Top & Best Exfoliating Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Exfoliating: Which are the best of 2022?

Today we will talk about a very important product for the health of the skin and that should be present in your skincare routine: the exfoliating.

Able to remove dead cells, facial and body scrub is an essential step for skin renewal, promoting softness and freshness.

There are options for all types of skins and needs. Some fight oiliness, others the signs of age and there are also those that promote softness and velvety touch.

Therefore, we will show you the best options and explain what criteria to use to choose the ideal exfoliator.

First, the most important

  • Each skin needs a type of ingredient in the scrub.
  • There are different sizes of granules, they exfoliate with different intensities.
  • There are differences between facial and body scrubs.

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Ranking: The 4 best scrubs on the market

With so many exfoliating options on the market, it is common to be confused and often not know which one to choose. With that in mind, we created a Ranking with the best options. Check out!


Buying Guide

The scrub is an indispensable product in skin care. It cleans, removing dead cells. Are you looking for the ideal exfoliator for your skin?

From now on we will show you which points should be considered at the time of purchase. That way it will be much easier for you to choose the best scrub on the market.

What is the scrub?

The scrub is a product that has a grainy texture capable of removing dead skin surface cells. With this it promotes cell renewal to the dermis, something so important to keep the face and body healthy.

It is possible to find scrubs for all skin types and needs. After all, because it is a product so important for the health and beauty of the face and body, brands invest heavily in its development.


What are the differences between body and facial scrubs?

The main difference between the scrub for the face and the body is in the intensity of the scrub. This is because, while the facial scrub has finer granules, the body has thick granules, after all the treatment will be done in a much larger area.

Exfoliators for the face have extra actions, such as fighting oiliness, preventing acne and calming action. The body scrub only exfoliates and moisturizes. That’s because most of them have oils and butters in their composition to facilitate spreadability in the body.


What are the advantages of using a scrub?

The scrub is a product developed to promote skin renewal , leaving it with more luminosity, vitality and even attenuating blemishes. The scrub also stimulates collagen production and fights wrinkles and fine lines.

Not to mention that it unclogs the pores, increasing the skin’s ability to absorb dermocosmetic assets. So it is always a good idea to exfoliate your skin before applying that powerful moisturizer.

However, it is important to be careful not to overdo the dose. Exfoliation should be done only once a week! If your skin is very oily, it is possible to make an exception and exfoliate up to two times. More than that, your skin will suffer damage.

Excessive exfoliation can cause intense dryness and even small cuts if the exfoliating granules are large. In addition, if you apply the product incorrectly, applying a little more pressure than necessary, your skin will be injured.



  • Skin renewal
  • Illuminated skin
  • Stain reduction
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Clear pores
  • Better nutrient absorption


  • Dryness
  • Possible cuts in the skin if there is excessive exfoliation
  • Sensitized skin if not applied correctly

What is the correct way to use a scrub?

The grainy textured product should be applied to damp skin. Remove from the package an amount that you think is sufficient and apply to the face, always massaging it with your fingertips in circular movements.

After finishing the massage, remove the product from the face with water and facial soap. And remember, it is mandatory to apply a facial moisturizer after the treatment, if your skin is oily give preference to serums. It is also necessary to apply a sunscreen after the procedure.

When it comes to body scrub, the easiest way to apply it is in the bath. In addition to being more practical, the pores are enlarged due to the heat of the water. Therefore, the skin will further absorb the product’s assets. It should also be applied in circular movements, but with the palm of the hand.


How much?

The value of exfoliants varies according to the amount of benefits they offer, as well as the purity of the ingredients. More basic facial scrubs, for example, which only clean deeply, tend to be more affordable. You can find them in the range of R $ 35.

Facial scrubs with ingredients such as quartz crystals and clays are more expensive. They usually cost around R $ 60. This value can go up a little more if, in addition to natural ingredients, they are free of synthetic substances.

The same goes for body products. The most basic ones are around R $ 20. However, if they are formulated with precious oils and vegetable butters the investment can reach R $ 100, even more if they are free of dyes and parabens.

Where to buy?

so you’ll have no trouble finding them. Drugstores, shopping malls, markets and stores specializing in cosmetics are the main places to find this product.

The best thing is that all these establishments have websites. Therefore, you can buy your scrub in the comfort of your home. The Amazon website, for example,  we show in this article.


Purchase criteria: What to consider before buying a scrub

Exfoliating your face and body is very important to combat oiliness, prevent acne and reduce blemishes. But all these benefits are useless if the chosen product is not in accordance with the two specific needs.

So, from now on we will list which points you should analyze before buying a scrub.

  • Specific ingredients
  • Types of granules
  • Fragrance
  • Kind of packing

Below we will explain each of these items better, so you can better understand their importance.

Specific ingredients

Those who have oily skin should opt for a product that eliminates and prevents acne. It is also interesting to opt for exfoliating with quartz crystals and clays, they remove oiliness and control sebum production.

Salicylic acid, in addition to being another ingredient capable of fighting acne, helps in reducing blemishes. Pink clay is ideal for the most sensitive skin, whether oily or dry. This active has a calming action, which prevents irritation and redness.

For dry skin it is ideal to find exfoliants with moisturizing and nourishing action. So, at the same time as the product’s granules exfoliate, moisturizing ingredients take care of the skin.

To exfoliate the body, the ideal is that the exfoliant has oils and butters in its composition. In addition to taking care of the skin, it will be much easier to spread the product during the bath.


Types of granules

Exfoliation is done by rubbing granules (grains that look like sand) with the skin. These granules can be made from various raw materials, such as salt, sugar, sodium bicarbonate, clays, quartz crystals and rice bran.

Exfoliants with salt granules, for example, are indicated for the most dry areas of the body. Sugar can be used both on the face and on the body, but the size of the granules must be different. It is ideal for a more powerful facial scrub on oily skin.

The granules of clays and quartz are also excellent for the face, not to mention that because they are natural there is no risk of the skin being irritated. A good choice for the most sensitive skins. However, its exfoliating action is much smoother.


Although the scrub is a product that is immediately removed from the body, it leaves a residual smell. When choosing a scrub it is also important to think about the type of scent you want. After all, nobody deserves to smell something they don’t like, right?

In addition, we usually use this product during the bath, when there is a very hot steam. This further intensifies the fragrance of the product. That is why it is so important to analyze this point at the time of purchase.

Some people, for example, love more refreshing smells while others prefer florals. There are those who do not dispense with a sweet smell of vanilla or honey, but there are others who get a headache just thinking about this aroma. Is that you? Which one do you like best? Do not forget it!


Exfoliants are sold in two types of packaging: tubes or jars. The first is indicated for those who seek practicality and do not like to waste product. After all, it allows you to control the amount of product you want to unpack.

In addition, exfoliants that come in tubes are usually lighter and have better spreadability. The exfoliants that come in pots, in general, are denser, ideal for a more intense treatment.

It is worth mentioning that the chance of bacterial proliferation in the pots is greater, after all you will need to take the product with your hands. You can also use a spatula if you prefer. However, this type of packaging contains a larger quantity of product. Therefore, it is ideal for body scrubs.



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