Top & Best Motorcycle seat cover Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Motorcycle seat cover: How to choose the best one in 2022?

Do you want to protect your motorcycle from rain, wind and natural wear and tear? Do you want to improve the comfort you have when riding it and feel safer with quality non-slip material? So there’s no doubt: It’s time to buy a motorcycle seat cover!

We know that there are many motorcycle seat covers available and that choosing the best one can be tricky. Therefore, we have prepared an article to answer all your questions. We will answer frequently asked questions, discuss purchase criteria and teach you how to ask them. Stay with us to know everything about this accessory!

First, the most important

  • The motorcycle seat cover has two basic functions: Providing protection to the original fabric, increasing its durability, and preventing the seat from overheating, which can be very uncomfortable for some riders.
  • The best fabrics for motorcycle seat covers are synthetic ones with nylon or polyester fiber. They have a screen format and are very effective against heating, providing greater riding comfort.
  • No wonder, the covers made in these fabrics are also known in the market as “thermal cover”.

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Buying Guide

It’s time to really get to know the details of the motorcycle seat cover. We will answer the most frequently asked questions about the accessory. They touch some important points like advantages, materials and fixation.

Ready to have all your questions on the matter resolved?


Why use a motorcycle seat cover?

We know how difficult it is for many to get their own motorcycle. So, after buying it, there’s nothing like protecting it well, isn’t it?

The motorcycle seat is one of the parts most vulnerable to nature’s actions such as rain or scorching sun, the humidity left by our sweat and possible tears or scratches. Precisely for this reason, it is important to have a quality cover!

The motorcycle seat cover is capable of preventing these natural actions on the vehicle, preventing damage from happening and allowing for much greater durability.

In addition, many models are non-slip. Thus, they help when piloting, especially on days with unfavorable weather conditions. Safety in motorcycle use, helped by items such as intercom, is always essential!


The only negative point that we can highlight is that some models do not allow the sweat to escape properly and end up causing an overheating of the buttocks and legs during riding, which can be quite uncomfortable. Prefer covers with spaced fabrics!

See below the advantages and disadvantages of the motorcycle seat cover:


  • Protects the bike seat from nature’s actions
  • Protects the motorcycle seat in collisions and scrapes
  • It is non-slip, helping to pilot on bad weather days


  • Some models cause overheating by not allowing the sweat to drain

What are the materials for motorcycle seat covers?

There are motorcycle seat covers made with a few different materials. Synthetic fabrics in canvas format are the most common, and also the best options.


Screen-shaped covers prevent the seat from overheating.

Spaced polyester and nylon meshes provide good protection for the seat. And precisely because they have this screen format, they allow a better flow of sweat, avoiding the already mentioned effect of overheating the seat. Not for nothing, the covers made with these materials are also called “thermal cover”.

It is also important to note that many synthetic mesh covers are non-slip. Riding in the rain can be slippery if you are not sitting on quality material, so pay attention if the fabric has this characteristic.

Another common option is synthetic leather, especially in corvim or leather. It also offers good protection to the seat, but the models are usually fixed, which makes it difficult to remove for washing. The choice for this material is usually made for aesthetic reasons.

We recommend a synthetic leather cover only if your main idea is to replace the original seat fabric, or to embellish the motorcycle. For protection and safety purposes, nylon and polyester meshes are superior.

How to put on and take off a motorcycle seat cover?

There are removable and fixed motorcycle seat covers. Knitted ones made of synthetic fabric tend to fit more into the first category, while those that try to imitate the original fabric usually fall into the second.



Did you know that the original motorcycle seat is usually made with a foam blanket? Only after ensuring comfort so that people can sit does the final coating take place.

In the vast majority of motorcycles manufactured today, the seat fabric is synthetic leather. Therefore, the cover of this same material serves as an imitation and extra layer of protection, but it does not offer anything different.

A great advantage of removable seat covers is that they can be washed. So, you can say goodbye to the bad smell after a long time of contact with sweat, or to some specific persistent dirt.

But how to put and remove the motorcycle seat cover? We selected a video from Canal do Maclei that explains the procedure in full detail:



How much does it cost and where to buy a motorcycle seat cover?

Most motorcycle seat covers are in a price range that varies between R $ 15 and R $ 30. You will hardly pay more than that, regardless of type or material.

Motorcycle and vehicle supply stores in general are a great option to purchase a motorcycle seat cover. The best option, however, is the internet. Check out the Amazon, full of great models, and see what Amazon international.


Purchasing criteria: How to compare motorcycle seat covers

There are a few more important issues that you need to consider when choosing the seat cover for your motorcycle. We selected four items to discuss further.

  • Size
  • Design
  • Impermeability
  • Resistance

Below, we will delve into each of these questions:


Motorcycles can be small, medium or large. And this, of course, is reflected in the size of the banks. When choosing a seat cover for yours, you need to pay attention if it is compatible with the vehicle.

Motorcycle seat covers are sold either with the indication for which models are indicated, or with a definition of the measures. If you choose the second, make sure there is compatibility. If not, you may have trouble installing correctly.



Did you know that it is possible to personalize your motorcycle seat cover? It is true that many people do not care about this option, but for some it can be quite valid.

Some companies allow details such as logos, designs and names to be placed on the cover. So, if you want to have a customization, you can ask for it to exist. The value will be a little more expensive than just with the simple design.

The effect is purely aesthetic, but for those who like the motorcycle to have their face, it can be worth it.


One of the main advantages of the motorcycle seat cover is the protection it offers against the effects of nature. Among them, the rain.

Most of the fabrics used in covers guarantee impermeability.

Not allowing water to pass through the protection and reach the seat is one of the most important characteristics for the cover, since this ensures the greater durability of the motorcycle component. Most of the fabrics used in the accessory fulfill this function very well.

Anyway, be sure that the chosen cover is waterproof before making the purchase!


Rain resistance is not the only one that needs to be guaranteed by a good motorcycle seat cover. The sun can also be very harmful, as well as small bumps or scrapes that happen.

The more protections of this type the chosen cover offers in your description, the better it will be for your motorcycle. After all, together with preventing the seat from overheating, this is the main function of the accessory!



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