Top & Best Cerveja Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Cerveja: Which are the best of 2022?

Today we are going to talk about the most important appliance in the party area: the brewery. We will also see what the best equipment is for you to have your beers at the correct temperature.

A brewery is a perfect equipment to receive friends and family at home, as it is a product that impresses everyone. In addition, you can invest in quality beers and store them in the brewery for a special occasion.

In this article, you will find tips on the best products available on the market today to maintain the ideal temperature for your beer. In addition, you can find out what are the characteristics to look for in a brewery, according to what you want with this equipment.

First, the most important

  • Brewers are items that have several advantages, such as the fact that they leave their beers at the correct temperature and offer greater durability for them.
  • These equipment may have a refrigeration system by compressor or thermoelectric, which determines durability, energy saving and noise level of the equipment.
  • Among the characteristics that are important to check in a brewery are: size, temperature control, removable shelves, design, mobility, ventilation, glass doors, lock and noise level.

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The best brewers on the market: Our favorites

A brewery is the equipment of many people’s dreams. Whether to put inside the house, or in a special corner of a party area, there is the perfect model for your home. Check out the best brewers on the market below:

  • A high capacity option
  • Great choice in durability

Buying Guide

A brewery allows you to always have cold beer at home. And you can buy more, as there is space to store the drink without taking up space in the refrigerator.

The price may be a little high, but the benefits are worth it for true drinkers. In this Buying Guide, we will talk about this equipment.

What is a brewery?

Brewers are equipments that offer their beers the ideal environment to maintain their characteristics and quality for a long time.

In order to store a beer somewhere, it is important that the place is cool, does not have direct contact with light and has a constant temperature. For most beers, the ideal is that the temperature is around 10 ° C to 12 ° C.


What are the advantages of having a brewery at home?

Even if you are not a connoisseur of craft beers, and only want to have your beer cold at the end of the day, this equipment can meet your need perfectly, as it is capable of leaving your beer at the temperature you desire.

In addition, you can choose the size of beer you want for your home. Most of them are small and compact, as consumers tend to prefer smaller equipment for their homes, but there are also other sizes depending on their needs.

With a brewery, your drinks do not have to be next to other foods in the refrigerator, you can offer a place just for them, without having to fight for space with meat, vegetables, etc.


One of the disadvantages that consumers find when searching for a brewery for their homes is their price, which costs, on average, between R $ 1,500 and R $ 10,000.

This can frighten certain consumers, and it is understandable that many think twice before purchasing the equipment. It is also important to know that the ideal is to store only beers in your brewery.

If you store wines with them, they can be at a temperature below what they really need. A reserve red wine, for example, needs to be between 16ºC and 18ºC, while the average of beers is usually between 10 ° C and 12 ° C.

Another disadvantage that can be seen in breweries are the shelves, because, if they are not removable, it can be a problem to store larger bottles. It is worth evaluating this item before buying your equipment.

Beer with compressor or thermoelectric cooling system?

The breweries with thermoelectric cooling system do not yet exist in large quantities in Brazil, as the country’s climate in summer reaches very high temperatures, and the equipment has difficulties in reaching the ideal internal temperature at this time.

This is because the thermoelectric cooling system normally works by means of a ceramic plate that absorbs internal heat and then sends it outside.

One of the positive points of a thermoelectric brewer compared to one per compressor is that it is quieter and provides greater energy savings.

Compressor-brewed breweries are very similar to a regular refrigerator with respect to the refrigeration system. In general, they are noisier and have greater durability than the thermoelectric ones.

Below, you will find the main differences between these two cooling systems:

What is the ideal temperature for a very cold beer?

Obviously it depends on personal taste. Some people may prefer beer “cracking” or not that cold. Generally Brazilians prefer beer as cold as possible.

The ideal temperature for cold beer is between 1 and, at most, 5ºC. Never let the beer stay below 0ºC, as from then on the freezing process starts.

You can control this temperature easily with a brewer, just make sure it has this setting. Thus, you will always be ready to have that cold beer with your friends, even at your home.

How much does a brewery cost?

There are different prices of brewers according to your requirements for the equipment. A product with a sophisticated design will be more expensive than one that does not invest in this aspect.

There are also other aspects to consider besides the price, such as durability and energy savings, which will end up reflecting on the cost later. In this article the brewers we present cost between R $ 1,500 and R $ 10,000.

Where to buy a brewery?

There are many places where it is possible to buy a brewery. If you want to find a physical store to buy, you can find the equipment in electronics or department stores.

The only problem with buying in physical stores is that Internet prices are often better. Stores like Amazon are some examples of sites that sell this equipment.

The brewers are also available on sites OLX, which sells new and used products. Just be sure to check the seller’s ratings before making your choice, and also the condition of the product used.

Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Beer Models

A brewery is the equipment of many people’s dreams, but it is important to observe the characteristics of each model before buying on impulse. The important characteristics to be observed are the following:

  • Size
  • Design
  • Temperature control
  • Removable shelves
  • Mobility
  • Ventilation
  • Glass doors
  • Door lock
  • Noise level

Below you will find a detailed description of each of these characteristics.


