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Top & Best Queen Mattress Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Queen Mattress: Meet the best of 2022

One of the most important elements for a good night’s sleep is the mattress. There are options of this product in several sizes and one of the most famous and used is the queen mattress. Model that we will talk about here today.

The queen mattress has a medium size, but it leaves something to be desired in terms of space. Ideal for use with box beds, this is a product that guarantees a more efficient rest. Next you will know everything about the mattress box, so if you are looking for one of these continue with us until the end.

First, the most important

  • A queen mattress is 1.58 meters wide and 1.98 meters long.
  • This mattress model is ideal for couples and has measures that guarantee enough comfort for two people to sleep together.
  • Made in several options, the queen mattress has a very variable value and there are models starting at R $ 650.

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Best Queen Mattress Models: Our Choices

The queen mattress is very popular and this is not for nothing. With a very spacious size, this is the choice of many people to make their beds. But amid so many options choosing one is not easy. To help you with this we have separated the best queen mattresses below.

  • An ideal model for camping
  • A great option for those looking for comfort
  • A model that comes with a box bed
  • A great cost-effective queen mattress

Buying Guide

There is nothing better than being able to rest after a tiring day in a cozy and comfortable bed. For this, the queen mattress is an excellent option, as it is produced with modern technologies and has a very pleasant size.

Very common in houses and apartments, this mattress model is ideal for double rooms and is widely used with box beds. But if you still have doubts about this product continue with us. In this buying guide we will explain everything about it, check it out!

What is a queen mattress and what are its measures?

The queen mattress is one of the most purchased types of mattress today. Made with measures that are between double and king sizes, this model guarantees high comfort, even when the bed is with two people.

The queen mattress is 1.58 meters wide and 1.98 meters long. This is considered a medium size and, therefore, it is possible to place one of these in larger or slightly smaller rooms.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a queen mattress?

Very present in houses and apartments, the queen mattress brings together a series of advantages that make it an excellent choice.

One of the most positive points about this product is related to its size. As much as it is not the largest on the market, this model has measures that are quite comfortable even for two people in bed.

This model has measurements that are quite comfortable even for more than one person.

Another advantage is that the queen mattress has an affordable value. It is possible to find models with lower or higher prices. In this way, it fits all pockets.

Because it is one of the most sold types of mattress, this product is made with very modern technologies and materials.

Thanks to this, it is possible to see options for the prevention of mites, bacteria and more.

The disadvantage is that in very small rooms a bed with a queen mattress can take up a lot of space and be unviable.

What are the types of filling of a queen mattress?

The queen mattress is manufactured in several models and this means that there are options made with different types of filling.

The most common options are those developed with foam. This is a type of comfortable mattress, but over the years it has fallen into disuse.

This is because the foam is deformed as it is used, which reduces the useful life of this product. The positive point is that the queen foam mattress has a lower price.

More modern are the spring mattresses, which can be common or bagged. As soon as this model emerged, it became a real fever and even today it is the most successful.

With high strength and durability, the queen mattress with springs provides excellent comfort. It is ideal for people who sleep together and have different biotypes, as it supports different weights. Another difference is that the spring mattress is softer and adapts better to the body.

Double, queen or king mattress: Which is the best?

When choosing a mattress to buy, there is always a question about which is the best size.

The double mattress is currently one of the least chosen for two people. He lost space as soon as the queen model became successful. This is due to the fact that this option has smaller measures and is 1.38 meters wide and 1.88 meters long.

The queen mattress is one of the most purchased. This product has a good space and comfortably accommodates two people. Another positive point is that it fits in slightly smaller and larger rooms.

Finally, there is the king of mattresses, as the name says. The king models are the largest on the market and measure 1.93 meters wide and 2.03 meters long. These are suitable for large rooms and space is the best. However, its price is the highest of all.

How much does it cost and where to buy a queen mattress?

To buy a queen mattress just go to a store that sells this type of product. This purchase can be made in physical stores or online Amazone.

The value of one of these varies greatly according to the model and type of technology in which it is made. Thus, the most affordable options start at R $ 650, while the most expensive options reach R $ 10,000.

Purchasing criteria: How to compare queen mattress models

There is no use investing in one of the most expensive queen mattress models if it is not ideal for you. Therefore, we have separated below everything that must be taken into account when choosing one of these.

  • Density
  • Technology type
  • Boxed or without
  • Quality certifications

We will explain these criteria in detail below.


The density of a mattress is one of the most important characteristics when purchasing this product.

This is a factor that must be analyzed when choosing a foam mattress model, as it is directly related to them.

The density is determined from the letter D followed by numbers and refers to the amount of weight that the mattress can support. Therefore, the higher this value, the more resistant the model is.

If you choose a mattress with a density below the recommended for the weight that will be placed on it, the product will probably be deformed more quickly.

So choose correctly.

Many people believe that the harder the mattress, the better it will be for laying.

This is not true and this product must fit the body in a way that respects the natural curvature.

In addition, the ideal mattress should promote total support and thus will act in the alignment of the spine.


Technology type

The quality of a queen mattress is determined by the type of technology used in its composition. Precisely for this reason more modern mattresses tend to be more comfortable and superior to the old ones.

More modern mattresses are usually more comfortable and superior to the old ones.

Thus, analyze whether the chosen model has features such as anti-mold and anti-bacteria. It is also worth paying attention if it has springs or foam, and the springs are better.

There are also magnetic mattresses that are the most advanced and guarantee a series of benefits to users.

Not to mention that there are models with massagers, which provide relief from pain and tiredness.

Boxed or without

It is very common to see several models of queen mattress being sold together with the box bed. This is an excellent option for those who are building a house, since the value is usually more attractive.

However, those who already have the bed and it is in good condition should avoid making a joint purchase. That’s because you will end up spending more without the need.

Quality certifications

As much as many people do not pay attention to this detail, the certifications that a mattress receives are important to guarantee its quality and safety.

Inmetro is the main body responsible for issuing certificates and for a mattress to achieve one of these it must pass several tests. If approved, it means that the product does not present any risk to the health of its users.

There is also the National Institute for Rest Studies (INER), which issues the Pro-Foam quality seal. This body performs several tests and researches with doctors and technicians regarding the evaluated mattresses.

Currently, only five brands have obtained INER approval and the models that bear this seal are considered the best in the market.


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