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In today’s article, we present a quick guide to an item that has practically become a necessity for anyone who needs to stay connected, but does not want to spend all day plugged in: the Xiaomi power bank.

The Chinese giant’s portable chargers are compact, sleek and highly functional. They are designed to provide you with all the power you need, for as long as you need it. No matter how many times it charges or how long it runs, Xiaomi’s power bank is perfect. We’ll explain how to find it below.

First, the most important

  • Recent Xiaomi models use batteries with capacities of 10,000 mAh and 20They charge the batteries of the highest-rated smartphones two to three times most popular smartphones.
  • Watch out for fakes! Always buy from certified and trusted stores and sellers.

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Best Xiaomi Power Banks: Team Favorites

Here is a list just for you. To help you in your search for the right power bank, we have selected the best models from the Xiaomi catalog.




Shopping Guide

You’ve probably heard the question “Where’s an outlet?” even if you’ve never asked it. When using a Xiaomi power bank, this question loses its meaning, and it is no longer necessary to hang on the side of the wall, waiting for the phone to charge to answer a message.

There is a right model of Xiaomi power bank, with the appropriate capacity and size, to avoid a tea chair next to the outlet, “save” your friend’s Uber, or charge your speaker. We provide all the information you need to choose yours in the following Shopping Guide.

What is the autonomy of Xiaomi’s power bank?

In the case of the Xiaomi power bank, autonomy refers to the amount of battery charges that it can make using a cell phone battery as a benchmark.

Obviously, it depends on the power bank and cell phone model. In order to assist you, we have compared two nominal capacities and their autonomy with two very popular smartphones: Apple’s iPhone 11 and Samsung’s Galaxy Note10+.

  • Iphone 11 – 3 charges and Galaxy Note10 + – 2 charges; 10,000 mAh models;
  • Models with 20,000 mAh – six charges for the iPhone 11 and five charges for the Galaxy Note10 +.

How does Xiaomi’s wireless power bank work?

The Wireless Power Bank Youth Edition is among the new wireless charging power bank models from Xiaomi. In addition to being thinner, this model is coated in polycarbonate, which allows it to transmit load without a cable.

Cell phones with wireless charging capabilities will be able to use the technology.

Basically, induction works by transmitting energy through an electromagnetic field to a compatible cell phone, which has receivers that are able to capture this energy and transform it into a charge.

In the future, if you plan to buy a brand-new cell phone with this function, you can already buy a wireless power bank. This power bank also has a cable charging port.

What are the advantages of the Xiaomi power bank?

To help you with your research, here are some advantages and disadvantages of a Xiaomi power bank.

Its first advantage is its practicality and portability, directly charging your cell phone from your pocket, offering a full charge to your phone.

Among Xiaomi’s advantages is its ability to charge. Their models have great amperage as well as a real capacity that is quite similar to the real capacity (a 10,000 mAh model, for example, operates between 9,000 and 10,000 mAh).

The International System of Units uses amperes as a unit of electric current. In addition, it was also the name of physicist André-Marie Ampère, whose memory the unit pays homage to.

Last but not least, we are speaking of one of the largest electronic device manufacturers in the world. As such, the materials used in its composition and coating, such as aluminum and polycarbonate, are of high quality, ensuring durability and lightness, both of which are essential for.

On the other hand, its disadvantages pertain to its design, which is somewhat limited because of competitors’ patents and the simplicity of the product’s composition. In addition, its external cable, which can be damaged, lost, or forgotten.

How to identify a fake Xiaomi power bank?

Unfortunately, counterfeiting of power banks has become common in the market, especially with Xiaomi products, with copies of the design and packaging. You need to check the following in order to determine if a model is counterfeit:

  • The original Xiaomi seal, yellow, with a shiny three-dimensional adhesive;
  • Lower-quality printing on the box on counterfeit models;
  • The appliance logo is embossed differently than the rest of the appliance;
  • Measurements and weights must match those stated on the box.

To guarantee the purchase of an original Xiaomi power bank, it is best to do it in a store with a reputable seller, and with an invoice.

What is different between the Xiaomi 2 and 3 power banks?

Xiaomi’s power banks are arranged in lines. One of the most common is “Mi”, which has underlines, followed by “Mi 2” and “Mi 3”. How are they different?

The design on the Mi 3 is more elegant, with bright tones at the ends and the logo, and maintains the same rectangular shape with rounded edges.

What makes the Mi 3 stand out in terms of functionality is the simultaneous charging capability, which lets you charge the power bank while charging other devices at the same time, making it a “central” charger, which is not possible in the Mi 2.

Purchasing Criteria: What to Note on Your Xiaomi Power Bank

With our last list, you’ll be able to leave the store, whether it’s physical or virtual, with that perfect power bank from Xiaomi. You can decide which model is right for you and your devices by paying attention to the following items.

  • Cell phone battery
  • Amperage
  • Number of devices
  • Size and weight
  • Doors
  • Fast loading

Cell phone battery

Find out about the battery capacity of your cell phone before you go to the store. This information can easily be found in the manual for the device or by searching the internet. Just look for the number followed by “mAh” (ma).

For your purchase to be effective, the power bank of your choice must have at least the same nominal capacity – even though recent Xiaomi models have a 10,000 mAh battery – and ideally twice as much.


You can’t help but notice the amperage, the nominal capacity, the load, in short, of the Xiaomi models in the catalog. The model names are displayed next to them on the internet and prominently on the boxes.

Chinese companies work with round numbers, such as 5,000, 10,000, and even 20,000 mAh. Depending on the amount of power you need, choose the model.

Number of devices

Every gadget today has a USB port.

Standardization of charging and connection ports for electronic devices, whether they are portable or not, was one of the biggest events in the world of technology. The majority of gadgets today have at least one USB or micro USB port, with the exception of Apple devices.

Do not forget, at the time of purchase, to take your other devices into consideration as well. A power bank should have a charge that is compatible with the number of devices you can charge with it.

Size and weight

Consider the size and weight of the Xiaomi power bank you are considering, especially if you are buying it online. As portable chargers, these devices require suitable safety measures.

Be sure to pay attention to slim models, which are thinner and lighter than standard models, and therefore easier to carry in your pocket, even when carrying a cell phone.


The ports of the power bank are called energy inputs and outputs. There are at least one USB port and one Micro USB port in the latest Xiaomi models, but it is worth looking for the model with the greatest number, as well as the greatest variety.

The more ports the power bank has, the more devices it can charge simultaneously, which in turn increases its utility.

Fast loading

Xiaomi power banks with Fast Charge technology should be prioritized. In the same way, this information is easily recognizable, making charging devices or charging the power bank itself more convenient.

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