Top & Best Intelbras Alarm Center Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Intelbras Alarm Center: What is the best for your security in 2022?

Everyone wants to feel that their homes, families, businesses and places of rest are safe. It is possible to sleep much more peacefully at night when you are sure that nothing bad can happen. An equipment capable of helping with this desire is the Intelbras alarm center.

Intelbras is a respected and extremely reliable company when it comes to security. In this article, we will go into more detail about why you can choose it for your home or business alarm center, in addition to talking about details that will help you choose the ideal model.

First, the most important

  • Intelbras is a very reliable company that always seeks innovative technological solutions. For this reason, it is the leader in the market for residential security equipment.
  • Intelbras alarm centrals have the most modern features to protect your home and residence.
  • It is possible to choose between a monitoring center with or without monitoring. In the case of the former, any suspicious activity is reported to a related security company, in the latter, you are responsible for checking.

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The best Intelbras alarm panels: Our opinion

There are Intelbras alarm panels available for various pockets and various needs, but all are of very high quality. Thinking to help you in choosing, we selected some models that can help a lot:

  • For those who want basic security
  • The central alarm for your company
  • The complete monitoring kit

Buying Guide

It’s time to help you choose the best Intelbras alarm center! We will answer in this sector some of the most common questions about the equipment so that you can become an expert on the subject!

You will know everything you need to make an ideal purchase.

Why is Intelbras a leader in the alarm center market?

A security and monitoring company can never fail. And the perfection of the systems developed by Intelbras makes it a leader in the home and business alarm market.

But that’s not all: The great advantage of this company is the customization of the systems. It is possible to choose the number of zones, the way of monitoring, how the communication is made, the arrangement of the installation of each part and much more.

Thus, the user has the freedom to set up the control panel as they wish, feeling safe at all times. Even more so when the company is as respected and infallible as Intelbras!



Did you know that Intelbras is a 100%  company? It was founded in 1976, in São José, Santa Catarina, and operates not only in the security sector, but also in the telecommunications sector.

Today, in addition to the leadership in the national security systems market, it manufactures several important communication equipment, such as landlines and rural cell phones.

What are the advantages of the Intelbras alarm panel?

In addition to the reliability and the possibility of personalization, two very important factors that we have already mentioned, there are some more characteristics that make choosing Intelbras a great idea.

The company invests heavily in technology to further ensure the safety of its users. Among the benefits offered, we can highlight the number of people sensor, automatic license plate reading and anti-vandalism features.

And if you want to spend more than average money, you can install your monitoring system with very high definition cameras. No detail is overlooked!

Since we talk about costs, we have to mention that Intelbras’ home solutions are very affordable. For a simple alarm system, you pay less than with the competition! This is another benefit of looking for a company.

Below, a table with the main advantages of the Intelbras alarm panel:


For whom is it important to have an Intelbras alarm center?

The Intelbras alarm center can help you a lot especially if you have a large residence that is not monitored in a condominium, a company that is closed at night or an empty holiday home for a considerable time of the year.

In these specific cases, security is essential to prevent theft or other suspicious activities from happening in the surroundings!

For your residence, the plant can be monitored or not monitored. The important thing is to have an alarm system that informs you whenever any strange movement happens and allows a check.


In places that spend a considerable amount of time empty, a monitored control unit is important.

In places that are closed, monitoring is recommended. After all, classic security items like padlocks and sensor lights are less and less effective against advanced theft techniques.

Of course, the alarm panel can be installed anywhere: Even if you live in a condominium or small residence, be sure to have one if it makes you feel safer! There is just no clear need as in other cases.

Intelbras alarm center monitored or not monitored?

The difference between the monitored and non-monitored Intelbras control panel is important. This is one of the most fundamental issues to be decided before looking for an installation.

In the case of the monitored alarm panel, it is up to the user to check warnings and sirens triggered by the equipment. It is he who will need to check if there is anything strange in the place and, if so, seek help.

The monitored plant, in turn, notifies private security companies directly or, in certain cases, even the police that there is something suspicious.

When choosing a monitored center, you will have more security because you do not need to check on your own, as well as there is no need for someone on site for the suspicious activity to be noticed.

That is why we say that in places that remain empty for a long time it is essential that the plant is monitored!

We compare the two types in the table below:

How to install the Intelbras alarm panel?

A question that is persistent in the mind of those who buy an Intelbras alarm panel is how to install the equipment.

To help you with this, we selected a video from the MAC Electronic Security channel on YouTube

How much does it cost and where to buy an Intelbras alarm panel?

The price of an Intelbras alarm panel varies according to the number of zones, the presence or absence of monitoring and the number of technologies used. The cheapest models revolve around R $ 200, the average between R $ 400 and R $ 700 and the more advanced ones easily pass from R $ 1,000.

Intelbras has physical stores in some locations. If you are not in one, trades in the area of ​​residential security and telecommunications will sell good models of alarm panels of the brand.

Don’t forget the possibility to buy your Intelbras alarm center online. The Amazon offers excellent models and the Free Market also leaves something to be desired!


Purchasing criteria: Factors for choosing the Intelbras alarm panel

Now that you have had your main doubts about the Intelbras alarm panel resolved, it is time to discuss some technical criteria that help you in choosing the ideal model. We selected four:

  • Number of zones
  • File storage
  • Form of communication
  • Accessories

Next, we talk more deeply about each one of them!

Number of zones

The number of zones in an alarm panel relates to the number of areas in the home or business that need to be connected.

The larger the built area and the number of vulnerable sites, the more alarm zones are needed. For a medium-sized home, for example, eight is more than enough.

The zones can be turned on or off independently. At night in the residence, for example, it is possible to leave only places where no one is expected to be present, such as a garden or garage, as likely to trigger the alarm.

File storage

For alarm panels with cameras and other sensors, the number of files stored is important. Suppose you have a house in a distant city and leave it monitored, suspicious activity happens and it is only days later that you can detect that it existed. It would be great to be able to keep track of the files, right?

When choosing your Intelbras alarm panel, check the file storage capacity it has. The bigger it is, the longer it will be possible to have records of everything that happens around the monitored area!

Form of communication

It is important that the communication between each of the alarm zones and the control panel is never interrupted.

The most common forms of connection of the Intelbras alarm panel are Ethernet and WiFi.

In the case of monitored models, let the same happen with the connected security company.

The most common forms of connection used by the Intelbras alarm center are Ethernet, for internal connections and between zones, and WiFi. You must always be online, thus allowing any abnormal situation to be reported urgently. The more connectivity, the better!


The Intelbras alarm center usually has parts for each zone and the central receiver, as well as some sensors and, eventually, cameras. But the cost-effectiveness and the overall quality of the equipment are made even better with some accessories.

Among the main ones, we can highlight extra batteries for each equipment, connection cables, extra sensors and cameras and siren lights. The more you can add to your security, the better!



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