner in you.

Harder work will require machines in the range of thousands of reais. After all, reducing the cost of this type of equipment is simply increasing the maintenance and repair work.

Where to buy a circular bench saw?

Due to the very specific utility and value of the product, the best option are stores of building material or specialized in wood. Even some large department stores, with areas linked to construction, may have some choices available.

But the access to a lot of options and information, you will even have it on the internet. Websites Amazon will provide you with a wide variety, with the peace of mind of delivering to the location you choose.



Purchase Criteria: Factors for comparing benchtop circular saw models

Now that you know how much having a circular bench saw can be useful for your activities, you also need to know the most important resources. Getting carried away by the colors and arrangements of the pieces can give you an illusion of what the tool offers.

Amid the ton of options to buy, we will now give you some tips on what to really research. Those features that must be taken into account, in the midst of all product specifications.

  • Fence
  • Motor power
  • Saw blade
  • Table or bench
  • Blade inclination

See all the criteria in detail to make the best choice.


A weird name, also called “rip fence”, is the name of the piece in which you slide the wood on top of the bench, towards the mountain. It has enormous importance in obtaining precise cuts. The quality of the fence will even impact the value of the product.

They can be changed over the life of the equipment. But of course you are not going to buy a product thinking about changing parts. So look for equipment where the fence has a smooth and precise fit. From the contractor category saws, you will always have good fences.

Motor power

The engine power will tell you a lot about the tool’s performance. You will find equipment with engines smaller than 1 hp (suitable for use in hobby and small jobs), and others in addition to 5 hp. This is an absurd difference in terms of torque and number of turns of the disc per minute.

The harder, heavier, or condensed, the more is required of the engine. Therefore, the ideal is to calibrate the power choice with what you want to saw.

However, the engine alone is not capable of doing a good job. In a circular table saw, there are several components to be observed for safe and prolonged use.


If the engine is the heart, here we have all the musculature of the tool. This is where the wood comes into contact and will be cut. You need to make sure that the cutting disc is good enough to do so.

Overall, they come in a 10-inch size, which works great for most tasks. However, just like hand saws, there are several blade models to guarantee the best cut, according to the objective.

There are those suitable for tearing, cutting across or cutting and tearing. There are still veneers for plywood, artificial wood or light wood.

Opt for a machine with an ideal blade for various types of wood. Over time, you will identify where it has difficulty, and will compose a stack of blades for use, depending on the wood or object to be cut.

Table or bench

The circular bench saw table provides stability to the product.

The table is a fundamental part of the set. It is the one who will guarantee the greatest security and provide the most accurate cut. For you to have an idea, when we talk about cast iron tables for circular bench saw, we talk about a leveling in 1/1000 inches.

The important thing is to pay attention if it is fully leveled. Search for brands that are well rated for countertops (or tables).

Blade inclination

The cuts will not always be straight in the construction of wooden objects. There are fittings, and everything else possible to make real masterpieces.

In a table saw, it is possible to adjust the slope of the blade for cutting at an angle, which avoids rework in submitting the part for further processing.

Today there are saws with an inclination to the left or to the right. Choose the one you feel most comfortable with.

In general, right-angled saws are the most common on the market. Then you will have more options if you choose one with this feature.


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