This is the most important feature when searching for your brewery, as it must be large enough to fit all of your beers, but at the same time, it must be compact to fit any corner of your home.

It is important that you make the decision to buy your brewery thinking about how many people will use the equipment and how often.

In addition, it is also important to know where in the house the brewery will be placed. If you want to place it under a bench, for example, you will need to check its size for sure.

Did you know that Brazil ranks 17th among the countries that most consume beer in the world? Each drinks about 82 liters per year.

In the Czech Republic, consumption per inhabitant is 143 liters per year, taking the country to the first position in the ranking.



A brewery is not only useful to keep your beers at the ideal temperature, but also to beautify the environment, as their design is increasingly beautiful and elegant.

There are models for all tastes. Some of them, for example, have stickers, bringing inspiration from the decoration of bars to your home. There are also breweries that win over the public for their elegance, as they have a chrome steel finish.

Another detail that can make all the difference in a brewery is the internal lighting. Just turn it on when your guests arrive at your house to create a great effect on your beer.

Temperature control

Temperature control is a fundamental characteristic of your brewery, which is why it is very important to check the minimum and maximum temperatures that the equipment reaches.

In addition, changing the temperature must be done easily and quickly, whether on an LED display or through some other simple mechanism.

It is not recommended to place beers at temperatures between 0 ° C and 4 ° C, as it is not possible to feel all its characteristics, the low temperature “masks” the palate.

Industrial beers, however, are often taken this way, and many people prefer beer that way. Some popular beer styles are listed below, according to the most suitable temperature:

  • 4 ° C to 7 ° C : Hefeweizen, Premium Lager, Pilsner, Berliner Weisse
  • 8 ° C to 12 ° C : American Pale Ale, Amber Ale, Stout, Porter
  • 12 ° C to 14 ° C : Bitter, Brown Ale, IPA, Old Ale, Belgian Strong Ale
  • 14 ° C to 16 ° C : Barley Wine, Quadrupel, Imperial Stout, Double IPA

Removable shelves

Removable shelves are essential for you to use the brewery the way you want. After all, how are you going to put bigger bottles in it, if the height is not adjustable?

That is why it is important that the brewer gives you the freedom to place the shelves the way you want, and that, in addition, allows you to remove them if you think it is necessary.

It is important to think about what types of beer you want to put in your brewery, because if they are just cans, the shelves do not have to be removable. If they are bottles, you will probably need removable shelves, as they should never lie in the brewery, but stand up, to ensure quality.


Some models of breweries have training wheels, which makes life easier for those who like to have meetings with friends at home, as it is possible to transport it to any corner of your residence with ease.

So, if you want to have the brewery close to you while you are in the living room watching television, for example, just transport it where you want.

This is also great for those who have an area outside the house and do not want to leave the beer permanently outside. So, just take the beer to the garden when you want.

In addition, it is also possible to clean the place where it is normally installed easily, as you can move it and remove all the dirt that is accumulated on the back of the equipment.


A brewery, like any other equipment with a refrigeration system, needs ventilation to allow the heat to be released, so choosing the right place in the house to place it is very important.

It is not advisable to leave the product against walls and furniture, because if this happens you will overload the engine of your brewery. This usually happens when the ventilation is at the back.

If the ventilation is at the front, it is much easier to embed the brewer, as it will maintain the same efficiency, since the heat is released from the front of the equipment.

Glass doors

One of the reasons why many people choose a brewery for their home or office is that it also serves as a decorative object. After all, a refrigerator with several beers on display impresses the guests.

For this reason, breweries with glass doors are often in demand, as they make any environment more beautiful and inviting. There is no point in having beautiful bottles and cans, if nobody is going to be able to enjoy them, isn’t it?

Typically, brewers have double glazing, to ensure that it maintains the interior temperature and that, consequently, the equipment is more energy efficient.

One of the problems with glass is that light, in most cases, is the enemy of beer, as it can lead to its contamination. Therefore, prefer tinted windows, which guarantee protection against the effects of light and heat.

Door lock

Some brewers have a key lock on the door, for people who want to prevent others from having access to their beers. This item is especially interesting for those who have children at home, and do not want them to have access to the place where alcoholic beverages are.

It can also be a good choice for those who live with a lot of people, or for those who want to put the equipment in an office. In addition, it is also interesting for those who have very special and expensive beers, and do not want anyone to have access to these drinks.

Noise level

This is a problem with many devices that use compressor cooling systems, which are the majority, as they are usually noisy. This feature can be complicated if you want to put the beer in the room, as it can be a nuisance to sleep with the equipment on.

In this case, there are brewers that use the thermoelectric system, which is quieter. If noise is a feature that bothers you, the best thing to do is to check the reviews of other users to see if the equipment you want to buy is usually noisy.

After all, if the equipment is going to be part of your daily life, it should not generate any kind of discomfort for you.



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