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Top & Best Double-sided tape Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Double-sided tape: What is the best version in 2022?

In today’s article we will review the super versatile double-sided tape. Practical and efficient, it can have several uses at work, school to make crafts and even fix more robust items such as paintings, mirrors and carpets.

Follow us on this reading and check out the best options of the product, in addition to the features you should pay attention to in order to make the best choice of double-sided tape for your projects.

First, the most important

  • The market offers a multitude of brands and types of double-sided tape. Choose based on the purpose of use.
  • Type, width, fixing capacity and indications for use are some characteristics to consider when purchasing.
  • There is a lot of price variation for the product, depending on the brand and model. It is possible to find versions between R $ 3 and R $ 50.

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Best double-sided tapes: The ideal one for every situation

Double-sided tape can have several uses. It is ideal for papers, posters and rubber, as well as heavy materials such as wood, acrylics, glass and mirrors. Therefore, choosing a product suitable for the material to be glued is essential. Check out our list with the selection of the best double-sided tapes:

  • With support for cutting
  • To replace nails and screws
  • For external use
  • For crafts and 3D effect

Buying Guide

Gone is the time when sticking paper to the wall required the work of cutting and wrapping adhesive tape. Gone are the days when hanging a simple painting involved a whole mission with screws, drills and dowels.

Double-sided tapes today are capable of holding even heavy objects such as mirrors and watches. Continue with us to learn everything about this practical product, ideal for you to save time and practicality on a daily basis.

What is double-sided tape and what are its advantages?

Double-sided tape, as the name suggests, is a type of adhesive tape that has an adhesive surface on both sides. Created more than 50 years ago, today it has new versions made of transparent gel plastic or adhesive foam.

They have high adhesion and support a lot of weight, being able to replace nails and screws when fixing pictures , mirrors and decorations.

And the number of advantages is even greater if you compare the double sided with other methods of fixation or assembly. Easy to apply and remove, they have a wide variety of fastening capacity, being very versatile and functional.

Already considered the way of fixing the future, double-sided tapes have been increasingly used in domestic and professional environments, as well as in industries. Check the table for more advantages and disadvantages of the product:

Where to use double-sided tape?

As there are several models of double-sided tapes available on the market, there are also many possibilities for using the product. First of all, it is important to read the instruction manual for the tape version purchased before using.


Outdoor versions are resistant to rain, sun and other weather conditions.

That’s because there are tapes suitable for each purpose. The outdoor versions are resistant to rain, sun and other weather conditions. The indoor ones do not guarantee the same type of resistance, and so on.

In turn, the transparent models are more suitable for materials such as glass and acrylics, as they will provide a more discreet and visually pleasing finish. Therefore, the type of tape chosen will determine the material and location where the product can be best applied.

What uses can double-sided tape have?

In addition to the conventional uses already mentioned, double-sided tape can have some not so common and even unusual uses. Check out suggestions:

  • Pants bar : Didn’t have time to do the clothes bar? Make the adjustment with the aid of the tape;
  • Neckline in place : Stick deep necklines and straps that insist on leaving with double-sided tape to keep the look flawless;
  • Everything neat : Use a strip of tape to fix phones, keyboards and other items on the desk organized;
  • When assembling : Use double-sided tape on power panels, cabinets for cabinets, PVC channels, nameplates and displays and retire the drill.

How to remove double-sided tape from walls and surfaces?

Fixing the double-sided tape is very easy. But as it sticks so well, removing it completely from the surfaces can be tricky. Learn about some double-sided tape removal tricks:

    • With isopropyl alcohol : For any surface. Apply the alcohol with the aid of cotton or cleaning cloth and remove without staining;
    • With vinegar and detergent : Prepare the mixture in a glass of water and apply with the aid of a sponge to the sticky tape;
    • With hair dryer : Heat the glued tape until the ends begin to peel off. Remove the rest with your fingernail or small knife. It is worth remembering that this solution is not recommended for testing on glass, which can crack with excessive heat;
    • With cooking oil : Ideal for plastic surfaces and glass. Apply drops of oil on the tape and let it act for a few minutes. Remove with a sponge. Finish with alcohol;
    • With acetone : Pour small amounts onto the taped tape and wait for it to evaporate. Then the tape will come off easily.


How much does it cost and where to buy double-sided tape?

Double-sided tape prices can vary greatly depending on the size, brand and model of the product. High-fixation tapes tend to be more expensive than ordinary tapes. The practiced values ​​can be between R $ 3 and more than R $ 50.

You can buy your double-sided tape at physical stores specializing in building materials or stationery, such as Leroy Merlin or Kalunga, for example.

If you prefer to buy online, sites like Amazon and Mercado Livre also offer many product options, with the convenience of buying without leaving home.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing double-sided tape types

At the end of this Review, we will give you more tips so that you can make the right choice of double-sided tape to fix everything you need in your projects in a practical, fast and dirt-free way. Check out the list of features you should be aware of when comparing the types and models of this product:

  • Type
  • Width
  • Brand
  • Fixing capacity

Finally, for the avoidance of doubt, we will detail these characteristics:


The main types of double-sided tape are:

Width and length

Another variant of double-sided tapes is the length of the roll and the width of the tape. In general, manufacturers report these characteristics using tape width in millimeters (mm) X length in meters (m).


Tip: The width must be chosen according to the purpose of use. Longer tapes yield more, but tend to be more expensive.



There are several brands of double-sided tape manufacturers on the market. Some are pioneers in the production of this type of tapes, and worldwide references in the sector. However, their products may have a high value compared to competitors.

Choose according to your preference, taking into account that, although more expensive, renowned brands tend to come out ahead when it comes to product quality.

Fixing capacity

Each model and type of tape has its fixation capacity. To choose the right version you must know the weight and dimensions of the object to be fixed. The simplest versions, indicated for paper and the like, usually indicate the fixation capacity only as light or strong.

More robust models, in general, indicate in kilograms (kg) or grams (g) the weight supported for each 15 cm of tape; for safe bonding, never exceed the manufacturer’s capacity specifications.


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