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Top & Best Marvel Comics Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Marvel Comics: Which are the best to read in 2022?

Prepare your heart because today is the day to learn the tricks to acquire Marvel Comics. Do not think about buying on impulse before reading the entire article if you want to save money.

The stories of Stan Lee and other writers involve readers from start to finish. The touch of reality in the comics is one of the factors that explain the successes of Marvel heroes that for certain people overlap with the characters of DC Comics.

There are thousands of titles, so your head can get heavier than the X-Men Juggernaut if you don’t know how to compare offers according to some criteria taught in the text. Purchasing will be easier after reading the shopping guide.

First, the most important

  • Marvel comics stand out for their emphasis on reality in the stories.
  • The characters hardly change their characteristics in new editions.
  • Marvel respects the chronology in the editions of the comic books more.

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Buying Guide

Some people love Marvel Comics so much that they don’t think about turning on the TV when they have an issue in their hands. You will see ahead the essential information to guide you in your purchases.

What is the first of the Marvel Comics?

In 1939 Marvel Comics 1 appeared, an edition that debuted two superheroes: Submarine Prince (Namor) and Human Torch.

Given that Namor first appeared in Motion Pictures 1, some fans consider him to be the first Marvel character.

Since then, the company has released so many famous names that some of them are in video games, superhero dolls and movie screens.



What are the most powerful heroes in Marvel Comics?

Silver Surfer tops the list of the most powerful heroes in Marvel Comics. He absorbs any blow and manipulates cosmic energies, besides not being a human (without feeling pain, hunger, among other human sensations).

The mighty Silver Surfer was imprisoned in HQ Parable 1.

In second place is the Hulk with supernatural physical strength. Doctor Strange is also an option since it uses only magic and does not need technology or physical resources. Scarlet Witch, Iceman, Deadpool and Thor are other relevant names.

I never thought Spider-Man would become the world icon he is. I just hoped the books would sell so I could keep my job – Stan Lee, Marvel’s best-known screenwriter.



Why is Marvel Comics worth buying?

Stan Lee’s style seems to involve each of the most famous publications. He is one of the best comic book writers in the world, creator of characters such as: X-Men, Hulk, Spiderman, among others.

In the Marvel stories we can see that there are several works with teams, there is hardly a focus on just one character like Captain America, for example. Some examples are: X-Men, The Avengers and The Fantastic Four.

The scenario is a negative point for certain audiences. As the cities in the stories are real, there may be several different characters who perform feats in the same place (example: New York), creating a certain confusion to know who rules the region.

There are also less superpowers in heroes due to Marvel’s goals of humanizing each story. Analyze more advantages on the board:



  • Various pricing options
  • Multiple character group choices
  • Stan Lee
  • More real itineraries
  • Stories for young people
  • Mutant stories


  • Confusion of heroes in the same cities
  • Fewer superpowers
  • Few works of individual heroes

Marvel or DC comics? Which are the best?

It is a difficult task to decide which choice is best between the two Western comic giants. But, there are marked differences that can help you make purchasing decisions.

Until the 1970s and 1980s, DC comics were unbeatable. They had complex scripts in exciting stories. Perhaps for this reason the older audience today identifies with the stories of Comics.


From the 90s of the 21st century Marvel entered the competition with DC once and for all. Their stories became more real, with tales that attract young audiences.

A Marvel feature is the investment in creating mutant characters. This slightly changed the scenario that was almost dominated by the aliens from DC.

Another point of view is that the Marvel Comics respect not only the chronologies of the works but also almost never change the characteristics of the heroes as does DC. This helps each superhero to have a more unique and unforgettable identity.

Details on the attributes of the options are in the information table:

How much do Marvel Comics cost?

You can pay from $ 1 to up to $ 1000 to buy a Marvel hardcover comic released in recent years. Launches are more expensive, especially when boxed, except when compared to the first editions that are worth millions of dollars.

The cheaper models have few pages and a smaller size than the luxury cover versions. They have short stories, with some editions published in the 1990s.

Where to buy Marvel Comics editions?

Bookstores are the most suitable places to buy the product in traditional retail. You can visit sales points, among others. In used publishing stores there is also one or another Marvel HQ at cheap prices.

To buy Marvel Comics you need to have more possibilities in order to make comparisons of the various editions. For this reason online shopping is indicated in online stores that sell hundreds of options, such as Amazon.




Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Marvel Comics

Not only because of the stories, many people make a point of buying Marvel Comics because of the detail in each artistic trait. To increase your chances of getting the best offer, compare promotions according to some rules:

  • Analog vs. digital
  • Marvel Universe
  • Genre
  • Old vs. New

See further details of each listed point below:

Analog vs. digital

Do you want to save money and at the same time collaborate for a sustainable world? So your path is to opt for online editions that can be viewed on PCs, notebooks, tablets or cell phones.

On the other hand, if you do not give up reading and turning pages, opt for printed versions. They are more expensive, but can be collected or resold in the future.

With printed comics you read without using electronic devices and internet connection.

Marvel Universe

Some titles are unique and present the story of certain heroes against their main villains. For example: Hulk, X-Men, Spiderman, among others.

There are also plural titles that feature different characters from different Marvel systems, in some HQ special versions.

In this way you can see the conflicts between Hulk and Wolverine, or, Thor’s work together with Captain America. An example is the Marvel series called “Secret Wars”.


Depending on the title choice, you can also enjoy different genres in the comics. Example: In case you want a little action with a hint of romanticism choose a Spider-Man comic, as he often flirts with Mary Jane.

If your business is a total destruction, you can choose Hulk or the older versions of X-Men. This is because X-Men Evolution has a more youthful, dramatic and youthful style.

Old vs. New

It is to be expected that new titles (except for collector’s editions, of course) have high prices. These versions have more detailed drawings, current stories and even a higher number of pages that can go up to 500, generally.

To save money you can also buy the old options if you don’t know each story yet. Give preference to models that are packed with care, especially when buying from used products stores.


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