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Top & Best Mini projector Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Mini projector: What are the best options for 2022?

Welcome to the portal with the most complete reviews on the Internet. If you need to share image information in a variety of locations, having a mini projector can be a useful resource to make your routine easier.

Whether as an educational tool, for work or even as a way to share your favorite movies and images wherever you are, a mini projector, because it is compact, requires less space to be transported.

So, before making your purchase, check out the full review of and find out which are the best rated mini projector models on the market. Here you will discover the values, where to find and the essential criteria to choose yours!

First, the most important

  • Portable mini projector devices are, for the most part, delicate. Therefore, it is important to take certain precautions in transport to ensure its useful life.
  • Although small, some models have a considerably high lumen rate, ensuring good performance in small and medium environments.
  • The average price of this type of device is R $ 350, but there are models with compatibility for cell phones that can cost up to R $ 1,600. There are options for every pocket.

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Best mini projector models: Our favorites

Have you ever thought about having a small device to project images from your computer or cell phone? The mini projector can do this and transform the way you watch movies at home or present spreadsheets during a meeting. Check out the best models:

Buying Guide

When we think of a projector, we immediately imagine a slide show. What many people do not know is that, some people use the mini projector even at home – or in the car – to watch movies, just connect the small device on the cell phone.

The advantages of having one of these are many. Check out all the information about this small – and powerful device – throughout this comprehensive guide.

What is a mini projector and what are its advantages?

A mini projector, as the name suggests, is a smaller version of a projector. This small device is capable of producing whatever you want, be it photos, videos, slides, documents, among others.

He used an objective lens, also called a convergent, to project these images.

These images can be reproduced through a computer, smartphone, pen drive, tablet, and other mechanisms. Everything depends, of course, on the functions that the model offers.

You can project these images on a wall, or even a screen for that, which makes the image quality even better. If you prioritize practicality and need to take your equipment anywhere, a portable mini projector can be the ideal solution to your problems.

Small and light, they can be easily transported. So if you need to take the device to school or work, it is worth considering buying a portable mini projector.

Its disadvantage is in relation to the lumen rate – the unit of measurement used to measure luminosity -, which is lower than in conventional ones.

What is the difference between a projector or mini projector?

In essence, the difference between them is in the size, since the mini projectors are considerably smaller and lighter than the traditional ones, as we saw above.

The lumen rate of a mini projector is somewhat lower than that of conventional projectors because the mini models have lamps with reduced power.

It is important to note that the reduced lumen rate does not mean that these projectors are of a lower quality, but essentially, that they will present better results in smaller environments or with controlled lighting.

For both models, it is always recommended to use projectors in places with controlled brightness, as this way it will be possible to optimize the quality of the images.

How much?

A mini projector is usually a very affordable device, with R $ 400 you can buy a great model.

The average price of this type of device is R $ 350. However, there are models with compatibility for cell phones that can cost up to R $ 1,600. There are options for every pocket.

Where to buy?

In general, projectors and mini projectors are not easily found on the market, and are generally restricted to stores specializing in computer items.

Therefore, we recommend researching electronic portals, such as Amazon so they have several stores and products available.

Buying online you are more likely to find the model you want and usually for a better price.

Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare the different models of mini projector

Before choosing the perfect model for you, it is important to consider where and when you want to use the device, as this information will define which features will demand the most attention.

For example, if you want to use your mini projector outdoors, it is important to look for devices with a higher lumen rate; while if the location suffers from power fluctuations, it is worth looking for a battery-powered projector to ensure the device’s autonomy.

In general, we highlight the following points to be compared:

  • Size
  • Available connection types
  • Audio streaming
  • Size and resolution
  • Lumens rate
  • Additional resources

Below, we will understand the importance of each in detail.


When it comes to mini projectors, size matters. In this case, your need determines the ideal size of the device.

If you need to take your projector to multiple locations on the same day, pocket models can be more useful. However, it is worth noting that by trend, the smaller the device, the smaller the capacity will be.

So, reflect on this issue and see how much space you have to transport it in your belongings. Some fit in the palm of your hand.

Available connection types

Because it is how you are going to provide information to the projector, it is important to consider what types of ports are available on the device.

Most projector devices have SVGA and HDMI ports, but it is also possible to find connections such as USB, SD and Wi-Fi, which expand the possibilities of using the device.

You may want to project images through your computer, cell phone, tablet, flash drive or memory card, and this may exclude some models from your list.

The more input ports a mini projector has, the more versatile the equipment will be. This also makes the product more expensive, so consider whether all of these functions are really useful for you.

Audio streaming

When transmitting information directly from a flash drive or memory card, it is essential that your device has the ability to transmit audio, after all, this capacity of cell phones or computers tends to be very limited.

In the case of larger environments, the possibility of integration between the projector and an external sound system becomes an essential resource to ensure that viewers can understand the projected audio.

How many people do you intend to project these images (and audio) to? Will everyone be able to hear easily? It is a detail that you should be thinking about before buying yours.

Size and resolution

First of all, it is important to consider the space you will use for the projections, since it takes a certain measure to be able to make a good projection.

The size and resolution of the projected screen depends directly on the space between the wall and the projector and the lighting condition of the location, factors that should also be considered before purchase.

This is difficult to analyze without the person always knowing where to use the device. But in any case, it serves the alert. It is also worth mentioning that, as a rule, the projectors with the best resolution capacity are medium sized, as they have a more complex structure.

Lumens rate

The lumen rate is nothing more than an analysis of the brightness intensity. In summary, the higher the rate, the greater the contrast between the projected image and the surface, regardless of the location’s lighting.

In general, it is recommended that the projector has the highest possible lumen rate, as this will give better results, regardless of the location used.

The lighter the environment, the higher the device’s lumen rate. So, investing in a mini projector that has this higher rate, will be a more accurate choice for those who always use the equipment in different places.

Additional resources

At this point, extra features are highlighted, such as the ability to automatically reproduce media, since it is not necessary to use external devices to reproduce media.

The tripod is an accessory that may or may not come with the model, check this detail by reading the product description.

Another feature that has gained prominence among users is the possibility of connecting cell phones and tablets to the projector, thus avoiding the need to use computers, in addition to increasing the possibilities of using the device.

It is also worth mentioning that some projectors have a remote control, a useful feature for those who do not want to control the device directly from the panel, or even for those who want to leave it fixed at a point in the environment.

As the resources are varied, it is worth checking the extra features and features of the device you want and comparing, so that it fits perfectly to your usage profile.


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